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Rap Battle: Creative Insults

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Started: 11/7/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Welcome to Rap Battle: Creative Insults

This is a fight to determine whether your creativity is as good as your insults. For this reason, the fight is divided into 2 parts, insults and a genra of your choice. First round is for acceptance.


1. Do not forfeit, or you will auto lose!
2. Your rap should have 2 components, the general insults and the genra (ie. 2016 election, Example: Your hands are so small you can't even make a mouse click)
3. Profanity is allowed, but keep it to a minimum
4. You may have an unlimited amound of lines, but you are restricted by a 5000 character count, so rap wisely!

Vote on the catagories mentioned:

Better Conduct: Person with best comebacks from insults thrown at them!
Better Spelling/Grammar: Person with most creative use of language!
Convincing Arguments: Person with best roasts and insults from General Insults!
Most Reliable Sources: Best use of roasts and insults from Genra section!

Good Luck to whomever accepts the challenge. First round is acceptance, and some trash talk if you want >:)


Hello, sir. I accept. I'm not too much into rap, but I suppose I could use a little.

Garba larba ding dong,
hey there, dude,
you're a piece of garbage
and you're really super rude.

You're made out of feces
and your life's a living hell,
the one cool thing about you
is your really pungent smell.

If I had a million dollars,
I'd give it all to you.
But then, with all that money,
you'd shove it in the loo.

I don't enjoy your company,
skedaddle here and now,
and if you choose to just refuse,
then I'll just go POW POW!

So please, sir, enjoy dying
without any kind of love.
I'm gonna go to Heaven
and be surrounded by some doves.
Debate Round No. 1


Rap Topic For the genre - Candy

Welcome to rap, frankfurter, fresh off the debating grill
but about to be re-roasted by me, because I got the bill
I'm always liscenced to kill/ whenever people misspell my name
You got to climb a hill/ cause rapping is my clame to fame!

At least if I had a million dollars, I wouldn't buy some sausage,
Because after that party you had, you butt is gonna need some ausage
POW POW is the sound that you make when I blow you up
Because when I refuse, I take a sip out of you like a cup.

Its nice to know you're Catholic, we share the same beliefs
so if we were arguing religion, we both could both give peeps the beef
but this ain't religion, and I'm going off on a spree
My raps are so fire that I should probably charge readers a fee
But that's not me/ I'm totally free
That's why in the rounds for this rap I made three!
So viewers can instead hear me chortle with glee
As I make you fall to your knees to utter a plea.

To be honest, my rapping is influenced by Eminem
He and I work together to make my rap stems
So that when we are finished, I don't sound like a Nerd
Instead we Take 5, and I fly like a bird!

Therefore, it's obvious I'm a Sour Patch Kid
With your friends Snickering while you lose your bid
Once I'm done, your Almond Joy will be gone
Get Mike and Ike to mow your overgrown lawn
Cause at 15, you're still in your Amazon Prime
Go to the store, and sell you off at a dime!

Don't mess around with me, I'm not as soft as a marshmallow
But I'll roast you over the fire, so that you'll turn brown and yellow.


I'm tired of this prelude,
please speak a little more.
i'm getting tired of you,
you're such a dreadful bore.

I don't like that guy Eminem.
His name is a candy.
and by the way you're speaking,
you must have hit the brandy.

I never said I was was Catholic,
You assume things that aren't there.
I don't think you'd notice
if I pulled out your chair.

I'd enjoy being a marshmallow,
they're just fine and dandy,
and I could get your hands all gooey.
That would be so handy.

You're a type of filthy weed,
Not pot, but just a plant.
you grow in littered soil
and you scream and rave and rant.

You speak a lot of candy, sir.
I like candy, do you hear?
But you have a razor blade in you,
while I'm Ok and clear.

You are an evil person, you.
You think you are the king.
You don't win because you say you do.
You win from doing things.

I want to go POW POW right now,
it would be a sheer delight.
It may happen sometime soon.
I hope you sleep well tonight.
Debate Round No. 2


Rap Topic: Electronics

I may be done with the prelude / but your the one who started first
In the acceptance round when I asked for trash talk, not a list
How can you say that your not religious, your profile says your Catholic
Are you a believer, or a fricking crazed fanatic?

