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Questions for Christians (3)

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Started: 6/20/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You must confirm that you accept these Christian foundations:
-I believe in a God
-I am a Christian
-I think everything the bible says is true
-I believe in heaven and hell
-I believe heaven is reached through salvation (meaning only believing Christians go to heaven and all believing Christians go to heaven)
-I believe Christianity is moral.

Round 1 - Acceptance and first 8 questions
Round 2 - questions
Round 3 - questions
Round 4 - questions (*in this round you may ask me questions too, if you want)
Round 5 - Conclusion

First 8 questions:
1) Is Anne Frank in hell?

2) 2) How about other kids? If a boy dies at age 3, and he comes from a Muslim family, does he go to hell?

3) According to Christianity, hell is for non-Christians, and is supposed to be a very evil place, to make people suffer. It doesn't matter what they did. It doesn't matter what they believed, it doesn't matter who they really were. It's just like Hitler's death and concentration camps. Do you think it's moral to believe in a Nazi God ?

4) Are earthquakes, tornadoes, accidents etc. are caused by God? And if yes, why are there earthquakes, tornadoes and accidents?

5) If God has a master plan, why bother praying?

6) Do you have non-Christian friends or loved ones? If no, why? If yes, how can you believe in a religion that tells you these are evil people who will be going to hell and deserve incredible suffering for eternity?

7) If you were born in Syria, do you think you would be a Muslim or a Christian?

8) What is your #1 reason you believe in the Christian God?

Good luck answering the questions, I am waiting for your response! :)


first off thanks for letting me try my hand at this debate topic. Ill try to answer as best as I can but I am no expert. and to clarify I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

1/2/3) In my faith we believe that when we die we will enter the spirit world and there will be a period of time in the spirit world when everyone who has ever lived will have the ability to learn of the gospel and have the ability to repent of their sins through the plan of salvation. So while I can't say whether or not Anne Frank is in hell for positive I can say that she likely is in heaven instead because we believe that in order to go to hell you have to have a knowledge of our heavenly father and of the gospel and know that the church is true and still turn your back on it and go against your knowledge of the truth. We also believe that children under the age of 8 and mentally handicapped people are not held accountable for their sins so regardless of their beliefs they will still go to heaven. I do not believe that God is a Nazi God as you said, rather I know that he loves all of us and WE choose to come to this earth as a sort of test and since God loves us he WANTS us all to be able to return to him.

4) to an extent I believe that God causes them because we were sent to this earth as a sort of metaphorical test and these earthquakes and deaths and such are sort of like a metaphorical pop quiz meant to test our faith and to make us stronger.

5) God has a master plan but we still need to ask him for help. to continue this test metaphor God is like the teacher, he wants us all to pass very much but he realizes that we need to do it of our own free will so praying to God is sort of like asking a teacher for help, if he can help us he will.

6) Yes I have many friends and loved ones who are Non Christian, but I do not believe that they will go to hell just because they are not Christians as well. We are judged by our actions through what we believe so if a Muslim person does the best that they can do to be a good person they will be able to go to heaven as well. That is the judgment period I mentioned earlier where EVERYONE will have a chance to repent and learn of the truth.

7) I would like to believe that I would still be a Mormon but I have know idea what it would be like to grow up there so I consider myself blessed that I was able to be born in a area where the truth was easy to find.

8) I believe in God because I have prayed to him and I know him to be true. If there wasn't a God there would be nothing at all, there would be no purpose to anything and we would not even be here, so the number one reason is that I have read the scriptures and prayed and received the answer to know that God is truly there.

I hope I answered these first questions well enough but if you want me to expound or clarify anything just tell me in the next round and I will try to do my best, thanks a bunch.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response!
I have to say it's the fist time I have heard of your church.
To the questions:

9) You said everyone will have a time to repent their sins and learn the gospel, but...
a) Homosexuality is a sin according to the bible. If a homosexual dies, does he have to REPENT his homosexuality in order to go to heaven?

b) Who DOES go to hell?

c) How do you know about that? It's not written in the bible or the new testament. How can you be sure it's true?

a) Why does God test our faith? For what reason?
b) 'Jesus answered him, "It is said, "Do not put the Lord your God to the test." " (Luke, 4, 12). Why can God test us, but we can't test God?
c) People die in those natural disasters. Is it a test for them too? People suffer... God ruins their lives.. how can you say that your God loves everyone when he does those things for no good reason?

