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Rap Battle Challenge

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Started: 2/6/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap battle against you.


1.3 rap rounds, but the first debate round is for acceptance. 8 stanzas of four lines each.
2. No plagiarizing
3.Go hard.

You think I am weak, don't just speak, compete.


N*gga best friend is right hand
Supreme is my f*(king brand
bro gets no h0es on his dick
This N*gga a broke boy

Fu(k around i'll shoot around with my toy
pop you like a molly bit(h cuz u aint sh1t to me
on that gta sh1t leave a n1gga wasted
broke a$$ n1gga don't wanna mess with me
cuz broskie cant afford the jumpman
(sorry i rushed it will be much stronger during 2nd part)
Debate Round No. 1


Okay I'll match your lines so we're even. But next round's gotta be longer.

This guy's debate won ratio is only one to three
And yet he thinks he can just come to me...
Bjtch, sit down! you're under an underling!

You make $150,000 a year? Is that right?
I call bull shjt, they should call you ajisthelie.
An atheist too, bet your @ss bout' to fry.

Callin' me weak but then you spit pvssy lyrics
They suck, I wish I was deaf so I couldn't hear it
People dance to my shjt with joints and beer, lit.


Your bars make no sense
broskie lookin at my bars with suspense
looking at me like imma role model
you b*tch on my pole

N*gga needs to learn his role
Man you fu(king trolling
Broskie probably working at payless
wannabe slim shady
copying his style like i'm coping my fu(king jays
(Sorry busy at work all i can write for now)
Debate Round No. 2


I expected competition, I WAS full of suspense
Like I was when Hillary went vs Trump/Pence
I expected to be roasted with unmerciful offense
But then I remembered, it's Ajisthetruth I'm up against.

My lyrics are published, yours is toilet paper
You thought you're on fuego but I foiled your caper
This atheist will feel it when I employ the savior
to destroy this hater with the Lord, you'll pay for!

Your profile pic describes you, a sad emo pvssy
Your lyrics got people screaming, "AH!, please no, mercy!"
You been with so many men so that pee hole's dirty
STD abundant and you show it off "behold, herpes!"

Excuses "busy at work all i can write for now"
Then why'd you sign up to fight, you sow?
You're thinking "How did I end up in this plight, oh how?"
You in tears is a beautiful sight... for now.


Bruh stfu you can't even ryhme
bars so dope performing at Super Bowl halftime
ajisthetruth got the biggest fu(king bankroll
broskie's bars make me wanna go to the toliet bowl

Bars so drop make me go to Mars
ajisthetruth got 12 car garage
Lookin at me like imma star
just took a look at profile pic
broskie fu(king suckin dick

Eatin Pad Thai with my chopsticks
Bruh isn't even worth to my fu(king sidekick
broskie should of be aborted before birth
Bruh you need to be deported
I'm the next Trump and if you write raps well...You're fired
you are Hiliary Clinton cuz you flam asf
Debate Round No. 3


Last debate round, but I wish I had a thousand more
To roast your @ss before I kick it out the door
You never stood a chance, the 313's what I represent proudly for

Now please, whore, just forfeit your next turn
You should never even signed up or entered
Cause in this battle you got broken and a bent neck, squirm.

Dissenter that I'm not the real Slim Shady
Well I'm not, that's OK, I don't ride djck's like you been saying
Your lyrics are like a parasite, I hope I survive, "They're invading!!!!"

It's crazy, you say you got a 12 car garage
what, of Hot Wheels? go back to your job of djck massage
You aint performing at Super Bowl LI, that was just a mirage...

You're not what you say you are, except when you say "toilet bowl"
You think you got bars, but am I foiled, NO!
You're the one covered in aluminum yelling in toil, hoe.

Boy you'll know, I'm the best since Em and Dre
Unfortunately the only thing you are to them is fake
I bet right now you are crying "How did it end this way?!?!"
It was destined when you battled Jim, don't you forget this day.


Boy what is you talking about
ajisthetruth about win this battle
broskie ain't nothing but a has-been
don't you know am the kingpin

We already thing you're an idiot you can stop trying to prove it
ajisthetruth got to move to people with better bars
lookin at me like imma superstar

Spitting out bars puttin it in to my memoirs
boy so fake even barbie is jealous
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
It's on a public website, nothing is private business unless you're sending PM's.
Posted by ajisthetruth 2 years ago
Mind ya own f*(king business
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
XD there is a 2 year age difference, how do you get to call him "young blood" when you're so young yourself lmao...this guy
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
That's nice, now rhyme.
Posted by ajisthetruth 2 years ago
Don't worry about my bars worry about yours youngblood
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
If mine are weak, what are yours? By the way its your turn.
Posted by ajisthetruth 2 years ago
bruh his raps are weak but i like the part about ajthelie cuz my username is @ajisthetruth
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
<strong>ajisthetruth, that's weak.</strong>

You literally only rhymed "hand with brand" and you rhymed "around with around"

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