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RAP BATTLE! Nomad Challenge

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Started: 4/17/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Nomad Challenges means anyone can accept this battle.
The Challenger will begin.
We will rap back and forth using as much characters allotted as one so chooses.
At the end the voters will choose who won the battle.
Let's Begin!


I see this guy challenged me to a rap battle, Nomad
I prefer agriculture, not being a wanderer like i'm an arab
Whether i use sticks n' stones that break your bones
Or a sword that cuts deep into flesh soft like snow cones

This dude's name reminds of a xenomorph
With the way he phrased things, sounds like he migrated north
You look like a deformed version of the homo erectus
If i threw him a cracker, that'd make em' go reckless
This dude look like a savage, is there anythin' he won't ravage?
Mess with me n' there won't be crap from the stone age to salvage
Debate Round No. 1


Spent days away? Writing a rhyme?
I don't write this down son, its free-styled each time.
I didn't challenge you entered my castle and here you're just a court jester.
And you're face looks worse than genital herpes beginning to fester.

My advice to you-think before you speak
in the land of the rap gods there is no place for the weak
And you my little friend seem as weak as they come
Do yourself a favour and put those bullets back in your gun
You think your actually good? You must be smoking crack
Vanilla ice just called-he wants his rhymes back
And the game just started Ha! Oh, this will be fun.


It's funny how u got a pic lookin' like Leonidas
How are you gon' be a warrior if it's yourself you can't trust?
At least i have a face, yours is nothing but an empty a mask
Your so fake, if i took it off, all i'd see is nothin' but trash

Look at this dude, talkin' about the land of the rap gods
He watches too much Game of thrones, what are the odds
I might be usin' a gun, you still livin' like a brute
You'd make good target practice, so run at me as i shoot
Now that you mention Vanilla ice, who'd thought you'd know their name
We're in a war zone, not in a rap game, i spread so much violence, i'm to blame
Xanxus thinks this is a game, i don't play with kids
I enslave weaklings like you, sell them for the highest bids
This fool's a poser, looks worse than Osama Bin laden
No wonder it looks like he's flyin' on a magic carpet like Aladdin
Debate Round No. 2


My real name is Troy , now ya know who's destroying you.
Take heed in my words, because what i speak of is true.
My rhymes tell a story in metaphors and allegories
So dig a little deeper, this isn't just a war zone but a laboratory

I"m not worried about this battle, and I"m far from sweating"
Your flow alone turns insomniacs into narcoleptics
Still you behave like a skeptic
Even after I wreck it
Keep referring to me as trash and it"s bound to get hectic
If you"ve got a name then protect it
To diss me is wrong, so correct it
If you choose to neglect it
Ill be first to dissect it
This is my place so respect it
Or find you"re self disconnected
Don"t wanna battle no more?
You"re weaker than I expected


Nice to name your real name, i won't remember
After your done, you' wish you were named after yo' DDO member
I coulda sworn your rhymes told a story of metaphors n' what? Allergies?
Dressed for war on DDO, typin' must make you really burn a thousand calories
Yea, this is a laboratory, i'ma mad scientist, your my lab rat i can mess with
You tryna make music with these whack bars like Beethoven? might as well plead the fifth

Aye everyone, notice how this dude mentioned he's far from sweatin!
Pressure, fear, pain, a dismembered flow thrown back at you is all you gettin!
Callin' me a skeptic? If i made your sister praise my name, i know she'd respect it!
But i ain't got time for that, i stay faithful to one God, his name alone
I'll bet this guy still couldn't flex his mind, liftin' 20 bars e'en if he was in a judgement-free zone

Some keep shooters, i keep angels on my back
Not tryna brag, but without em, i still lay you flat
This dude tryna rap like Kendrick Lamar or Eminem
Usin' complex lyrics, but your still a kid, here's an M&M
I stick with simplistic words, got this fool worried
I can rap battle with 1 fist tied behind my back, have you dead n' buried!
I can then teach you how to flow, stir you up in a mcflurry

So forget this place, i destroy these debates
Make DDO go dead broke in rebates
Spit you out too, long with your fruit cakes
You've been eatin' too long in this lil crib n' it still breaks

What was that about gettin' hectic in me callin' u trash?
1 man's trash is another man's treasure" so u keep a huge stash
I swear man! your raps are so weak, if i took a pic of it, the camera wouldn't flash
Debate Round No. 3


Looking up at me must be getting aggravating
And if you really think I've fallen you must be hallucinating
Your mind must be getting twisted from the lyrics I'm creating
Your style is slipping, 0-7, no chance in hell of it flipping

Talking about how my rhymes are too complex like it's relevant
You just mad that God, Himself, endowed me intelligent.
I don't worry about the angels you're not the only on they back.
Shoot! The cherubs and seraphs. We roll in a pack.

Calling me a kid?! I'll roll you like play-doh
Leave you with a john doe tag on your big toe
You don"t come close kid and now you're seeing red
Thought you had a chance but you got beat down instead
Stomped on your flows like a boot to the head
You might wanna get out before your career gets filled with lead

Hey! Maybe you should battle a lightweight before calling out the Ace
I'll bite your ear off like Tyson and spit it back in your face
Right before I take you out with a left - right combination
Go find a tutor in hip-hop education before coming back at me with your sick fascinations
Is it that I'm your inspiration? Fueling your motivation?
I think you may have a problem, you need a medical examination

Maybe a doc can explain why you're so obsessed
Always engaging in a battle you cant win, give it a rest
You"ve given your best and it came up short
Sorry sport, but the ball is in my court

