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Rap Battle #4

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Started: 6/18/2012 Category: Arts
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap battle time. The person who accepts this I will allow them to have an extra round by starting their rap in their first round. IF you so choose,

It can be video, audio, or just text.

1) Offend your opponent. That is the way rap is. If you can't put up with that, don't accept.
2)No targeting the opponent's dad, since yesterday was father's day. Mom's are still ok.
3) Be good at rapping.




Hey man, give me some respect,
Before I punch your teeth down your neck,
Strangle your niece to death,
With a barb wired piece of fence,
Then tear off strips of bleeding flesh,
Your mother seemed a little upset,
When she was told I flung you so hard,
You qualified as a international missile threat.

You inevitably will be the centerpiece,
Of my trophy room, which contains heads of deadly MCs,
Using pent-up energy I'll kick your *ss until your rectum bleeds,
Then go to bed while your girl sleeps next to me.

Alright, that was my opening. Have at me!

Debate Round No. 1


That was your entire rap? This is gonna be tough
not because it was good, but because it wasnt that buff
Your rap lacked lots of skill, its not smooth, its damn rough
Talking bout' killin my neice, your dead, Ill beat you till i had enough

I don't give a f*ck if you buddhist, hindu or a jew
I whip your a$$, and then your wife's a$$, she be out way past her curfew
When im through with your wife, she's gonna need some "mouthwash" too
She'll be drownin' in a white wave, she'll need to bring her snowshoes

I guess, your right, i'm a missle threat, i'll blow your GF until she explodes
She'll cling to my body for a rodeo, she's wrapped so tight i'm like lassoed
I sure emptied myself onto her, afterwards it felt like i was hallowed
You can't get in my mind, b*tch! My mind is like a safe with a long a** code

I'm like a blunt, bitch, I'm smokin' a$$ hot
Your like a forest fire, you flamin, like a firefox
I know your hella shocked by me, like you got hit with a billion giga-watts
I got bullets on speed-dial, yeah I call the shots!

There we go, mouthwash. bring it.


I'm not gonna take it,
Tonight a Mossad agent,

Will pop your face in,
With a rock and break it,
Blood and snot sprayin,
Shock you awake,
You cannot escape,
He's got some chains.
You get locked away in,
The bottom basement.

Your family told us they're not payin,
Though your niece was in lots of pain,
Not from losing you,
But from getting shot and raped,
My cock stayed in,
Till she wanted to faint,
Then I beat her on the pavement,
The next morning your mother sees what look like red popsicle stains.

Dude, that entire thing was just one continuous multi. I thought it up in about ten minutes. Give up.
Debate Round No. 2


cheesedingo1 forfeited this round.


Well, it seems he has finally given up. LOL
Debate Round No. 3


My apoligies for pussin out, I didn't have the time
to debate mouthwash ATM, he was not worth my rhyme

But a lose on my Debate profile wouldn't look that good,
people would expect a loss from me, I'm white, not in the hood.

But still, who gives a f*ck? I'll kick mouthwash's a$$!
I'll kick him back to preschool, where he would still fail the class
I would fvck up his sister, she'd pass out from my mass
and it's obvious that it's mouthwash who I will outclass
Your sister gets in my hot areas, she want's to trespass
I'll get so far up her pvssy, cause it's like a cravass
Your d!ck is so damn tiny, can't see it with no eyeglass
that's why in prison you be raped, but you like to be harassed

Just give the fvck up while you can. There's no way you can win.
My d!ck is like the eiffel tower, yours the size of a pin
You face is ugly and carved up, like a fvckin' pumpkin
Wipe your blood from my face, i'll need more than a napkin
You gotta know your gonna get it rough, like a sharkskin
Your like the ice king with no princesses, I'm like jake and finn
You sister obviously wants me, she's touchin' on my skin
Me and your sis will find an inn, crack out some gin, she'll make me grin

Your sis wants to be on top of me, she likes to make me grunt,
You know where I am now, right mouthwash? Am I in your sister's c***?
I gotta use a rubber though, be awkward if she pregnant
Your so flamin' you burnin up like the end of my blunt

Took me 6 minutes, 37 seconds to do that. Your fvck'd, bro.


Going to have to be quick, I have no time.

It means you'll get a easy pass,
But your weak, sleazy rap,
Will not be hard to outthink and outclass.

Now, I don't want to be all cruel,
I won't mention that your niece screwed Ja Rule,
And how she screamed like a prostitute,
As she was flayed with three lobotomy tools.

So will you fight or submit?
Talking about the size of my dick,
If it was the size of a pin,
Then why does your bitch,
Say nine inches thick?
You don't have the rhymes to win,
Just a mind that's thick,
Like the thighs of your bitch.
Plus my 'sister' is trans,
Nice vagina, isn't it?
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by cheesedingo1 6 years ago
Wow. im kinda offended. you doubt my power?
Posted by MouthWash 6 years ago
I want a REAL challenge, so if you don't think you can match me ask someone to help. I just don't want this to be too easy.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited a round, giving conduct to Con. I'm also giving S/G to Con for better presentation. As for actual content, tied.