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Rap Battle, 22: Freestyle

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Started: 11/29/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap Battle, number twenty two coming up! Freestyle, gl gl!
Start it right it up!


JimShady, back on site DDO, looking for moe'
Wins under my belt not enough
Lookin for more stuff, more gruff, no bluff
Won't be cuffed by you bjtches with wet chuffs
I'm going hard on this shjt, I'm goin' rough

Been a busy time for me, debating atheists
Been taking a bunch of daily hits
I don't know how long I can keep on taking this
But I fight hard all day, and there aint no fakin' this

Gaining up some good elo
Debating BryanMullins, aint nothin' that he know
That dumb@ss can be delusional, what a pee hole
Now open this bjtch up with the key hole
Stick in, lickin', pickin' and choosin', kicking and bruising
That's what I'm doin', all day I'm just cruisin'
Wanna debate me? See what happens
You challenge me then I start laughin'
I got the mind of Einstein, plus five,
That's how I vibe, so subscribe,

Proud member of the mothufvcking Brotherhood
Destroying evil, and raising the good
But this battle's over, the place you once stood...
Will be wiped clean of your filth, hope you understood
Bjtch yeah I knew you would! I knew you could!

So show me what you got, I'll bomb you out
Like North Korea, that's what I'm talkin 'bout!
So get outta here ya clout
I don't wanna shout,
But I'm gonna have to do so, I have no doubt!!!

(edits for spelling mistakes and vulgarity are allowed.)


Olympic gymnasts with UFC fists and Tour De France fitness can't blister the mister caker the bakers man by day and fister by night. You've got the slightest good rhymes but it's awful mighty for you to start fighting a champ. Again. So let's replay it back my friend I bring the end to your days of tending to atheist men, you've entered into the murderers den where you'll get slaughtered, but it doesn't bother me much when you act fatherless, you're not at the bottom of the barrel you're less, you call the suicide hotline and what they tell you is to make sure you don't make a mess, so more or less I'm coming fresh with ruthless rhymes I've told you a thousand times I stay improving while you worship God at a shrine and drink wine, you don't want fist to fist combat because your chin would be mine and reframe your jawline but I'll refrain from raining on you too hard, first round pains, it's been a while. Honestly man I haven't had a battle in a fat minute the last fagg-t who did it didn't have the originality to spit sh-t he avoided reality and recycled the bad lines a few times, but you don't, and I admire it but we both know I come with harder fire when I spit
Debate Round No. 1


New Beat for round two, Hail Mary + instrumental by 2Pac

The bells ringin', the angels start singin',
the grim reaper you'll be seein', best believe it!
cake seems frail with that Round 1
You okay my pal, you sound numb...
After only a month or two, wow
Seems like you've lost it all now
Lay you to rest, throw dirt on your casket
'Cause on the mic your dead, so pass it

Your rhymes are like cheap industrial plastic
Mine are like spiritual, miracle magic
Spittin classic, it's fantastic
Becoming something of a muthafvckin habit

So run rabbit, and go sing some country
I wouldn't listen to your shjt even when I'm dumping
Your rhyme clogs like shjt, it's clumping
But take a look at my flow, aint it something?
I got the crowds pumpin, you got them slumpin'
Your stutter in your rap it's like your Forrest Gumpin'
You might as well forfeit, turn in nothin'
Or send in some shjt, even no one loves it

But me they covet, yeah

Final judgement will come one day my "friend"
And to hell I hope you get sent
Even if you repent, fast on Lent,
God will not bend, he'll send you frying in the pen

But until that day, we're judged on rap
And judging your stuff, I'd say you're trapped!
I got you beat, my win has ben mapped!
Walk up to Jimmy, your @ss will get capped...

One more thing, last night, you're mom's @ss I slapped.
And all your dad could do was clap.

