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Raising Minimum Wage

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Started: 12/8/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am new to this website and am currently working on a semester final for my highschool english class. I am not going to say im really good at debating but i would like to get another persons opinion on raising minimum wage. It would be extremely helpful for someone to either stand up for minimum wage being raised (as this is the essay my teacher is wanting from me) or to say that it should not. So far, People are arguing that it is not easy to afford things being paid what they are now. This is my only argument, And it seems the website needs you to participate in 3 debates before being able to vote. I only enjoy reading debates but if i must make this, I appreciate any help i can get. :)


Nope. Don't raise the minimum wage.

Why not? Simple. Let the free market dictate what the wage should be.

If a person doesn't want to earn $7. 25 /hr? Fine. Go out and learn new skills so that you make yourself valuable to a potential employer.

Wages, Like house prices, Will reflect what a market will bear.

I'm a manager and hire people (in the high tech field). I pay people what I feel their skill set is worth. There are some people who come to me and think they should be making what Joe/Jane makes (he makes $16/hr). I say well. . . Joe/Jane has such and such skill set, They are able to do this this and that-- you're not. If you want to make $16/hr, Go out and learn the skills Joe/Jane have. Hell, I even give them the opportunity to train alongside Joe/Jane so they can start to learn those skills. And then, If they can demonstrate proficiency with those skills, They will soon find themselves making $16/hr.

Bottom line, Learn skills which will make you valuable to an employer. Get an education. Learn Skills. Find a demand and fill. That's what people will pay for. Finally, Do the things that other people don't want to do. People will pay all sorts of money to have people do stuff they can't do or don't want to do.
Debate Round No. 1


I understand that people who are more skilled will invariably receive better wages than their unskilled peer. However, My argument is that in states such as New York, Where the minimum wage is $15 an hour, Has one of the highest GDP's in the country. This directly contradicts one of the flagship arguments of the anti-minimum wage raise groups: inflation and economic unsuitability. Thank you for the feedback.


Is the minimum wage in NY really $15? I don't live in NY, But I thought the minimum wage for New York CITY was $15, But outside of the city it's less (around $12. 75). Please clarify. Nonetheless, It's tempting to use GDP to justify minimum wage increase, But GDP is not a good reason. Just look at a state like Texas (my state. . . Which also happens to be the best country on the planet LOL). And let's use 2017 numbers

Texas NY
Minimum Wage $7. 25/hr $9. 7/hr to $11/hr
GDP $1. 65 Trillion $1. 61 Trillion
State Income Tax 0% Varies from 4% to 8. 8%

There are a lot of factors which impact GDP, Minimum wage being just one of them. Texas also has no income tax, Whereas NY does.

Of course, One could argue property taxes are a reason to raise the minimum wage (I would argue NO). I'll admit Texas has property taxes, But I like to look at property tax as a tax on what you BUY (OWN), Not what you EARN. TX doesn't tax me on what I earn (state income tax), But it does tax me on what I buy/own. So if I make $7. 25/hr, I'm not going to get taxed on that-- the state isn't going to take that money. Whereas, In NY if I make $9. 70/hr, Guess what. . . . The state is going to take some of that money.

So, I know this may be oversimplification, But the more a state takes from you, Well then, Of course the more you have to make. Of course politicians want to raise the minimum wage-- the more you make, The more gets sent to them.

In short-- GDP can't be used to justify Minimum. Texas has a higher GDP, But a lower minimum wage than NY.

The numbers above come from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (the U. S. Commerce Dept) and NY State govt page

https://www. Bea. Gov/
https://www. Ny. Gov/new-york-states-minimum-wage/new-york-states-minimum-wage
Debate Round No. 2


SyntheticDiscord forfeited this round.


Will not post an argument. Will simply say in my previous argument, I meant to post a table showing GDP vs minimum wage for Tx vs NY, But the table formatting didn't come across. Here it is again:

Min Wage = $7. 25/hr
State Income Tax = 0
GDP = $1. 65 Trillion

Min Wage = $9. 7/hr to $11/hr
State Income Tax = Varies from 4% to 8. 8%
GDP $1. 61 Trillion
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SyntheticDiscord 3 years ago
Sorry that I've been gone i had to deal with some stuff this past week. Thank you for taking the time to debate with me! I appreciate all the input i got, I just ran out of time and never checked.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
The argument is that Minimum wage is also unconstitutional by debate. It can be used by public monopolies to regulate competition in a united state when legislate. It is the point in law which all employee of a taxed work force inside a state become not employee of the company which must support them by permission of licensing of incorporation. This issue does not become negated as common defense even if the licensing process to incorporate is removed.

It is a good debate so far and I am looking forward to reading more.
Posted by hsteacher 3 years ago
Like all political questions, One size can't fit all people in the world. But the politicians are lazy slobs not even trying to get things right.
Basically, I'd say leave the min wage as is. Because I've seen so many rotten brats in school who don't deserve 2 cents an hour. On the other hand, Many companies are lying monsters who must eat their own young they're so rotten.
Really, No one should be aiming to live off the lowest path they can reach. That's just being a lazy low lifer, Who is aiming to use the taxpayer for whatever they can get away with. Just take a look at the types of people you see on tv wanting a higher min wage. I mean come on, Most of them are just low lifes.
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