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Quantum Physics has nothing to do with women

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Started: 9/22/2018 Category: People
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Quantum physics has nothing to do with women. Quantum physics and women are completely unrelatable topics. Never when you are studying the atomic and subatomic level are you studying women in the same realm. Women are creatures that walk and talk; I don"t hear quantum physics talking or think it will be growing legs any time soon. Why would these two ever be in the same sentence? They are unrelated, And if anything is opposites. Quantum physics has evolved over time, Whereas women have not, They have always been the same. The wave function always has particles in response, Women never wave back. Quantum physics arose from theories to explain observations. There are a lot of observations you can make about women but no standard theory encompasses all that is womeness. Let me also mention, Quantum physics is rooted in chemical bonds, Women just want our money, They don't care if you have chemistry. I think you get my point. . .


I am thinking this is more an issue with your perception of women which seems to be rather poor. The idea in general isn't that the two are one in the same but they are indeed relatable. The way atoms and particles interact and the mechanics or "laws" that govern those interactions does indeed apply to women. Women are creatures, Yes, However despite widely different "attitudes" or personalities they are at their core identical in virtually every way. You will never find a woman who is made of sulfur instead of carbon. Because the arrangement in the bonds between say oxygen and hydrogen in comparison to sulfur and hydrogen would make entirely different beings. So, On the quantum level women are all the same. However, The patterns in atoms that help make up neurons within someone's brain can definitely create someone who is radically different than another person. Also while yes most if not all the bonding in quantum physics is done through chemical bonds. There are several different kinds of bonds to observe, Such as ionic and covalent bonds. Your issue seems to come from more of a misunderstanding of women and quantum mechanics, A strawman argument of something that probably hasn't really been said outside of a few key instances with people who don't understand the subject matter.

Like any other creature mankind has evolved over time, Women included. Though the exact process we followed is still not 100% understood, Women and men did evolve from a common mammalian ancestor and over generations have developed and changed alongside their partner in species.

I'm pretty sure this whole thing was a joke but still wanted to accept the challenge for just how silly this whole thing was.
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Posted by Spoiled_Milk 3 years ago
"The wave function always has particles in response, Women never wave back. "

Give this man an Ig Nobel.
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