*Edited for spelling and profane language*


hit you with telekinesis so hard you cry tears of blood when you weep
you and I know that when we square off it's a clean sweep
you and your whole fleet
you all have been beat
because none of you can compete
with a true MC

look, I'm not tryna sound cocky but I got bars stonger than rocky
I rock your posse
and met your mom at the bukkake
you see your rhymes are shoddy
and Masterful is just your proxy
the Brother hood held together weak as epoxy
you're actin' snobby
when I send you a copy
of your auntie lookin' foxy
gettin' sloppy
playin' with my floppy disk
and a poppy seed at reckless speed.


your style has changed none
and that's being real with you
you're so corny, it makes me lowkey wanna hit you
before I go in too hard, go and grab a tissue,
I'll give you till round 3 to prepare for my diss dude
make a footnote because this is a prelude
a new earth shattering record at unseen magnitudes
can't afford star wars so you watch "galaxy feuds"
you're like expired canned food
So I'll sit at my house in Cancun
and fondle your wife's boobs
and catch you on the flipside, B

Debate Round No. 2


Lil' Pump: Gucci Gang Instrumental

My style hasn't changed a bit, but why would it need too?
You on the other hand are sounding like a weeaboo
In this rap battle it's me v you
But it feels like I'm 'gainst nobody, too easy dude

I'm cheesy yes, but what's that make you?
It make you chicken, and bjtch, I'll BAKE you
Calling the Brotherhood a fake crew,
But all we do is keep this game true
as for you, your rap group is even worse
Only one member, you, put your group in a hearse
Cause I don't wanna hear one word, one verse
All you do is pull cheep insults out your purse
And also maybe a little lipstick you f@ggot
me, I'm the on who raps quick like an addict on crack, bjtch
I'm ecstatic to see that you've happened to lapse quick
I aint lying, I'm just spitting these facts quick
yeah yeah
Don't insult me personally, you don't wanna mess with me
I'm not the one to be vexing, not the one to be tested
cause the last bjtch who stepped to me, I X'd him
You'll be leaving this world like Brit did Brexit


Yonkers- Tyler The Creator -


I'm a f-ckin' dirty tater tot
breakin' brotherhood fools
and busting nuts in hella thots
good for you, you guys are tryna tie the knot
I got bullied too much and so I had to make the bodies drop
some bitch called the cops because she smelled the f-ckin' bodies rot

Jesus called, he said it's sad to see you're starving
stop eating roaches outta the carpet
and spending nights at What50's apartment
JediDude dipped when this vigilante dissed his family
if only he knew that night I danced around his sister's panties
this d-ck sure did tickle the little's hoe's fancy
this little tranny seems lost, he cross-dresses with these dorks
and jacks off to himself in jean shorts
get tough and ball up your fists now
at least Rihanna had the balls to scrap and brawl with Chris Brown

enter me, rapping as JimShady
you can't sit at my table, i'm way too smart for you fool
I draw hearts on my f-ckin' notebooks in art school
it's way too f-cking hard to draw a cartoon
I'd rather sing rap, yeah, I'll be a star soon
I go on youtube and argue
with fedora and cardigan
eating tofu at a barbecue

enter me, rapping as self again
It's complicated, you debated asking "who is he lord"
just a kid who talks to ghosts from the past on a f-ckin ouija board
exposed dimensional doors in deadly vaults
pentagram on the floor chalked, lined with heavy salts
demon screaming sound so loud it shatters ice
strapped to it, twice
medieval torture device
on a f-cking rampage like a goddamn poltergeist

I'm rough and abrasive you should call me sand paper
I jack off on the daily you can call me the hand raper
I hit a cow with my car, and named him T-Bone
I'm gettin' messy like cows destroying the ozone
gettin' blown with beats on, call it head phones
I lied too much on my resume and now I authorize bank loans
and here I stopped you just before you thought you got grown

Debate Round No. 3


Final instrumental, Arigatou gozaimashita for the rap battle!

