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Rap Battle 4

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Started: 4/17/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 701 times Debate No: 52772
Debate Rounds (4)
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You up for a battle?
No rules or themes apply. First round is acceptance, unless you wish to start.
Debate Round No. 1


Light my ignition,
I'm on the right mission,
You're in quite the position,
Careful my bright ambition,
Will blind your sight and vision

I've got enough ammunition
to destroy the opposition,
You best reposition
Before you're beat into submission.

You're in no condition
To even audition
This demolition
Will require a mortician.

I won't ask for permission,
It's just my disposition,
There'll be no remission
After this acquisition.

You payed no admission,
So you're another addition,
To the others I've kicked in,
I'll have to make a new edition.

You'll be wishin'
You could just sign a petition
To stop me, it's like a tradition.
If you look in the mirror, you'll find failures definition


Hahahaha, your rhymes are so weak
you used the same recycled from last week

Light the ignition? You couldn't even light a cigarette
Your ambition invests in too much, couldn't get out of debt
You think you can rap cuz u can rhyme n' like graffiti?
Your raps are so cheap, it could barely support the needy

These raps are so whack, they're not even intact
Work on your build-up before you call this a rap
I can scramble these words, use them against you
After sendin you to hell, you gonna have to reflect on what you just went through

Matter of fact, lets get started right now
You got ammunition, i got all the retribution
If you bought an army of rappers, there'd be no substitution
Forget a mission, i stand alone in a rampage
Try to predict me n' find that this wasn't staged
Your raps don't even make sense, it's like a sword gone wild
By the time you rap next round, these bars will be out of freestyle

Oh my Lord, these lyrics are so whack i don't know where to begin
If Shake-sphere were here, he'd cry out, yellin' "this is a sin!"
Debate Round No. 2


Here we sit, don't know why we're clashin'
This battle's shiit, because you lack passion.
I'm done, that's it. You're style's out of fashion.
My fuse was lit, but your lyrics provides no attraction.

I don't want you to cry, and take negative action,
But I won't act surprised, if this gets a bad reaction.
You might ask "why?" You're styles only a fraction.
I won't say "Bye", when you're gone like subtraction.

All you ever do, is criticize lines, it's no wonder why,
You don't produce any original rhymes.
But you can try, feel obliged, oh my, who am I?
I've arrived to apply my mind and take what's mine.

I don't care if it's forever, or only briefly,
But every other rapper out there will be beneath me.
Go ahead and struggle, there's no way that you can keep me.
Now you're in big trouble, 'cause my talent will destroy you completely.

You can't hurt me, I've been numb, I hate you, I'll break you and then some.


Finally, you got better with these freestylin', spittin' a verse barrage
Who wouldn't give you their own whack raps from the garbage n' garage
I freestyle off the top of my dome, so crown me the king of the game of thrones
You need to get fit, go back to planet fitness then come to earth after you leveled in judgement free zones
Your style is flat and your tone is so whack, it's as cold as a pile of snow cones

These raps that you spit don't even make sense
Between you n' 50, i think i'd toss you 50 cents
If we fought in real life, on your head, i'd leave 60 dents
But since we're verbally fightin' i only break your heart into lil fragments

If your talent will destroy me, why haven't you done it?
I obliterated this debate with this diss, i run it
I can tell you have no confidence by the way you respond to this
Look man, you better off makin' a punch line given you had a toy iron fist

Good Lord Rap, how long did it take to write this? we don't got all day
It cost me 5 minutes to write these lyrics, it cost you a heart to pray

Rappin' with you is like rappin' with glue, better yet E.T
Your lyrics are so feminine, they saved you a spot on Glee
Little boy, don't waste my time, talkin' about i lack passion
That implies that you do since you know all about monster mashin'

Who the heck ever heard of RapPtheRapp?
Thought he was lyrically smart, but fell into his own trap
Go to tha school of hip-hop, wear the fool's dunce cap
Maybe you'll learn a lesson in charity from cleanin' up all this crap
Debate Round No. 3


RayPtheRapp forfeited this round.


I won, vote for me, lol
Debate Round No. 4
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
I figured this would end up a tie.. lol I thought I'd lose since I missed that last round, but since my opponent rapped about game of thrones and snow cones I realize it didn't make much of a difference. Especially when his sign off line is "I won vote for me lol"
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