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Rap Battle 2k17

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Started: 11/19/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 860 times Debate No: 105173
Debate Rounds (4)
Comments (10)
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1. First round is acceptance only
2. Be passionate and do well
3. Judges vote on roasts, rhyme scheme, and flow
4. Any language is acceptable, except n word
Good luck


(My first time, so I may be rusty)

SupaDudz, who da f are you? 
How do I know you ain't a fool?
I bet yo dumba** never even went to school
No wonder why people just call you a tool!
My rhymes are always dope everytime

Yo rhymes are more sour than a lime!
Why I gotta sit here and waste my time?
Knowin you don't even have a motherf**kin dime!
You broke as f**k, poorer than a hobo
I'm rich, but I wouldn't really know about you though

You need to shut the f**k up
Cuz everything you say is nonsense
Even my homie Tyler know you're worse than the Johnsons
look man I don't mean to be strict, but you gonna have to be sucking some d**k
Oops! Did I hurt yo feelings? Because when I'm done, Imma see yo a** on the floor weeping!

Now look, if there is one thing we can agree on,
is the fact that you are gay like leon
You better back up, and don't call me mister
I know for a fact a fat bi**h will f**k yo sister
I know I'm being vulgar, but that's the way I go
in da the next round, I wanna see if you can keep up with da flow.
Debate Round No. 1


Say who da f*** I am
Who da f**k are you
Somebody once told me that the cow goes moo
I guess they probably talking bout you
Because I got the jam
Cause when I drop my rhymes the world go bam
Because your flow dropped harder than Lindsey Lohan

Say I'm sour but I guess i'm a sour patch
Because they say sour part leads to the sweetness
Say I got no dimes, but I got that cash, even put it on a winning match
Said you wouldn't know about me, b***h im legitness
I guess you don't know me because your cheap a** too broke for internet

Shut up? Bro thats a no go
Trying to diss me, but your low blows are not even low
You put the I in s**t
Say I am sucking d**k but how'd he know
Think about that for a minute
Is he's thinkin bout me suckin d**k?
Is he thinking bout me gettin jiggy with it
He tryna call me gay
But he knows for a fact hes a homo

Saying you tryna f**k my sister
Tryna talk crap, well mister
If there's one thing that I know bro
My Sister wouldn't yo d**k for because she aint a hoe tho
But in end tho
She said she would need a dildo
Because it's too small for her

Pullin on me what you doin
I think you be that type to spoon me
Tryna fire shots what you doin
Throw shots but you missed tho
Like that guy who 50 cent bro
He is still kickin it alive
I am like Tupac's killer
I killed him one shot


You know I think I might have a chance
To go ahead and do my victory dance
By the time I finish yo a$$
Yo mom will bend over and I ain't gotta ask

I observed your post and it really bugs me

next time you shouldn't make something so bummy
This is ma first time on da mic and I'm doin alright
By the time I'm finished, I'll put three in you and call it a night

Now I look around me and I see the weirdest Sh*t
I'd rather run away and sail on a ship
Your presence is what I envy
You standin there with your ugly-a$$ self
Even Satan wouldn't let you into his hell

My rhymes are much hotter than fire
When you start rappin, I know you about to expire
hey man I think you should just take a bus and leave town
Cuz this place called 'DDO" wouldn't tolerate a clown

Now I may not be the best
But unlike you, I can always rest
You better turn up the heat
Cuz when I read yo garbage, I sleep
Debate Round No. 2


Momma told me gotta have a sense of humor
I think his mamma that him that that manner
Because I know for a fact, i checked on wiki
Your chances of winning, well its mini
Just like your little weewee

My post bugs you. is what you claim
But rhymes are so flame, it a shame
Its watching the Brown versus Patriots
Because Browns never win
An attendance so low, cause they know
The only team that wins is the Patriots

You see weird sh*t cause your high
I guess that's why your lyrics make me cry
Gay prostitutes is the bar you set
Callin me ugly, when that face look like jar jar
I puke all over your weak car


If your rhyme are considered fire
I didn't know freezers could get hot
Say I gotta take the bus, he own it
Looking at how many L's he take, they know him

I know your not the best
Because I read this in class, and behold I fell asleep at last
Heat is so high my laptop is fire
While my laptop says cool down
Yours got froze to death
Because the bars so cold
Just like your rhymes

Catching dimes like Dame
You just Darko
A bust that was all talk
But no action
So cold that you freeze the court


Really? is that it?
Yo comeback was really S**t
It made me sick
The verses don't even stick
it so stale its worse than a brick

I had to rewrite my rhymes because of my pc
You must really think you have easy
I but have to tell you something
You're mistaken
Cuz the fire I spit will have yo a$$ bakin

The chances of you winnin is very slim
I know that ain't a lie cuz I did my boy Jim
You're pathetic, just give up
But you're relentless, you just don't give a f**k
Tick tock tick tock goes the clock
The time it takes me to take out ma glock

Standin there already sh*tin yo pants
Cuz I'm shootin you that dirty glance
You better back up, because its gonna be big
I you this rap battle is already rigged
I'm da master, bow down to me

Cuz if you don't, I'll have yo wife and children hangin from a tree
Damn I must be gettin explict
I remember yo wife was suckin my d*ck
You may say no but it really did happen
Don't let me catch you runnin around Manhattan
Debate Round No. 3


Wanna be the greatest
Even though your the fakest
Tried to cook me
But you froze me
I guess that makes you the Warriors
All you like doing is choking under pressure

Choking on some c*m
From some stupid old bun
Never mind that was you
LIl bum only sees blue
Because your like Blockbuster
And I am Netfix

