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Raising Teachers Salary

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Started: 4/4/2018 Category: Education
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I believe that raising the salary of teachers will make teachers focus more on teaching and lessen the worry of at home problems, therefore creating a smarter and more focused generation.


This house believe that raising teachers salary is not beneficial to teachers and students.
Some teachers cannot focus well on teaching because of their families and the extra work they have to do, not their salaries. Many schools offer activities and interest classes after school hours for students, in order to let them to get more diverse learning opportunities. Teachers has to deal with that. Some teachers need to teach interest classes after school hours, so they have less time to mark their students' homework. Some teachers have kids, so they want to spend time with their kids, play with them, go out with them, instead of preparing for lessons and marking homework. Teachers are usually well-paid, so money is not a problem for them. Also, if worrying the financial problem will cause huge problems to teaching, I believe that worrying other problems like relationship will do the same. Then do we need to ban teachers from dating? Raising their salary will never decrease their workload, and thus will not make better teaching.
Raising teachers' salary will make students more eager to become teachers, but it will not make better teachers, but more selfish teachers. They want to become teachers only because they want a well-paid job. Top students who are not interested in teaching may become teachers to get higher salary, while the students who preform less well in academic but want to become teachers may not be able to be teachers. This is a true pity to the future generation because how well a teacher can teach is not measured by how well he/she preform in a test. Only those who are interested in teaching may teach well.
If teachers are less interested in teaching, students would learn less efficiently and reduce interest in learning.
If the government or the school do have money to raise teachers' salary, why not hire more teachers to reduce the workload? Even though this means that more people an become teachers, as the salary is not that high, those people will still be the ones who are interested in teaching. If you pay the teacher more to ask them to work more, it is not efficient because they need time to relax and spend time with family and friends. So it is much better to hire more teachers.
I would like the ask the Affirmative side, does money solve all the problems?
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