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Rap Battle : Cloud (Pro) Vs Link (Con)

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Started: 7/11/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Con Starts in R1 following this post. In his last round he will type "no round" to even out to rounds

This is a rap battle/lyrical battle

Cloud from final fantasy 7


Link from zelda


I'll turn your fantasy into a nightmare

Then send you crying back to your mom

After that I think I'll shoot you with another one of my bombs

Listen dude, there's no chance of you beating me

I've got the Tri-Force of courage b*tch

Facing me is a direct link to your end

You winning this will just as impossible as you finding a friend

My master sword will slice your buster in half

Everybody looks at you now and just laughs

Your b*tch Tifa gripped my other master sword once, gave me a nice blow

I let her take the rest in and absorb my flow

Listen man, I'm gonna just end this right here

I think that after this, you just dropped another tier
Debate Round No. 1


They call me cloud for a reason that"s because I reign on high
Going to turn that tunic red, make a blood stained dye
One swing from my buster blade will knock you in the sky
Follow with meteor rain, and then watch you die

This guy fuks with fairies, you pretty much can call him gay
He likes to frolic in fields and pick up rupees all day
I may slay this guy in the feigh forest, even if he decides to pray
Let my Blade spray beams, It"s called blade beam and it shoots rays [1]

I beat sephiroth, emerald weapon, and even ruby weapon as well
I got that fire, lighting , and ice, call it a material spell
Divide you with my blade and splits your cells
You can"t even touch me, I got that protective shell

People think you"re a lord, I"ll kill you with my sword
Slice up enemies like they were a zombie horde
Even if you damage me, I can cast restore [3]
Then im back at full heath, what are you even trying for

Cut you to pieces in a second, call it a flash
Equip my sash and throw you on the ground like a bad train crash
Pull out my material stash, and turn your body into ashe
Do that solom and gomera sht, as I cast omnislash[4]



Fanath forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
Debate Round No. 3
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