11) Do you know your position about heaven contradicts the new testament?
'If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly I tell you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgement than for that town.'
(Matthew, 10, 14)
The day of judgement is the day God decides if they go to heaven or hell. What is said here, is that if the people of the town won't accept what Jesus's men say, they will go to hell.

12) About prayer: you said: 'praying to God is sort of like asking a teacher for help'.
When you ask the teacher for help and she doesn't help you, that's pretty cruel, isn't it? I guess your life is quite fine, but let's take an example of two people with daughters who have cancer. They both pray to God, asking for help. One daughter makes it alive, and the other dies. (These things happen, of course). Why did God help one man and ignored the other?
And if you don't believe in God, isn't he supposed to help you even if you don't pray?

13) You said you feel blessed that you are in an area 'where the truth was easy to find'. That's actually saying that people who live in Syria, for example, are not blessed (and in so many ways!). Do you think it's fair that God made you be born in America, and on the other hand made someone else be born in a Muslim village in Syria, in a poor poor family who lives in a tent?

14) Your reason of belief in God is embarrassing. A universe can exist with no godly intervention (the big bang theory).
Can I ask you what is your life's purpose and meaning?
Did God talk to you?

15) If god told you to kill your son/daughter/mother, would you do it?

16) If god told you to kill me, would you do it?

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law"
a man"s enemies will be the members of his own household. ' (Matthew 10, 34-39).

Jesus is supposed to speak the words of God. Is this a kind, loving god?

18) You said ' If there wasn't a God there would be nothing at all, there would be no purpose to anything and we would not even be here' - which I supposed means: If God didn't create the universe, who did?
Let me ask you that - who created God? If God created such a complex world, and has mind reading abilities, and future knowing abilities, he must be insanely complicated. How can you believe such a thing, who is more complicated than the universe itself, just exists?

19) Have you studied the big bang theory? Evolution? Islam? Judaism? Buddhism? Hinduism? Catholic Christianity?
To those whom you answered yes, why didn't they convince you?
To those whom you answered no, how can you be sure they are wrong?

20) Could you tell me about your church?

Good Luck! :)


9) a) this is a really good question that I do not honestly know the exact answer but I believe that they would repent when they got up to judgment because I believe that homosexuality is another one of the trials that some people have to face in this life.
b) people go to hell only if they have a perfect knowledge of the gospel and of God and of Christ and they still make the decision to follow the devil, that is the only way someone goes to outer darkness.
c) I assume you mean about who goes to hell and whatnot and to answer that question I first have to say that in my religion we have another Book we know to be true called the Book of Mormon that is sort of like the bible but it is better translated and more reverent to us today and it answers a lot of these questions much better than the bible does.

10) a) he tests our faith because we came to this earth so that we could attempt to become like our father and inherit all that he has but we must prove our worth to do so.
b) In my religion we believe in the king james translation and even that is not translated completely correctly but in mine it says and Jesus answered saying unto him it is said though shall not tempt thy God. Jesus is saying this to the devil because the devil was trying to test God if you will and Jesus said though shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve. God is a perfect being and we are not so we can't try and tempt him. I hope this answered your question but if not just tell me and I'll expound.
c) God doesn't ruin their lives but they are either needed up in heaven for missionary work up there or God could be just letting them come home so they don't have to live here any longer.

11) In mine it words it a bit different but that is just your way of interpreting it, that is why God gave us the Book of Mormon, I interpret that scripture to mean if people won't heed your words don't worry to much about it and go and teach others for when judgment day comes they will know that the words you said are true.

12) if the teacher doesn't help you it isn't out of cruelty it is because they know what you need and we don't so it may seem now like it isn't fair if one child lives while another dies so sometimes people say that God is not fair but rather God has a perfect knowledge and we don't and he knows that they might be needed up in heaven or he doesn't want them to have to face more trials in their life or it could be to strengthen the testimony of others they knew. and yes God helps you even if you don't believe in him, you only have to look around at all the things we have to see our blessings.

13) It isn't saying that people in Syria are not blessed at all, rather I am saying that while they may have trials from a lack of material things while I have different trials and temptations. It is not a question of what is fair and what is not rather God just knows what people need and that's what the people who live there needed to overcome whether they know it or not.

14) That's not the reason I believe in God, I believe in God because I have asked and prayed and received confirmation. just because some people explain the universe with a theory doesn't mean that it is the only thing that can be true. I believe (once again this is personal belief) that the big bang theory is mans way of attempting to understand Gods actions. I know that we came to this earth so that we can return to God and receive what he has, (I have to leave soon and I don't know how long until I can get on a computer again so I am sorry that is so brief but ill explain better in the next period). and no God didn't talk to me personally although there are people that he has talked to, I received confirmation from the Holy Ghost. (I'll explain this better as well).