You've seen the others, and you've seen me
So now you gotta know who is the king bee
Obviously me, So vote for the king
Can't wait for my rap battle champion ring!

cakerman showed up, and showed what he got
He showed it all, but nothing at his crotch
For him this was a botch, it was all that he got
But his whole plot seems high like it's on pot

I never claimed to be a Rap God, you see
But people keep feeding on my rhymes like they juicy
They anointed me The One, so it's YOU who are losing
I'm refusing to cave, I'm just cruising the game
You surely flexed what you had, a good few lines
Unfortunately you just can't stack up to this slew of rhymes
So time to lay you to rest, God knew it's time
I got you heated up, saying "Fvck and screw this dyke!"

My freestyle aint polished, I'm quite aware
But I've fought through, so I got new chest hair
And I got a hard one, if you catch me, down there
Cause I'm in love with this game, Nothing can compare

Like a YouTube add they skip you, "I'll take a pass."
As you can see I got my best rap saved for last
I'm glad to bring customers juice, I gave a blast
No time for losing anymore, those days are past.

Edited for spelling and language, my rap is oh so dangerous.


so the big boy still thinks he's hard?
because he's sparred with the best
twice, the flame I spit will leave you charred
a good verse comin' from your lips is one in every million shooting stars
and the first loss to me is irritating you like a shard
of loose glass stuck in your skin that you can't discard

look here Jim
we're fighting
you're unexciting
and you still lose by a not so slim margin
after hours of rewriting
and your chances are still small like that of Korea reuniting
when your newly developed missiles are looking enticing
I'm part-time slicing
the rest is battering rappers to the point of war crimes
but you're just in the nick of time
maybe i'm past my prime
but i'm still f-ckin' heavily with the big time

You're f-ckin' with a heavyweight
soul lift I use magic to make you levitate
watch as i load a couple into your top like a wedding cake
get cremated and see who's talkin' 'bout gettin' baked


I'll put down a gun and f-ck you up
if you don't get knocked out when we knuckle up
i'm out for blood
the razor blade comes out, when I swing you get your upper cut

look I wring em' out and hang 'em up
if you brotherhood fools spent a day locked up with us
you'd come back tamed as f-ck
about as dangerous as chained up pups
I do angel dust
get my anger up
I go titan and your frame gets crushed
I pull out the AK "Bang" you f-cked
your soul's flying, I'm still firin'
even your guardian angel's duckin'
Debate Round No. 4
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by JimShady 1 year ago
needs more votes
Posted by JimShady 1 year ago
You destroyed me in this rap battle....
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
I got it, I got it in time.
Posted by cakerman 2 years ago
clock is ticking
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
I'll post when I get home, you will be roasted you @ss hole. lol.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
No you can have whatever beat you want or no beat at all. My lyrics don't even really go with it that much lol.
Posted by cakerman 2 years ago
Must the lyrics go with the beat you've chosen?
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
ow... wow, but how? This aint a comment war, get up to the board and try to score, don't waste my time with your petty words, cause I've no doubt heard better slurs. F@ggot.
Posted by cakerman 2 years ago
you knew i'd accept, you should have been more adept than to think I still wouldn't beat you to death on a beat, i'm not deaf.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
my old nemesis cakerman, I fvckin' knew you'd accept....
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 1 year ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Vote Placed by SupaDudz 1 year ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: R1: Jim by default. Hard time understanding as cake's versus were in paragraph form and as a judge, I can't vote on that. 1-0 at this point. R2: I felt like the cleaner lines were cake in this were Jim as well. I felt more flow from Jim and his final line was the punch at the end. It had a lot more of an impact on me than cake's. Cake's verses seemed choppy as well. 2-0 Jim R3: cake wins. He had some pretty nasty roasts with a flow that was really good. His impact at the end outweighed Jim's saying he's is gonna get stopped compared to Jim making a reference that seems like the PRO would not know. It seemed like flow, roasts, and last verse had a greater impact than Jim. 2-1 Jim, but this win shifts the tide. R4: cake wins this one. Reason being his references were modern and jim's final impact was very weak compared to cakerman's, and i felt his was easier to spit out. 2-2 Tie. The final verdict. 1 was a default and two was narrow while 3 and 4 seemed runaways. The winner is...cake

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