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Started: 11/17/2015 Category: Society
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Are you against the racism in united states?

Novant hospital discriminated against Dr. Ron Virmani when they terminated him from the hospital in 1995. Please see this website for the horrible actions of the hospital and sign the petition for fairness and justice.


I will accept your debate. Only been browsing the site for about 45min, time to get my hands a little dirty.
** I am and will be speaking in the point of view of a white male in his 30's

Black Pride
Brown Pride
White Pride
Of the three, 2 are "a show of pride" and 1 is considered racist by the others. So by a logic stand point...not being able to associate my "pride" if you will, with black or brown by circumstance, then I'm the racist one. Now, I'm not racist by choice.... I've simply been racially profiled, and if you've ever watched a documentary about the black community and racial profiling, you would know it's wrong....sorry I meant "african american" cause saying "black" is offensive, Im not quite able to tell you the difference between the "pride black" and the "offensive black", maybe theyre spelled different or maybe I'm just not allowed to say it.

All sarcasm aside, Racism is fed by ignorance and because of that, I'm actually pro racism because it creates a paradox. You see, above....what one claims to be pride, really only offends him, and what the other accepts as being racist is really pride. To he who is proud, no slander, no slur, no opinion against, nothing can make him feel bad about it.

Racism: (n) The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race.

The way that is taken depends on the reader
"White men cant jump"
"Once you go black, you never go back"--for unmentionable reasons
Both racist sayings according to the definition, yet racism symbolizes hatred even though it says nothing about hatred.
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Gn0s1s forfeited this round.
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Posted by SongHaGin 3 years ago
I just lost a debate called racism is justified. I was against it being justified and these people still voted yes and then continued to comment about me losing.
I don't give a crap, racism is wrong and it will never be justified.
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