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Rap Battle 5!

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Started: 2/6/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am back after months away from, and the first thing I want to do is get into another rap battle and tear someone up.


1. 2 rap rounds, first debate round is acceptance.
2.No plagiarism/ copy paste
3.Rap hard


The only thing gettin torn up is ur bum hole
let's go
Debate Round No. 1


I have yet to see the lyrics of Masterful
But I already know they'll be disaster-full
You use your fat mom as a h0e,
And your cheap rhymes make your round a placid go

You think your tough with that katana sword?
I'll fvck you up even though I already gotta wh0re
I'll put you in a big @ss volcano and let the lava pour
Watch as your face melts and yell "Ha ha, score!"

I checked your bio, you seemed ashamed
Not sayin a thing, you're not even acclaimed.
I'm a prodigy of Slim, you're a copy of Wayne
I fought people like you, you're all the same

Easy shjt, you need to quit when I see you spit
you make me queasy, prjck, my speed is lit
your meat is bit by your peeps with shjt
Had your lyrics once and I peed on it!

42-year old man of the Shinto religion
In other words, your in the shjt-hoe division
I'll snipe your with unbelievable precision
You can hit me with a knife and clear vision

Occupation- Self employed?
What you do, use your djck as a own-self toy?
I bet it's small, you're a little elf-boy
And all shriveled up like old-man Elroy

Relationship-Not saying?
Is your relationship with your hand decaying?
Have your own hand jobs been to much to be paying?
You could also count you and your mom in bed, laying.

So I guess that you're really not dating,
Who the hell would want some of that mating?
You're thinking "I can beat this guy maybe!"
No, you are up against notorious Jim Shady.


Just wanna mention, a bit about your sexuality,
I'm bringing attention, to your love for bestiality,
Cus you're a genetic, abnormality and have a pathetic, personality.

You're clearly a man slag slurping on some anus
You're queerly and man f.a.g burping after sum gayness.

We got people out there looking for the loch ness monster,
When little do they realise you're a cock less youngster .

Like a frog spawns tadpoles,
Your mum forms glory holes
But she the one shoving her dick through the hole so you can lick it,
And you're the one loving it thick and taking it whole so you can dipstick it.

How can a freak like you pretend to know how to rap?
Cus my technique is a godsend and all you do is c.r.a.p.

This right here is your demise,
Cus like a fan girl, I'm the one you'll idolize,

My lyrical originality will make you lose your mind,
My satirical brutality will abuse till you're blind.
Debate Round No. 2


Next round, Ding Ding! Out comes Rocky,
her to whip your @ss, gonna be a bloody flooging,
Your raps are slow paced, prone to clogging,
Must be that brain of yours that old thing's foggy.

The Contender keeps talking about my sex preferences
Sex with guys controls his mind, need an exorcist?
Think you even have a chance, bjtch I'm the best at this,
You'll lose so bad your more negative than a pessimist!

Asian guy right here, how can he read with those slants?
This is a rap battle, sophisticated, we don't do no rants,
And what are your doing, pull up yo pants,
You can get blow later, rap now, even with no chance

I'm an American, and this is WWII
I use a m1 garrand on japs and chinks, I warned you!
Riding my djck is your mom, I'm like "This wh0re's new!"
I'll grab her by the pvssy one time or two.

Weak mof, your rhyme make people start laughing at you.
Go to the first aid station for roast with ajisthetruth.


Read fast, if you're able

You're opposing an undefeated divinity and endeavouring to stride far above your level,
I'll be exposing your untreated virginity and severing your pride, I am the devil.

Your crack smoking mother is a fat swelled Whale,
It's a fact that like no other she's of unparalleled scale

She is eating too immensely; it's time for her to Diet,
When I'm beating her intensely she won't stay quiet.
I will blast her in her bucket back to whence she came,
She won't last when I fuc it, she will feel intense shame.

Your mums methane, will corrupt the atmosphere,
it'll sprain your brain and erupt your hemisphere.
With a stench of which, is comparable to none,
You know that wench of a bitch has a terrible son.

Why are you smoking on a blunt, is this showing your masculinity?
Why aren't you Poking up a c.u.n.t, Are you forgoing your virginity?

This is the sheer capability of my mind,
It brings a tear of gracility yet to be defined.

Each verse I have written has a rhyme combo of at least 3, where my opponent only has singular rhyme combos and in rare cases double combos. My very first verse is a 6x combo.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 1 year ago
Decision's made at this point. Can't exactly reverse it.
Posted by JimShady 1 year ago
Come on, the battle was already over and he won. Just let it slide, I don't mind taking a loss. It's better than another damn tie...
Posted by whiteflame 1 year ago
Yes, and that's understandable, but we have to set some kind of standard for rap battles, otherwise they're treated no differently than troll debates. Having some kind of feedback for both sides, even generalized feedback, is a bare minimum standard.
Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
It's a rap battle, if he liked it he liked it...
Posted by whiteflame 1 year ago
>Reported vote: Mharman// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: I liked Masterful's verses better.

[*Reason for removal*] While rap battles are not held to the same standards as debates on this site, they are still held to the basic standard of providing some feedback to the debaters. That requires more than just a statement of which side the voter felt had better verses.
Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
Either way it was a good rap. Maybe you're the best I've rapped against so far.
Posted by JimShady 1 year ago
We have different definitions of rhyme combos, so that explains the confusion.

You are a good rhymer, but it is a bit unrealistic in a real rap battle to have that much rhyme density. It's about flow and insults, get as many rhymes as you can, and if you have to settle for just one sometimes, that's OK. But anyways good job rapping I wanna fight you again sometime.
Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
"I'd also like to point out that rhymes aren't all what it's about. The more rhymes the better, yes, but you also need high quality insults, flow, similes, and references to things."

I agree with that. I would say my weakness is the quality and relevance of my insults, but I think that flow and rhymes are superior to lyrics/insults, unless it's an insult rap battle. Because without rhymes you'd literally just be shouting.
Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
An example of a single rhythmical combo:

"My rhymes are holy, you're about to know me." -Because Holy rhymes with know me.

An example of a double rhythmical combo:

"My rhymes are holy, for my crimes you're gunna know me." -Because Rhymes rhyme with Crimes and Holy rhymes with know me.

It's a crap lyric, but you get the idea.
Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
I tried not to make it too personal as I don't know you, or what you look like. Besides my bio is fake, so I wasn't insulted either.

I understand what you mean, but your rhymes are in the same rhyming category, which is an easy way to get an easy rhyme.

For example from my rap:

"Just wanna mention, a bit about your sexuality,
I'm bringing attention, to your love for bestiality,
Cus you're a genetic, abnormality and have a pathetic, personality."

All I've really done here is use words that rhyme from the same rhyming category, this is not a 5 word rhyme combo, this is a x2 combo per sentence, 3 at best. It's not the best writing either.
Sexuality, bestiality abnormality and personality are all in the same rhyming category. It's easy to make rhymes like this, but doing it too often looks horrible.

A combo normally ends with a full stop.
Not using a full stop when needed is just poor writing.

From your rap:

"You think your tough with that katana sword?
I'll fvck you up even though I already gotta wh0re
I'll put you in a big @ss volcano and let the lava pour
Watch as your face melts and yell "Ha ha, score!"

It's just rhyming from the same category, I'm guilty of it occasionally. Doesn't constitute a combo of any kind.
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