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Radiohead, best alternative band?

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Started: 5/11/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe Radiohead is the greatest Alternative band of all time, though this argument is hard to back up with the term "Alternative" having the definition of "A style of rock music characterized as unconventional or outside the mainstream." Anywho, I believe that Radiohead has accomplished quite a lot in the music industry and are well deserving of some recognition. They have many timeless albums, such as OK Computer and In Rainbows, and have 3 well deserved Grammys for best alternative album, which I believe to be the most out of any band, and I believe deserved a 4th with A Moon Shaped Pool.
(Not certain.) Overall, I believe they are the best sounding and most accomplished "alternative" band out there. Do any of you have a counter band?


It seems my opponent is arguing that Radiohead is the best alt rock band based on how many grammies they've received. I've seen Radiohead twice, and I encourage everyone to see them live, because they are awesome live, however I would not consider them the best alt rock band, and I find it rather shallow to argue that they are, simply based on their commercial success. I must point out that Beck has only received two grammys for best alternative album, but has received another for best rock album, and a fourth for album of the year, which are broader ranging categories that Radiohead has not had the distinction of winning. Industry ackalaids and album sales aren't all that makes a band great, influence is another factor. An old addage claims, the Velvet Underground only sold 1500 copies of there first album, but everyone who bought the album started a band. The Velvet Underground may not have had a single burn up the charts, or a triple platinum album, but they're a rock icon whose influence is just as, or more profound now than Radioheads influence, and the Velvets broke up in the early seventees. Obviously, contemplating the impact of Radioheads influence in the future would only be speculation, but I can pretty much say for certain, the Velvet Undergrounds influence will be a huge factor for years to come. Some consider the Velvet Underground to be the first alternative rock band.

Inovation is another factor that makes a band great. Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, Prince, Dr.Dre, these are not people who are generally considered "alternative", but when these artists were just starting out, there music sounded futuristic, unlike anything being done at that time. Before they were the mainstream staples they are now, they had to step out on a limb and take a leap, not knowing if there new style of art would be acknowledged, or forgotten, that is the very definition of "alternative". Not to say Radiohead wasn't an innovative band, but they were just a drop in the bucket when compared to other innovative bands of their time. Tool, Nirvana, Beck, NIN, The Whitestripes, Gorillaz, were all innovators around the same time Radiohead was making a name for themselves, and they were "alternative" bands too. Tame Impala, Grizzly Bear, Foxygen, Foster the People, are just a few up and coming bands who could possibly become the next alt- super stars that could overshadow Radioheads artistic portfolio, and all the other bands I've mentioned.

I'd like to thank my opponent for such an interesting debate. Good luck!
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Posted by G_Skeptic-Guy 2 years ago
What round is acceptance?
What round is arguments?
What round is rebuttals?
What round is conclusions?
Is there acceptance, rebuttals or conclusions in this debate at all?
Is this limited to alternative rock?
What categories are we using to determine which is truly better?
Posted by TheUnexaminedLife 2 years ago
The Smiths, better than Radiohead every time.
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