Are you trying to state that in round one, that my raps went to far
because I was taking a swig out of a Kit-Kat bar!
I love how you say in my rap that I rave and rant
From a guy who thinks I'd shove a million bucks down my pants!

How can you call me a filthy weed,
I'm the guy your trying to lead
So if your truly trying to make me bleed
Then you have to sit down and read.

Your profile picture looks like a coin that I paid
For a guy to come to you, and make sure you got laid
But shush man, there's no need to be afraid,
I had my practice raps in the comments, because they were premade!

My opponent isn't dumb, but he isn't showing me the strive
I remember that he once bought tickets to X-box Live
And If I Googled an image of bees in a hive
He'd get attacked, and need a MicroSoft pillow to survive

My raps are so fire that you're getting hacked
By my homies in my dungeons, they've got me all backed
Because I am the king, dishing out insults in my Amazon Prime
I - pad all my opponents who think that I chime

I've just won the rap, I just pulled the cord
You can now refer to me as the Rap Overlord.


Hello, Will.You. Aren't. I see you're ready for some more.
Let me think for just one second and I'll be on the dance floor.
You want to do electronics? OK, fine by me.
You're an evil person, judging by my PS3.

You want your google glass, judging by your repertoire,
and your dream present is a thing from '83.
are you insane? Of course not. You're just a stupid bore,
and I'm going to win, so judges, vote for me.

Your hair's a tangled mess of screwed up little wires,
and your keyboards has some crumbs from mac and cheese.
Don't get any closer, sir, you're making me perspire.
Your stinky breath makes me want to wheeze.

You fiend! You dolt! You imbecile! Why don't you understand?
You're losing, and it all comes down to this.
Sit there, as a loser, and hear my reprimand.
You're not going to walk off full of bliss.

You don't win the rap, cause you just pulled the cord.
Your fans can't hear you, so they're getting kind of bored.
Do you know how cords work? Ha ha. NO!
You don't know about technology. That's why you're a dope.

Judges, vote for me, and you'll come out strong.
If you vote for this idiot, your vote will turn out wrong.
Debate Round No. 3
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
Did you know that lol is a palindrome?
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
Oh, ok.
Posted by WilliamSchulz 3 years ago
The genre can change per rap, just so you know.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
Ok. I just think you're wasting some great words here.
Posted by WilliamSchulz 3 years ago
Frankfurter - I have 2 and a half days, no worries :).
Posted by WilliamSchulz 3 years ago
To BroFU_Tofu_PewPewPew:

Welcome to, you're a newbie, its true
Your circle icon represents the 360 I'll do around you
I'm better than any of your guns, your go pew pew pew
While mine spit nukes, leave your dust in the blue!

At least if you were trying to flip a guy off
You wouldn't put the f-bomb in your profile (cough, cough)
You're like an animal, I'll leave you in the trough
You're rap is nothing except for me to scorn and scoff

When I finish this rap, man, your pain will start to grow,
This rap is like a river, man, I got the flow
I also make a point not to rap, but to blow
At people who can't even spell, or count on their toes

I'd like to see you try to comeback from this
Because with my verbal assault, I think you got dissed.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
Wow, you sure waste a lot of time here when you could be putting something on this freakin' debate.
Posted by WilliamSchulz 3 years ago
To What 50:

Your raps may be sweet because of your chocolate covered Twix
But I'm so much better because I got the Pixie Sticks
I would like to mention that I don't condone hicks
So get out before I Swedish Fish your lips!

No I ain't gay / don't get in my way
Rhymes hitting you harder than when you bite a PayDay
You're really a Dum-Dum / like a sucker
Untie your licorice, I can call out your bluffer

In school I got A's, I belong with the Smarties
But I'm tart / hitting you with a Whopper
A real show stopper / like a Charleston Chew
I'm even more dope than the drink Mountain Dew.

If I suck, it takes one to know one, you Tootsie Roll Pop
Your rap was nothing more than an epicly orchestrated flop.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better flow and wordplay.

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