And I'm not giving up my title that easy just yet
Not to you, not to anybody, you're far from a threat
Keep battling me and get farther and farther in debt
I've yet to break a sweat still, every ones got their money on me, because I'm the best bet
I completely understand why you would be getting upset
But you should weigh out your options, before doing something you regret
My philosophy is this: work your way up through the ranks
You're coming at me gunning, but your only shooting blanks
So why waste your best efforts on someone you don't compare to?
I've gone easy on ya till now, but my patience is about through


You've came on with such aggression, but why so serious?
Is it because the fact of me winnin' n' u losin' would make you furious?
I love how you pointed out your still in like that is some encouragement
Nothin' is goin' to change the fact that your death will be permanent

Man, for once in my life, let me try to imitate your style, to show how corny you sound
Your eyes were lookin' north, til' you said you roll me like play-doh then it went southbound

"Look at me i'm Xanxus, my rhymes are so meticulous, my mind is so ridiculous
I rap so hideous, my sickness so vicious, i taste blood of these rappers, oo so delicious
I cannibalize those who realize that their demise is on the time that i rise, crime flies, hope dies"
Really Xanxus? Let me show you what a real rapper is, no frontin'
If you brought in a whole army, i'd still be the one jumpin'
I've been stallin' all this time, but i guess this is gettin' interestin' so i'm jumpin' in

Look, Dreadful lies lie within this disguise, a mind so twisted, don't get convicted
I used one type of rhymes then i switched it, i prayed for forgiveness, Lord is my witness
You talk cannibalism, talk realism, i destroy idealism, in the field of ism schisms
Forget hip-hop education, i start a revolution, i unleash my fascinations with these so called sick inclinations
I trus' that u'd drank, i bus' thru a tank, i must do, not thank anyone who tries to flush down my rank
I thrust thru, screw you, i demolish all, leave no prisoners, decomposition so quick, it still stank

Yo this dude standin' up like he a Mexican garden-gnome
Whoever made him must've used the wrong chromosome
Anyways, back to demolishin' your very own existence, i tolerate no resistance, crush your very essence
You can't roll with this fluid consistence, I count my blessins, shredded all my hit lists, don't need no assistance

You got people's money on you? I got a whole army of sisters and brothers
Did i mention that your mother is also on my side, she's the worst of all mothers
Leavin' her own son to fend for his own as he raps so wildly, he blunders

I prefer my raps long, complex, so i keep flowin' the seeds keep sowin' Fire i keep blowin'
I rap rhymes within rhymes, split battle lines after battle lines til' i come up on you n' you bellowin'
Debate Round No. 4


Cannibalism really?! That's called a hyperbole son!
You know, an obvious exaggeration like you thinking you've won.
Rap is pure aggression, If you could rap you'd know that.
Your raps are sadder than your mom with no cats.

Let me give you a little education. Subject! History -Pure literary fact.
Maybe after this you might just put down the act.

Veni, Vini, Vicci
You can't even reach me
I came I saw I conquered
You can't even teach me
That's conquered like destroy, not concord like a grape
Like bacteria in your mouth, this garbage I scrape

You still can't compile even poor hygiene
So once again you're the pupil and I'm the dean
Schooling you on how to be keen
and a winner! Like Charlie Sheen.

Drank, tank, rank, stank. Your rhymes are all common
You ain't nothing spectacular, a peasant to my Tutankhamen
Try using words with more than one syllable
Put your beef in my home skillet, your words are all grillable.

Attempts at an attack were just plain pathetic
and comebacks even worse, all verbally anorexic
They're thin, lacking substance and knocked over with ease
Even my grandma has better rhymes than these.

Praise be the Lord! No weapon against me shall prosper.
Takin' about revolution. You're not Che just an imposter.

And you wanna thrust thru n' screw me? That's kinda gay.
I had no idea you that rolled that way.
That's not very Christ-like and you really did have sick-inclinations.
Or am I mistaking that with your gay fascinations.

DDO isn't a date-line.
Before we go further, please refer to Corinthians chapter six verse nine.
And I thought, I was suppose to be the one to blunder.
I think you chances of winning have just been torn asunder.


Hahaha, please son don't make me laugh, you ain't ready for aggression
You wouldn't know the 1st thing about aggression if we had a therapy session

Forget this little education, your the one who needs a life re-evaluation
Come with me, i'll give you a ride to get your mental hospital registration

Yo these lines are so trashy, i can't even reply
You so soft, you softer than the fabric of a fool's tie dye

You think that all i need is to spit angry lyrics?
Loosen up man, chiil, drink some soda, watch Netflix
You talk about how i rap without a substance?
You call a word for a line a lyrical abundance?
I could still beat you, laid back, half-asleep
Like i'm shootin' target practice of a fleet
I could do acapella with or without a beat

Haha, you think you got this, i already thought of usin' the word asunder
Better luck next time thinkin' of a solid rhyme, Stevie Wonder
Debate Round No. 5
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by zinash 6 years ago
ok...that was wierd but who am i to judge and yes im a christian...
Posted by GodChoosesLife 6 years ago
Posted by dtaylor971 6 years ago
Ok, I was too harsh. I see you're new here. But follow these rules if you want to actually be good:

"Quality debate arguments usually take a day to form (check out my arguments, Mikal's, Roy_Latham's, etc.) so starting five debates at once usually is not a good idea.
"Only debate serious topics.
"State the resolution as a statement, not a question or what is going to happen in the debate (i.e Rap Battle!)
"Wait for someone to accept before starting multiple debates. For example, if one debater who accepts is really good, you will have to put time into your arguments, and thus, it is not smart to start another debate.
"Add a profile picture and people are more likely to accept (they will think you are more experienced.)
Posted by Xanxus 6 years ago
I will stop when people start accepting them
Posted by dtaylor971 6 years ago
Stop spamming the debates section!
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