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Races have different IQ averages and well proven but hidden from public

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Started: 3/31/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Anybody with a brain and common sense realizes that not all races are the same.
All the science has clearly shown that for example that white average iq is 101, black african av iq is 70.. east asian 105.. etc.. Google about it for once in your life.

Also if all races are just as smart then why do blacks get the worst grades in usa EVERY SINGLE YEAR? and why do we have aff action which gives blacks extra points on Sat scores they did not earn to make things equal with asian and white sat scores.


Races do have different IQ averages but these are not hidden from public at all. I mean, could you find these things with a simple Google search if they were hidden from public?

It is not hidden from the public, people just don't want to accept it. Men are more successful at some things, and women are more successful in others. But people think "equality" means every single person to have the same capabilities. This is just not true.

Yeah people don't go out there screaming: "Hey! this race has a lower IQ average!" but that does not mean it is being hidden. They are just scared of people misunderstanding.

There are more white people at the top than black people. The public sees this as discrimination. But in reality, no discrimination is being made. This does not mean a white person is smarter than a black person. It means there are more smart-white people than there are smart-black people.

So, races do have different average IQ points but no it is not hidden from the public. And we need to remember, just because -generally- white people are more intelligent, that does not mean all black people are less intelligent. So you being black or white should not cause any problems as long as you are a smart guy.
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I agree with that.

But yes I'M RIGHT.. the media does hide this and NEVER talks about it

as far as it being hidden

its available info on internet if u study it but most people are so naive they actually belive all races are the same in this area when its so obvious its not true if u study aff action etc

school test scores...

but yeh i think u made great points on the reality of this in general


the media does hide this and NEVER talks about it"
I explained in my previous comment why the media does not talk about it. They are scared that people will misunderstand. But it is not being hidden in any way. You can even find a list of average IQ points of the different races. If they were trying to hide it, they would not spare it on the Internet. This means they just don't want anything to do with it.
It is a fact that races have different averages, and this difference is caused by brain structure -read the first page of the link if you want to see how this is-. My point is, if there even is a scientific book about it and the book is pretty accessible, this means that the topic is not being hidden or they are doing a pretty bad job at hiding it.

You can argue that some sites admit that there is a difference in the race's IQ averages, but they refuse to accept that it is caused by genetics - biological structure (like this one: It is true that some sites do that, but they are still accepting the fact that the races have different IQ averages and that is what I am supposed to prove.

I see no evidence of this topic trying to be hidden.
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