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Rap Battle 17

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Started: 4/28/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap Lobby waiting/elevator music... Future: Mask Off: Instrumental

Rap Battle 17 here. I've lost a few since 13, and it's kind of pissing me off already. So it's time for a comeback. Fvck the bjtch who goes up against me.

3 rounds, 16 bars each, be sure to go hard and Don't break the rules.


Regards! I accept, looking forward to this rap battle ;)
Debate Round No. 1


It's been a rough week, my spirit's low
Depression's cuffed me, you wouldn't know
And it's my fault, Fvck me, I'm my own foe
Inside I feel ugly, took a low blow

But time to forget the past, live the present
like unprotected sex I have learned my lesson
I got a legacy that needs reppin' so time to step in
Time to lay my traps at my house like Kevin...

Emilrose, a bjtch right outta Russia
If my djck weren't occupied, I'd had already fvcked ya
Your profile pic seems to hint at cleavage
But with that ugly face you can go ahead and keep it

So here's my edict, suck my djck and eat it
Lately I been knee high in deep shjt
But I'm crawlin' out now, Ima gon defeat it
And leave it just so I can get at Emilrose and beat "it"


So it's almost May, and right now I'm coming at this gay

JimShady is your name name, retardation is your game

Think you're some kind of thug, well I'll show ya just a fvcking mug

A Catholic too, how low can you get, each night you dream of being the popes lil homo pet

No presents at Christmas, cus' you a loser...with a personality like a depressed heroin user

We agree on some big issues, but to me ya just like a crying toddler with no tissues

Referring to yourself in 3rd person, wtf is that? You gotta stop acting like a demented tw@t

Just looked at your memes and saw your school photo...a personal portrait that everybody say no to

I'd guessed you was ugly but that is need b1tch slapping harder than the mother fvcking Krym

Pirates of the Caribbean? Jim you need to heal...and learn to refrain from this childish spiel

Never had pu$$y for real, but now ya gonna get the chance to taste my meal

I'll rub it in ya face, and will leave every trace

You can be my tongue servant, least then you'll have a use

Fondling yourself while slurping on my c**t juice

I'll dress you as a pirate, the time I finished ya end up needing nirate

Parade you around a room full of real men, who will screw you over more than the lefties do to ya friend Ben'
Debate Round No. 2


The photo's Bad Luck Brian, he's a famous meme[1]
Might be ugly, but to look like him's your dream-
It seems your scheme is mean and steamed...
But I easily swallow what insults you'are feeding me

Check your profile, see you're pro-abortion,
I'm Pro-Life, but just to kill you I'd support it
You on this world: everybody abhors it.
And to win this rap, you could never afford it

So forfeit, and keep your pvssy juice!
I don't want that shjt, I can barely look at you
you shook me loose callin' me the pope's homo...
dissin' the Vicar of Christ is a big no no

Your bullets are only grazing me, mine puncture.
You think your rap is waking me, I slumber
You run but can't evade me, the hunter
My rhythm's fvcking amazing, you flustered?



Come on baby, can't you take a joke?

Or to do that have I gotta make your system full of coke?

Ik he's not you, but you gotta admit the resemblance is true

And at least Brian knows where my clit is located, the way you're going I'm about to get you baited

Talk about swallowing, my insults are just the start

I'm gonna make you devour my pu$$y like a kid near a fvcking caramel cart

Of course I'm pro-abortion, your mama's decision to give birth to you musta really took some forcin'

I'd never forfeit b1tch, instead I'm happy to make you itch and give you a nasty wound to stitch

How's the depression going? Hopin you've quit your whiny moaning

You sound worse than me when I'm being fvcked by 3 men, but at least those are screams of pleasure rather than you and ya bad weather

Going back to suckin your dick and eatin it, babe it's no bigger than my tit nipples...get' enthusiastic about that I really need some strong liqueur tipples

Each time I spit on that lil sausage it gives way like a newborn ostrich

You can put your fingers inside my pu$ tho, yeah come on you Ben Shapiro hoe

Oh my bullets are going right through, and guess what I got loads new for you

Your rhymes haven't touched me you see, they're about as useless as a fake fvcking palm tree

So go watch your favourite pirates movie you'll need some soothing after this, you really need to learn how to do better for your cvnt mistress
Debate Round No. 3


You insult Ben Shapiro, yet you are Jewish too.
I'll give away your address so Nazis can come for you
A Soviet Russian Jew, the Nazis can't stand your @ss
This rap battle round right here is your chamber of gas...

New profile picture in front the TV got me scared straight-
You look like a pedo who touches me and gives a hair raise
Too much makeup, what a fake bjtch, and that's fair game
I got you weeping and bleeping but you think I care, babe?

Cause I don't. You called my meat a mere lil' sausage...
But it's so fat it makes cum run like it come from a faucet
Your rhymes make the battle seem like somebody paused it!
I'll press play on this chess game, kill you and hide you in the closet

I solved it, I can't possibly lose when I'm fighting hoes
My bars flow in rows that I suppose can't come to a close...
Defeating the foes, My rhymes got people seated for shows
Here to watch the gladiator swiftly strike down Emilrose!


Idc, race is not my game
Besides being a jerk is his only claim to fame

I'm only half Soviet anyway, rest of me is Sephard

Now I'm gonna b1tch slap you harder, and use you like a powerless retard

Idgaf about the Nazis, I can take them all at once...for me they just be puttin on some fronts'

So what if I touch you? I ain't no pedo though, just a hoe who loves the doe and gets kicks out of spiking your kiddy drinks tho'

As for the make-up, at least I make an effort ;) and don't look like some homeless shepard

Only thing that's wheeling is my pvssy, you're exciting me with these insults making you think you might actually be a man

I wouldn't complain if you tried to fvck me on a beach while I'm topping up my tan'

I'd like to see this fatty sausage now, he'll it might even make me wanna bow

But b1tch you couldn't kill me, I'm still waiting to see if you can really thrill me

Before you get to me I'd hit ya with a saucepan, then get some matches while wetting you up with a fvcking petrol can

Then I'd spank you with a spatula, you'd enjoy it as well...that sausage getting harder than the toughest church bell

You've lost already Jimmy, now come sit by my lap and listen to me

You're my little b1tch, ima use you up like and you're gonna make my pu$$y rich

With your cum, I'll never be done...and babe I'm always gonna get on that tongue

Some come on JimShady, you know you'll never win against this lady
Debate Round No. 4
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
That might be too long :|
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
Okay...ill just try to write 16 lines then
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
I might post audio for a better explanation.... but first I gotta figure out how.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
A bar is a measure in music, and I like to keep my at four beats per measure. A bar can have two counts (beats), 3, 5, 6... as many as you want, but 4 is just real simple.

So like if you got a rap song with the beat replaying over and over again, each cycle of the beat is a bar. The beat in the intro round is in 8/4 time (or 8 beats per measure/bar), or it is two measures of 4/4 time.

In simpler terms, it's how many lines you have. I got 16 lines, with 4 lines in 4 paragraphs.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
What does 16 bars mean?
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Yeah, but if you wanna start just be sure and waive the last round.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
First round acceptance?
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
I'd do it :)
Posted by What50 2 years ago
Any preferences for the skill level of the rapper?
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Mharman 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: *Fixed a typo* JimShady takes Round 1. Emilrose takes Round 2. Emilrose wins Round 3. I must say, I'm disappointed in both rappers. Both of them could do way better than this. I've seen both of them do better. That is my honest, unbiased opinion.
Vote Placed by TheDragon5 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: I liked Pro's style more, and the content. Con's content was pretty good, but Pro's insults were more fierce.

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