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Rap Battle 6

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Started: 5/15/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Looking for another battle. If you accept feel free to put down the first verse.


Let's get this rap battle STARTED!!!!
Debate Round No. 1


Apologies on the late arrival,
Thankyou for accepting,
But you're just another rival,
And not the next best thing.

I've spent years investing,
Time in my rhymes
While you've been resting,
I've been scripting my lines.

Don't mistake this for a verse,
It's just an introduction.
Because you're not the first
To face my lyrical combustion.


Get in your shelter for rain
Cuz I'm bringing the pain
Get ready for a big blunder (blunder)
Cuz I'm gonna steal your thunder (thunder)

You can't think of anything
That ain't about this debate
And when the phone goes "ring ring," (ring ring)
It's evidence calling. It says defeat is your fate (fate)

Is is my first rap battle on DDO
But I'm not going with the flow
Cuz then you can't beat me (beat me)
Cuz you rap like a flea (flea)
Debate Round No. 2


Steal my thunder?
I'll tear you asunder
And no-one will wonder
Who I pushed under.

You can't state my fate,
I'll wait until your hate
Starts to deteriorate your mind state
It's not a great trait to be bait.

I can't believe I'm battling
"Loves his mother"
After this you'll be tattling
On your brother,
But she'll take his side,
Your mother loves another.

Congrats though,
Since this is your first rap.
You flow? is that so?
Then this is the worst trap,
You could fall into,
I'll break you in two
Belive this, ill smash you to pieces,
Jesus, you're worse than yeezus.

By that I mean you're a disappointment.
In fact, since you're intact, make an appointment,
To see me. Believe me, it's not that easy,
To admit that you need me, to learn how to read these.


No no no
I'll beat you for real
Im made of steel

I don't control your fate
I just take a guess at it
I don't have any hate
You just stay home and knit

Sorry, but I'm in high school
I don't need my mother's support
Any more of this
And I'm taking you to court

I'm gonna come outta here in one piece
So when you lose, go visit your niece.

I don't disappoint anybody
And I'm perfectly healthy, thank you.
I know plenty of words by now
And I don't need to go over anything with you.
Debate Round No. 3


Alright, I feel kinda bad now..
That last verse was so sad, wow.
I thought you would at least be decent,
But I've pieced it together from your recent
Entry, that your mind is empty,
Don't tempt me to mention who sent me,
My first verse beat through to defeat you,
I don't need to meet you, or ever see who
You are in person, cause I know I'd be hurtin'
Your feelings when I toss you to the ceiling,
You better be kneeling,
because with this I am sealing
My own fate now, go ahead guess it
Although I wouldn't suggest it,
You sound like you're congested
With sh!tty punchlines, you can't just bunch rhymes
Together and try to feed that sh!t to people like it was lunch time.

I guarantee your mom let everything bad pass,
Oh wait, he's in high school, we've got a bad@ss!
But please do "take me to court"
I'd love to hear what you resort to, to retort.
I'll be my own lawyer, you're as fake as Tom Sawyer.
Don't loiter, or I'll tell your employer
That I've been past patient.
Waiting for you to do your job at the gas station.
You've failed more tests then Paul Blart
You can't afford to shop at Wal-Mart.
My flow's hard to gauge,
'cause my style will always change
My skills can't be contained,
Now that I'm boarder-line insane.

Anyways kid, gotta go, people are starting to text me,
And I'm done with you and this battle.. Next Please!


Your raps don't hurt my feelings
They wouldn't hurt a fly
Stick to jumping through rings
And don't put yourself so high

No free space in this mind
I could beat you at trolling without being unkind

Of course you don't need to meet me
Cuz your raps don't hurt my feelings
So keep hugging your tree
I know, I know, it stings.

I don't bow to anyone
Cuz there's no such thing as fate
So my prediction of the outcome is irrelevant
And so is yours, so step up to the plate.

I can't take you to court
Cuz I don't know you in person
I'm glad this wasn't short
Cuz that's when battles are the most fun.

I didn't mean the court thing literally
I just meant I wasn't gonna give up
FYI I have two honor roll certificates
And a knight certificate

You can't debate anything except rap battles.
You're a good rapper, but you debate like a potato.
In catch-22's I find loopholes.

Debate Round No. 4
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by Jman0056 7 years ago
WHOOOOOAAAAA this is intense!
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