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RELIGION- Good or Bad?

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Started: 1/20/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Religion has evolved a lot over the years but i think religion indeed has evolved into a big time bomb. Religion has divided us and divided us into hatred for each other. I want to know what are your thoughts on religion. Isnt religion the root cause for various wars and terrorists attacks. Dont you think sciecne is better belief than religion where science provides more proof for the universe and our existence?
Reasons why im not for religion cause
1.The assumption of truth
2.The promise of reward
3.Lead to division


There is a relationship between science and religion;
Science comes from God, for He has created science as a means of creating and sustaining human life. If it weren't for God, we wouldn't even be here, and there would even be no such thing as the Universe.
Religion has provided many benefits to society, and yes it has led to division and hatred, but you cannot say it's just because of religion as religion teaches people good and respect for humanity, it's only those psychos who choose to not follow religion properly, and take it too extreme, which is why they are starting wars and terrorist attacks. So you can't blame religion, people have mentalities aswell.
Take a look at how people were before religion came and I will give examples:
Thousands of years ago, before Islam came to Mecca, men would bury their daughters alive, torture their slaves, disrespect towards their parents and elderly, women were degraded, rape, murder, stealing.... all sorts of bad things. People literally didn't even know right from wrong. But when Islam came, people realized how bad they were and changed themselves.
Islam and other religions even taught cleanliness. Back in the days, the kings and queens would only shower ONCE a month, till religion introduced cleanliness.
Whether people like it or not, religion has played a huge in society and how the world is today, and those same people who have been raised in a religious family and brought up by their morals and ethics now claim that religion has no importance in society.
Before religion, back in those days in the Western society, infanticide was a big issue, children who were disabled or had a problem or were deformed, would either throw them from a cliff and drown them.
And the laws have been derived from religion; like the Ten Commandments which has been one of the first set of laws for humanity; such as no stealing, physical and violent abuse, no disrespect to one's parents and neighbors, no sex before marriage, etc..
And also religion doesn't restrict the rights of women, where are you getting this from? Yes, there are religious countries who may not give equal rights to women, but that is because they either do not follow their religion properly and its jurisprudence and fundamental teachings It's not only that, it's just the media itself who keep spreading lies and hatred to mostly to Islam and a few other religions. They keep saying that Islam oppresses and tortures women when clearly, it states that men and women are equal and I will quote from the Holy Quran:
"And according to usage, women too have rights over men similar to the rights of men over women."

(al-Qur"an, 2:228)
But sadly there are many Muslims who don't follow their book properly, and if you ever heard of men harassing or beating up their wives; that's just part of culture, it has nothing to do with religion. I made a mistake from before about saying religion teaches us new cultures, I've realized that religion and culture are two different things.
And it is true about how religion gives people less depression and anxiety and I'll give you an example:
People face trials and tribulations in life, and this obviously would lead to someone having depression at one point. One main purpose of religion is that it helps you through your day to day problems of life, allowing one to turn up to God and ask for His help. If there wasn't such thing as God or a religion, people would have completely lost hope if they were for instance poor people and had no one to turn up to because of their suffering. The trials and tribulations you face in life is a test from God, and one who believes in God will realize the reason behind their depression or anxiety, knowing that this is nothing more than a test from God. Yes religion can cause depression but that's only if you don't follow religion properly.
And religion doesn't tell people to become extremists as what we are seeing today. It is just peoples' mentalities to make religion seem like its extremism, for example, terrorist groups we see in the Middle Eastern countries have given Islam a bad name by killing thousands of innocent people and slaughtering them; and nowhere in the Holy Book claims that one must kill one another, even if the person isn't Muslim as the Holy Quran states that killing one person is equal to killing all humanity.
Non religious people tend to have mental illnesses like anorexia and others, like homosexuals. They are mental people who have corrupted the way marriage was meant to be, for a man and woman. And if you do not want to look at it from a religious perspective, mother nature has created it this way and all these people are doing is disrupting the nature with their mentalities.
Now you see religion definitely has a major part in society, without it people would be lost, people wouldn't even know the meaning of life and death
Debate Round No. 1


I'm not saying that religion has always played a big part in affecting humanity, but lets take a case from India
almost 1000 years back when India was fully Hindu dominated country people within the Hindu community would fight, kill each other due to conflicts against different caste and they believe their god is better than others.(There are more than 10000 gods in India). These wars and riots which we saw before was particularly due to religion. Then we saw growth of Buddhism and those Hindus who changed to were killed. Castism evolved through religion, whcih still is a major social issue in india. Religion is the root for tribalism believes and third world countries still follow it. Hinduism which was largely considered a religion of peace discriminates poeple on caste and gender. Women are not allowed to say their husbands funeral as they considered WEAK, Women are not allowed to recite vedas and Women can also be considered unholy sometimes.
Lets look at another major religion now that is ISLAM
Islam has turned out to be Inherently Violent. QURAN has been teaching violence and true that it was as you say written during a time of war. In the 2nd sura you will find that quran says to "Kill non believers". Strike off their heads and strike from them every fingertip," says another. Ive never liked islam on its laws for muslim woman and its teaching that does not allow poeple to think about other religion easily. The vast majority of suicide bombers and terrorists are forced to do the act and are made to belive that they are doing this for allah and will go to martyrs paradyse.
Of course, just because medieval Islamic scripture decrees certain things doesn"t mean that contemporary Muslims do them. The vast majority of the world"s 1.6 billion Muslims are peaceful people. But islamic teachings are violent in nature according to me.
A vast majority of wars have occured due to religion and true religion has done good things but vast majority of problems especialy social problems are due to religion.


