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Rap Battle Anyone?

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Started: 3/15/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Alright Rap Battle!

16 Lines - No cursing!
Rhymes are preferred, but if it flows that's fine.

Con starts - So YOU start :)

Good Luck1


I hear you talkin' crap , bro you think you're the heat
Please bow down to defeat you barely mince meat
Stop with the street talk, and start to do the street, walk
Lock yourself in and tell me this, how you gonna battle with this sick stuff that I spit bitch
See you still flappin' your jaws, prepare to be thrown into the ocean
In the middle with jaws
Or prefer to be served and severed with claws, knock on the doors Of absolute death you may
But please be ready for the automatic failures you may make
So take this and wait for another dismembering, remembering
The tethering of your dream and how it was minced to pieces
Believe in yourself please, to save you now you'll be needin'
Help from Jesus
You think I'm copying, pastin' please, tell me how you're actin' up
Better be quite or Imma bout to smack your mouth shut
For good, yeah man talk the hood talk better go back and walk the hood walk you ain't had the taste of a real G
Get back down to your level and prepare to be beat
Writin' on your sheet, like you're deep please your weak
You ain't on my level or a level at all, take a vacation
Up the wall and fall
Humpty Dumpty, I must be rusty but you better knock the crap Down if you goin' against me
I'm hard to beat, you're hardly cheese compared to these beats And this emcee
You ready, alright, so come on down, I bet you to do it
Let's see if you got the balls or if you're just truant
To me, yeah let's keep an eye, on your booty as the heat intensifies
Talk to me in a smart tone, prepare to meet your demise
Throw you, a hundred million miles is what im finna do
Call me Son Goku
I already told you, what I'm gonna do, finna plow through
Yeah man try to tackle a topic more intense then mine
I always rap from the heart, make the fake rappers sigh
But I really really don't give at all a flying crap
My chance of making this stuff is the same as seein' a flyin' truck
Or it could all depend on some serious luck
Maybe I'll release a track that is heard my millions
Make it big and to the top and make billions
But that's a dream for another day, I'm here to take you down
Don't care what you say
Freestylin' this rap to the grave
Rap battlin' ur mom in my spare time for loose change
Please, all of you fake rappers are plan
Make like like a plane and take the next trip away
Far away, from here I don't need to hear your dump raps anymore
I'm tired of it now, next place to be, will be a freaking ' morgue
But let me just let you all know this, I'm sick of it, all of it
So listen next time I write another track
Listen to the facts I spit, and find it through my old wack rap crap
I know I've said some stuff that know I demise
But just look at my own and, your own life
But this time, through my eyes
I got a couple little ladies that need a little call out
But I'll reside, got more and more, don't get me wrong
Now get the frick back home and call your mom
Continue to rap please, just leave me alone
I'm done hearing wack disses like this
I'm sick of this, listening to this lil babie
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry to say pal, but that rap is not your own. That is literally the song: Rap Battle.

Also, that song has curse words and it is longer than 16 lines.

I won't roast a kid like you who can't even read the rules. Thanks for trying.

Vote for meh.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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