15/16) because God is perfect and has a perfect knowledge he cannot do any wrong, so while I am pretty sure he would never ask me to do that I would know that if he did he did it because he knows that it must happen for the good of everybody.

17) once again this is why we have the book of Mormon, the Bible has been mistranslated and now much of it is left to interpretation, I believe that this is saying he didn't come to fix everyone's problems, rather he came to tell us what needed to be done.

18) this is a question that I have no idea how to answer the first part, there are probably people who could but I am not one of them, even if I had the chance to learn the answer I personally probably wouldn't want to. I believe for the reasons specified above.

19) not very intensively but yes, and because I prayed and received my answer from God.

20) once again I am super sorry but I am running out of time and I don't know when I can get back on so if a forfeit a round Ill either answer in the comments or just send a message. and try looking at some of these websites, in my church many of the youth go on service missions to wherever they get called for 2 years to preach the gospel and people with physical handicaps or health concerns who can not safely go out of country or to another state will teach the gospel online and they are more knowledgeable than I am so ill keep answering your questions but if you aren't satisfied with my answer or want a more educated one try looking at these links if you go to that website you should be able to find more answers to your questions. thanks a bunch, ill answer everything I didn't have time to do in the next round, I hope I can keep helping to answer.
Debate Round No. 2


I'll start with the questions:

21) 'people go to hell only if they have a perfect knowledge of the gospel and of God and of Christ and they still make the decision to follow the devil, that is the only way someone goes to outer darkness.'
a) What does it mean 'follow the devil'? Do bad things?
b) Could you give me an example of someone like that?
c) Can Christians fall into that category?
d) Atheists?

22) How do you know that the book of Mormon is better translated? Do you know when the book was written and by whom?

23) 'he tests our faith because we came to this earth so that we could attempt to become like our father and inherit all that he has but we must prove our worth to do so.'
You contradict yourself. You actually say here that we are worth to go in heaven only if we believe in him. And what if someone loses their faith? What if God tested the faith of a Christian by killing his family, taking his home and his job.. and the man loses his faith? Is he not good enough?

24) God DOES ruin the lives of the ones who get hit by a natural disaster. That's a terrible thing to say! You know what, let's leave alone the people who die in those natural disasters... what about little kids and babies who become orphans? What about a father who loses all his children? What about a young woman who loses her fiance? You can't say their lives didn't get ruined!

25) (about 11): Let's leave alone the very hard to read sentence. It's not a way of interpreting it, it's what's written, black on white! When it is said that people who won't accept the words of Jesus God will be more merciful on Sodom and Gomorrah (the cities that God destroyed in fire because of their sins) it's pretty obvious what these words mean.
Your religion really puzzles me. You claim to be Christians... but you don't accept the new testament!

26) If you are a very poor student, and you have a very rich teacher, that has a closet full of pencils, and you ask for one - and he doesn't give you one - that's cruelty. And what does it mean 'they are needed in heaven'? For what?

27) You are saying the people of Syria NEED to live like that? I challenge you to open up this link: , read, look at the pictures, and say that this is what these people NEED!
No one deserves that! Who are you to claim you deserve a better life than them??

28) (regarding 14) You received information ? What information ? I have to admit that's not a very convincing argument. I know too many people from many religions that claim the same thing.

29) You claim to be a Christian, but every time I bring an example from the new or old testament, you discard it because it is mistranslated. That contradicts my terms. How can you call yourself a Christian if you don't accept the new testament?

30) What would make you say: 'I don't believe in God anymore'?

31) You mentioned the devil in this entry. Who created the devil and what for?

I don't think we have a reason to continue this debate. You contradicted 2 of my terms:
-I believe heaven is reached through salvation (meaning only believing Christians go to heaven and all believing Christians go to heaven)
--I think everything the bible says is true

It was a good experience debating you, and I wish you the best of luck in the future!


bhealey forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Please submit your entry in this round.


bhealey forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


I see my opponent forfeited yet another round.
To conclude:

* My opponent contradicted my terms
*He forfeited 3 rounds (3+4 +5) without answering my rebuttals

Vote Con!

Thank you for reading this debate :)


bhealey forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by lightingbolt50 7 years ago
How did you "receive your answer from god"? This is a very vague answer. How did god send you the message?
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