Remind me of Stranger Things
Because you can't get your sh*t straight
When all my chains do, they just bling
And they only you use for bait
Gotta reel my line in
Because a little birdy went tweet tweet
And said you were a sin

Pocket full of bank
Whole world shake
All My bi**hes lining up like that new phone
Shoot em up like a drone
Because when the world sees how cooked you are
They shoot you like Thanksgiving turkey

Rhymes so whack, need be treated
Because I can see you are heaed
Sight seeing all you do
Because your like that child at the Zoo
Got Harambe killed because you are stupid

Have a million in my bank
Please stop looking for some money
Better go sell yourself
Call them honey
Almost as bad as Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's lip singing

Now have a seat
Let me educate
The first rule is when you talk the talk
Walk the walk
If this is your raps n rhymes
I guess your crippled


This is the last round
So I better not mess around
Unlike yo a$$ being a stupid a$$ clown
I call the shots, can't you listen?
You keep tryna to shoot the ball, but you just keep missin

You're unprofessional, you can call me the professor
Cuz I'm da one who will be your motherf*ckin oppressor
I see no victory for you, and that's real sad
But if you lose, is alright, don't feel bad

Yo rhymes are really sh*t
Just like the size of yo d*ck
It's really small, yo girl just laughs
Motherf*cka you stink, go take a f*ckin bath

The time is coming closely to a end
When I'm finished, I'll be the next f*ckin trend
I wasn't happy, you should do better
Next time, do this sh*t on a letter

Now its time for the judges to vote
And when you see the results, you can only hope
That you're not the loser, cuz that would be a shame
Cuz all yo rhymes were straight up lame

Debate Round No. 4
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Dirty_Harry 8 months ago
SupaDudz was garbage in his raps. On god if I coulda voted, That nigga would have lost.
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 1 year ago
@SupaDudz Nice rap!
Posted by Debating_Horse 2 years ago
From my observation, Nathaniel was much better than the [con] person. Here is my analysis:

" Second Round "

"Some verses are comprised of 5, 7, and eight lines. His rhymes were a good, but towards the end, he went off"

" Third Round "

"Barely good. Nathaniel did very well in this round, SupaDudz in the of the round lost his rhyming"

" Final Round "

"Introduction is terrible, middle was a little bit good, towards the end, his rhyming went bad".

" Nathaniel "

Overall summary: "I say he performed very well throughout the battle. His rhymes were on point. There were parts that confused me, and I read his earlier posts saying that he made mistakes".

Good try Nathaniel! You did good! (listened to this while reading).
Posted by AphilosophicLad 2 years ago
To be honest with y'all I would like to battle both of you, y'all can team up together and still not even come close to beating me bruh y'all some children lmao
Posted by AphilosophicLad 2 years ago
Posted by AphilosophicLad 2 years ago
Yall some b*tches, yall some h0es yall some sluts
I f#ck some b1tches up the butt the I run
Y'all some b1tch baby dogs, yall some pups
F*ck on a pastors wife, and then i f*ck a nun
Y'all have some weak a$s flows and some basic rhymes
y'all should kill yourselves; you prolly hate your life
I say y'all so much you'd think i was a clown boy
Y'all should quit the rapping, go become some clowns boy
Y'all dumb as sh#t, I swear y'all have down syndrome
Y'all tryna rap is funny, i think you have clown syndrome
Like how the f^ck can y'all type that shhit and really think it goes?
B1tch I go hard as f&ck, im colder than the snow
when im around y'all ancient history, start calling yall the flinstones
I may be younger but y'all still gone call me big bro
And y'all should go and ask you girl, I got a big bone
She give me so much head, that b$tch has got a big dome
And when i say dome I ain't talkin bout arenas
that h0e is cute, her puzzy wet as aquafina
I get both of your girls wet as the aquarium
I got me so many bars b1tch I started sharing them
Y'all weak as anorexic h0es, go get your bars up
I be a damn general to yall, go get your stars up
Y'all really fruity talking bout each others d1cks
My swag it be so clean, that sh3t in honor of my kicks
Y'all swag so dirty that sh1t in honor of your bibs
cuz you some baby b1tches tryna rap, y'all ain't talking about s!it
Imma grown a$s man, yous my sons, yalls my kids
I'm getting bored as he1l, and yall are getting mind f*cked
But when you see me on the spot, just know your times up
and yall are really trash, you need to get your rhymes up
Cuz yall start to and run and hide and sh1t when im up
b1tch i am a duck
Posted by Nathaniel_B 2 years ago
dsjpk5's Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better roasts and flow.

[dsjpk5] Can you explain further on how my opponent had "better roasts and flow"?
Posted by SupaDudz 2 years ago
hahahahaha me too lol dont worry
Posted by Nathaniel_B 2 years ago
I made some errors! Darn it!
Posted by Nathaniel_B 2 years ago
This is my first time rapping, so let's see how I do!
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by JimShady 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: R1: SupaDudz by a good margin. Nathaniel_B, I know it's your first time, but you're gonna have to have better insults then that if you want a chance. Good comeback by Pro. R2: Mainly a tie, but a slight edge to Con. Most of what Pro said was kind of hard to read, it had good references but terrible delivery. Con didn't really do much better, and his rap was much simpler, but more readable and more flow, so a slight win for him. R3: Rap was about even from both sides, but I have to give it to SupaDudz. He at least tries to step out of the box, and I like some of his comparisons. Nanthaniel_B mainly just rapped a bunch of fluff. Also, his R4 rap doesn't count because he already went in R1. Conclusion: All in all a mediocre rap battle, the five/four time signature for both sides really screwed it up for me, and some of the words didn't even come close to rhyming. Lyrically, it was OK, but with the lack of rapping precision, it just isn't that good. Nice job to both, SupaDudz wins though.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better roasts and flow.

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