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RAP Battle!!!

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Started: 11/12/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You Start It...


You start, first round is not dissin'
Debate Round No. 1


Do you not like dissin' or somethin',
Why dn't you just run on home and eat a muffin,
Did you know muffins are just ugly cupcakes,
Kinda like you and me,
Your just an uglier version,
You know, like Japs and Persians,
And what's with your profile pic,
Your really startin' to make me sick,
Do you think your all cool,
Just because your an extraterrestrial,
Boy you better back down now,
Cuz Imma make you look like a big fat clown,
Most of them clowns can get out of that little bitty car,
Not you,
Your too fat to,
You say no dissin',
Why don't you just start kissin',
Cuz Imma dis all I want,
If you don't like it then you can go home,
But I'll warn you, You'll just make yourself look like a cunt,
Excuse my language Please,
I don't mean to tease,
But if I have to then I will,
I mjust might even go for the kill,
Well you better step up to the plate,
Cuz it's your turn to hate,
Don't strike out now,
Your mommy just might have a cow.


You don't think I can dis,
Well just watch this,

I see you saw my pic, so what I'm from another planet,
Where I come from we make people our hoes, and name them Janet

What are racist, dissin all them Persians and Japs
I'll break you in half the way a toothpick snaps

Your the fat clown,
Yeah, imma win this round
You say that you'll rape and kill,
does that give you a thrill

You say i'l start kissin,
well you'l start pissin,
in your pants that is
your face'll be covered in jiz
Debate Round No. 2


So you like jiz I can see,
Could it be,
Your havin' oh so too much fun,
Imma show you who's number one,
Talkin' bout jizin' on my face,
What's wrong with you man, do you really think you'll win this race,
Imma show show how to rap,
So stop with all that crap,
I know you like to suck a cock,
Ya that's right, I saw you with Brock,
Yiu and him got a thing,
A thing up each others butt that is,
I know you want me,
But you can't have it,
You might as well run on home and cry to your mom,
Cuz this rap is over and I just served you with an ace bomb.


bampowslap forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cornwaffles 5 years ago
Posted by dwill557 5 years ago
I told you not to forfeit, bampowslap. You ar now afficially my hoe.
Posted by dwill557 5 years ago
OCKCATDADDY, You just jealous
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
you both suck shut up and read other peoples raps so you know what a rap truely is
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