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Queen is better than One Direction

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Started: 6/7/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My dear opponent, let us debate who is better: Queen or One Direction?

1st round is acceptance only.


I, Shadow-Dragon, accept this debate.

NOTE: I assume this is a troll debate, and I will take it as such.
Debate Round No. 1


Note: Only 1 argument is needed, since this is a troll debate, really. They don't have to be long, either. I'm just using this as practice.

Argument: Queen's music has achieved much more popularity
The best-selling album that they have created, Greatest Hits, went to the top of the charts in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and New Zealand. In the US alone, it has sold 8 million copies, while in the UK, it has sold 6 million copies (1).
This dwarfs OD's best selling album, Up All Night, which has sold 4.5 million copies (2).





My fellow citizens, my opponent has not shown enough evidence to support his side. I hereby stand before you, with a simple statement: One Direction is indeed better than Queen. Let"s first look at how the world was during the age of Queen"

{P1} The Deaths
Let"s look at who died around the time of Queen"s reign.
Right before the emergence of Queen, a man known by the name of Martin Luther King Junior was killed. How was this related to Queen? A few years later Queen, a group of white men and Freddie Mercury who was Indian, sang the song, We are the Champions. This is obviously a poke at civil rights where the music industry was trying to suppress blacks by having whites proclaiming that they were the champions.
Who else died? Malcom X, part of the same conspiracy by Queen, and John F. Kennedy. He died two years after Diana was born. Take those two years, and add the 1 from 1961 and you get three. Is it a coincidence that Diana died THREE years before the year 2000? I think not.

My arguments will be continued next round.

- Shadow-Dragon -
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry for being so late. Hadn't checked my email for 2 days.

Argument 2: Queen's music is against sexism

Let's look at Queen's impressive collection of songs. One of my personal favorites, 'Killer Queen', is all about anti-sexism. It is about this woman who is a queen in the eyes of Freddie. (I assume this is in dedication to Mary Austin. Sorry for the short answer. Kind of on a whim right now.

Arguments shall be continued



The band may seem like it is against sexism, however, the following must be noted:

Queen is anti-America, anti-democracy, and pro-racism.

{P2} An insult
The band gave a universal ‘screw you’ by naming their band Queen. They were clearly trying to poke fun at the fact that America was trying to be a democracy, and shoved the name Queen, the term for a monarch, unto Americans. Though, we were not fooled by their tactics.

If not that, then why the name Queen? They wanted to idolize and brag about the British queen, Queen Elizabeth II. This was yet another ‘screw you’ to the world with a group of homosexual white men proclaiming their supremacy over others.

Queen was at the head of a worldwide scandal.

{P3} The Conspiracy

When the music industry was ruled by a few homosexual men with the cover-up name Queen, what was the world like?

Well, around the late 1970’s there was a rise in LSD usage, and many were having bad trips and killing themselves afterwards. Obviously, an effect of their song: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” This was talking about how a small amount of LSD and the love people had for it is what caused them to use it and kill themselves after. Fact.

My fellow citizens, I have layed out the evidence for you. I have showed that Queen is simply against America, against Democracy, against our freedoms, supporting conspiring organizations, and even racist. The evidence cannot be ignored. Thank you.

Debate Round No. 3


CharlesNorris forfeited this round.


Well, my opponent has forfeited the last round. Thus, he has not supported his side of the resolution. I will finish with some final proof that shows that One Direction is better than Queen.

The evidence cannot be ignored. Over the past few rounds, I have proved the following:

Queen is racist. Queen is anti-democracy. Queen is anti-America.

The proof can be ignored no longer. It is time people come to the realization that Queen is indeed not the 'champions'.
I will provide more evidence to support my side.

{P4} The Insult (cont.)

Let's look at some more of Queen's songs:

We Will Rock You.
Once again, Queen tries to insult others with their songs. This time, their song pokes fun at the Middle East alluding to the stoning of people who went against the laws. Stoning may be a very serious topic, but the fact that Queen made a song out of it, threatening to throw rocks to the listeners, is just sick.

Bicycle Race
This song almost chills the spines of anyone who heard of the Lance Armstrong scandal. This time around, Queen makes fun of all other competitors as they support the cheating of Armstrong. This song was released in 1978[1] when Armstrong was 7[2]. This clearly was meant to sway his thoughts and encourage him to cheat later in his life.

This was another one of Queen's songs. This one takes more deciphering to figure out, but that must be done to uncover the subliminal messaging. As we all know, the number 13 is a number of bad luck and perceived as evil in some cases. To get to 39, Queen multiplied 13, the number of evil, by the number three. What is significant about the number three? As I showed above, Queen was involved in the conspiricy around Queen Diana's death, THREE years before the new millennium. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly, as proved again, Queen is behind deaths and many other conspiricies.

Don't Try Suicide , Hang on in There
As I have stated before, Queen enjoys poking fun at the deaths of others. This time, two of their songs are meant to send conflicting messages towards those who are suffering from depression. First, they tell their listeners to not try suicide, then, eight years later, they tell them: HANG ON in there. Thus, Queen is suggesting hanging oneself after telling them not to years before. Not only has Queen been behind the deaths of many, they are encouraging the deaths.

One Direction's Songs

That's What Makes You Beautiful
Unlike Queen, One Direction supports their fans. They encouraged many young girls and reassured the insecure one's that they are indeed pretty. This is why One Direction is a fan favorite. This is the reason why 55,000 people flock to listen to their great new music[3].

The article[3] continues by stating, "If One Direction was to play 110 shows with the same level of demand, it would make ‘Where We Are’ the 3rd highest grossing tour of all time."

This proves that One Direction could have the most successful tour financially. Though, One Direction feels pity for other bands, and allows others to have their share to fame and fortune.

In conclusion, I will summarize what I have proven:

One Direction is....
-nice and sweet
-fair to others

Queen is
-a conspiricy
-insensitive towards others
- not One Direction

My fellow citizens, I have shown the above characteristics with support and evidence. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, One Direction is better than Queen. The evidence cannot be ignored, and I urge Queen supporters to reconsider their favorite band, and try fresh new modern music.

Thank you.

- Shadow-Dragon -


Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Uh-Ha 7 years ago
One does wish sometimes that the Boy Group would move in One Direction.....


American press call these manufactured morons "The Fab Five"...What an insult to the Beatles, who could actually play their instruments, wrote every one of their compositions, (Even if george Martin did help them in the studio) and actually meant a great deal to popular music, now and for all time. "The Beatles" are with Beethoven and Mozart on the gold record of sounds from planet Earth attached to the Voyager spacecraft. "One Direction" are a lot of noise created by industry producers, and they will disappear without a trace. Like Rap music, they were created purely as money spinners, and by people who wanted to get all the benfits of the music insudtry without being able to play instruments, or read music, or even manage their own careers. One wonders if they have someone to wipe their arses as well!
Posted by Shadow-Dragon 7 years ago
This debate is fun already.
Posted by Ragnar 7 years ago
Truism. Con should use semantics.
Posted by Loganw45 7 years ago
Choose a topic that can actually be debated haha
Posted by Zarroette 7 years ago
Queen is arguable the best musical group to ever exist.
Posted by BasicLogic 7 years ago
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