Islam's teachings are not violent, the Holy Quran talks about the unbelievers that wage war against Muslims, not the ones who are innocent. I already mentioned before that the Quran has clearly stated that killing one person, ANY PERSON is equal to killing all humanity. Muslims and any other type of religion would obviously want to defend themselves if a group of corrupt people would want to fight them. Yes the Quran includes violence but only under certain circumstances, so you haven't even read the Quran properly to make a claim that it is a book of violence when clearly it's not, and unfortunately people do not tend to read and instead listen to what the media has to say about us.
Honestly, all the media is focused on right now is Muslims. They make it seem that we are the only ones causing trouble and violence in society.
And in Islam women are treated with respect, I even provided a verse for women being equal to men, but I don't even know whether you have read my arguments properly. People keep saying that the headscarf for women is an act of oppression when clearly it's not, they don't even know the purpose behind it, women who are treated differently in a negative way is mainly due to their culture and family, I even mentioned that before so it really seems that you haven't even read all of my arguments. Islamic teachings are generally not violent, it just depends on the person/ people who choose to not follow their religion properly.
Have you even heard how women were treated before Islam even came? I'm not gonna bother repeating myself because I already mentioned everything in the previous argument, so please read it again.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Maryam_mosawy 1 year ago
stfu u uneducated troll
Posted by mosc 1 year ago
Ugly and ignorant girl. Innocent muslims compare to sh-t that does not stink.
Posted by Maryam_mosawy 1 year ago
I'm a girl not a guy
So you're saying that I have no idea what I'm talking about my religion yet you do? Like seriously you scumbags need to shut the hell up
What I wrote about non religious people is a fact i got from the internet to compare between those who follow a religion and those who don't to prove my point that religion in society is a good thing and is what shapes us to be better human beings
Their killing innocent MUSLIMS and innocent children, So tell me where does it say in the Quran for Muslims to kill Muslims? Yeah it doesn't make sense
The quran also says no compulsion in religion, So you can't force anyone to become a Muslim and that is what they're doing, They're forcing others to follow their so called islam
so they're not even following the quran or islam properly

Go read more facts and i mean REAL FACTS not the ones you see on the media everyday before you start talking shii
Posted by nhause 1 year ago
its interesting how Maryam mentions that the extremest are not properly following their religion, But that sounds wrong, Because they're following their scriptures even more closely than than those people who are peacefully coexisting with the rest of the world. And he mentions this "proper way" with no indication that there is a standard or a so-called proper way. I really don't think he knows what hes talking about.
this statement is utter nonsense "Non religious people tend to have mental illnesses like anorexia and others, Like homosexuals. ", These "mentally ill' people aren't religious because in most cases they're ex-communicated, Or they're ideas don't fit into a religion. Not to mention homosexuality isn't exclusive to humans, Its been observed in dolphins penguins and frogs, These are just the examples I know about, There are many others.
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 2 years ago
You would of course be wrong! God is and that has nothing to do with peoples conduct. People are just like you. they either BELONG to God and serve Him, faithfully, in accordance with the Gospels, or they belong to the devil and act a fool, in every evil way imaginable. That has nothing to do with Religion, it has to DO with HUMANS.
You are or you are "NOT" if you are you walk right! If your not you walk wrong! what's hard about understanding that?
People of God live according too God no exceptions ... those you see who CLAIM to be religious and do not do what is right? are clearly liars. The problem is that your believing they ARE Gods people ... their not I assure you!
Hitler probably went to church. Many Senators of today go to Church, but are the biggest crooks you'll ever meet. The only one that's fooled is you! God isn't and WE (the children of God) are not either! We know your blaming us and God wrongfully.
God isn't responsible for the devils work, the devil is. and He is going to pay for it! But those who don't know God are also going to pay for choosing NOT to find Him. God is there. All of us have a choice to seek him or to not seek Him. we All know of Him. The people who say He doesn't exist ... have never looked! I have I know He exists and not only that but is very active in Life today! You don't see it because you don't look, but I do look, it isn't hidden from me nor those 2.2 Billion other souls who are His.
We live, walk and talk RIGHT. Because God ensures we do! We're not without fault and we certainly are not less human because of Gods ownership ... but we ARE FORGIVEN and guaranteed Heaven by God Himself! That alone trumps anything the world can offer!
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
With religion in the world, all religion, especially christianity, there can be no worldwide peace. After all how can there be with so much fighting and the # 1 body count of all time with this christ figure with at least 1 billion neatly stacked up high on each other all in his name?
Posted by Maryam_mosawy 2 years ago
I copied and pasted my argument from a previous debate I had with another person about the same issue; so some of the things might be different
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Forgot to type Scandinavien...
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Why involve science in this ?. Trees have no hats.
But the happiess people in the world. With the most trusth in one another and society...And with very little crime...Are the least religious countries...
Posted by Tommy.leadbetter 2 years ago
science is not better in every way. Science has no morality.
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