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"Racism" and "Racist"

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Started: 1/24/2012 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am going to argue that these words are way over used today. Now, I would like to debate with someone who believes them self to be liberal, because, while I am pretty liberal myself, I see this happen way too much with other people on the left for my taste. So, to clarify I am NOT arguing that racism is good or that I like racists.


Your statment is too vaugefor saying something racist is not the same as being called a racist. your sentence "I am going to argue that these words are way over used today."
I dont understand what you mean by these words, so im simply going to imply your concept of racism and racist. The word racist is a ajective and a noun. racist person could besome who prejudice in to aethnic group or racial group. A racist is used as a ajective when discribing a noun is apperaing to be racists or like a racist.
I see this happen way too much with other people on the left for my taste.

many left are open minned people and by other people you mean other then yourself, you mean to say that all left sided people are racist, i disagree with this statment because its unfair to judge all left for being racists. in fact. i feel that this statment is discriminator and unjustifyed because of the use for my taste. this statment proves not only do you have have a baised reality but a discriminatory on to others

voters vote for me
1) I CLEARLY justifyd and enlighnting you about the diffrence bettween racism and a racist( used as a adjective or noun)
2) i clearly more liberal and open minded than the pro
3) my statement represent the freedom and anti discrimination of all liberals and the educated view of this topic
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting pro, now, to begin. To clarify, what I meant was that in this day and age it seems to me that many people use the words racism and racist to describe anyone they disagree with. Common example, I have often read comments on message boards about all Republicans being racist. This is obviously not true. However, while in some cases this may very well be true I get the impression that many people do it as if to feel above conservatives. Conservatives do it as well except many tend to call any whom happen to disagree with them "socialist" and un-American." It is this usage of trying to destroy any point a conservative or republican might have which may or may not have to deal with race that I feel needs to stop.

1) I know racist is both an adjective and a verb.
2) That was not a part of the debate whom was more liberal than who, I simply asked to debate a liberal because this happens most often on the political left from what I have seen.
3) I am all for freedom and anti discrimination so long as people really aren't discriminating instead of talking about how enlightened they are (not a direct reference to con) so they may discriminate against those whom hold views that oppose their own.


What I meant was that in this day and age it seems to me that many people use the words racism and racist to describe anyone they disagree with.

*MANY PEOPLE AS IN LIBERALS, you are change the phrase used above "...many people".

First I would like to note that The Republican Party is not racist, you are correct but incorrect . That is not to say it doest’t have racists within its ranks, but the views held by the racist factions do not represent the official platform of the Republican Party, but to be fair there are also many African American republicans
Also, I would like to note that racist messages on boards about all Republicans are limited. I believe that most liberals are not discriminatory towards reblicans personally. but some liberals posting those message on those boards aren't the most educate, you see if they were educate they would post legitimize comments about republican faults in the past! politically racism isn't a problem in America, our president is half black and they're are many different ethnics in all areas of our government.

vote for me

1) con simply understand the contexts of their use of the word racist or racism
2) con is attack liberal in a biased manner, con also fails to prove that some liberals are like racists or racists
3) con says "I am all for freedom and anti discrimination so long as...
really aren't they may discriminate against those whom hold views that oppose their own.
pro doesn't understand the meaning of freedom, I'm totally against racist comments, but I'm also for free speech and free thought. being liberal is strongly for social freedoms. I heavily believe in the First Amendment which justify our rights. I believe that anything against the First Amendment is wrong and criminal. racist comments and racist thoughts aren't criminal, so as a long as they follow the First Amendment. this is why groups like the kkk and neonazis still operate in the usa (because some members follow the First Amendment)

Debate Round No. 2


Okay, final argument. First off, I am not attacking liberals as I have already stated, I am very liberal myself, I just happen to disagree with applying the term racist to everyone who disagrees with me as I have seem many people do. Secondly, I know there are many black Republicans as well as Republican Asians and Hispanics. However, these groups only form a small percentage of the over all republican party. Most republicans are in fact white Christian males and this group is often unfairly branded as racist for the misdeeds of many white Christian males of the past. This is wrong. Con has no way of knowing how educated or uneducated those posters are; online a person can only go by what someone has typed. I also have to say that I feel that Pro is wrong on racism not being a big thing in politics now; it is still huge it is just that because the general public will no longer go along with openly racist ideology politicians on both sides must take a more subtle right. Lastly, one's again Con has misunderstood me. I am also a firm believer in freedom of speech. If someone wants to spew racist garbage fine, I would just prefer it if they were open about it instead of hiding behind things such as only parasite use welfare (an obvious yet subtle jab at African and Hispanic Americans). And in accordance with that if someone hates conservatives or Republicans I would like them to be upfront about it and with actually reasons not just that they are racist. That was all I was trying to say. Oh, and I am not white by the way, I feel that con was trying to make a point of that with the minorities as Republicans part. Vote pro.


oreostar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lightskinnedblackkid 6 years ago
who was more liberal than whom*
Posted by royalpaladin 6 years ago
What is this debate about? You should be more clear; I have no idea what the challenge is.
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