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Rap Battle RMTheSupreme vs Cakerman

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Debate Round Forfeited
RMTheSupreme has forfeited round #4.
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Started: 8/27/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
Viewed: 1,118 times Debate No: 117938
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This is with select winner system. This means that the winner gets all 7 points and is better than a 7-point system for rap battle votes.

The user http://www. Debate. Org/dsjpk5/ is banned from voting. If he votes I will get airmax1227 and whiteflame involved. He always votes Pro and says 'Pro had better wordplay and flow' and this is utter BS because he does this every single rap battle.

Good luck to my opponent, Round 1 is acceptance only, No rapping.
Maximum chars is 3k as I feel this is more reasonable for a rap battle than the 10k. This limit is non-negotiable.


I have read and accept the terms and conditions

best of luck mate
Debate Round No. 1


Note: Read this in a typical Northern American accent or Canadian. Also note that Juggle has made many forms of punctuation force a space and capital letter to follow including a comma.

I can't post links or it won't post the Round it seems.

^ It's easiest if you just copy the ending and put if after the '-' in a ormal Youtube video link replacing the ending code. Otherwise delete spaced and lowercase appropriate letters.

Nibble on the cake like "this sh** sweet",
Dribble on a tape like "this track weak",
Hidden in the cave like "big bad beast",
Whippin' on a slave like "skin been creased",
Illest in the game I'm severely diseased,
Whisper in the ear of cakerman; heart ceases, He's deceased. . .

Look at his profile photo, No surprise it's just a Meme,
This Muslim-disisn' Hobo's meets RMuslimTheSupreme,
Just confusin' you I gamble; don't think Islam is my scene,
But I'll be Hamas to your Israel: outfight, Out-charm, Out-scheme,
Yeah, Who you kiddin' with that joke of profile pic?
Big Issues barely copin' a pe-do-phile's kid,
My whole profile complete like its a wholesome d**k,
B**ches willingly open their tight kittens 'cause I own my sh**,
You're a hopeless waste of space of mem'ry, DDO's mild spit,
I'm a madman, Worse than spam a new, Unknown virus. (pronounced 'veye-riss')


talk about profile pics
battling me is a mistake you can't fix
a first round KO is what Mystic Mac predicts
mark my words this p-ssy can't rhyme for sh-t
can't challenge me to a race wearing shoes you can't fit
it isn't even competition you're a passenger and I control the cockpit


RMThePretentious, Pay attention, My pace is unrelenting
DDO rap battling might as well be my invention
I can tell by your last verse you're lackin' comprehension
maybe you'll understand when I kick your teeth in, Full extension
there isn't sh-t that you can do in this dimension
not to mention you've forfeited half the battles you've contended
including one against me, This a$$ blaster will get blended
your championship belt is one that's undefended
and after this battle, For all of time you'll go unmentioned
Debate Round No. 2



What should I expect from a guy who says he'll visit me?
As if he'll kick me 'til I'm toothless. . . My spit's ruthless on a killin' spree,
His spit's soothing, Useless; untouched fuses, Truly lacking electricity,
Truth is his flow it overly protected; content's pure simplicity,
What exactly is this cake-adorin'-fake-slut-whore-man reading in my history?
He's acting like I forfeit rap battles like he's uncovered a mystery,
The troll I banned voting Pro has voted Pro when I am Con and still I win; can't limit me,
So show me a rap battle where your camel back gets whipped in shape abysmally.

Your flow so weak I feel as if I read it like it were a granny nappin',
Intensity so low every punchline's vanilla fanny slappin' (vanilla=soft-core sex | Fanny is the a**/buttocks in American slang)
RMThePretentious, Pretending you stand a chance at rappin',
Understand this battle's nothing more than just another win you're handin',
You spit hard, Fast like a rocket but don't plan ahead for that smooth landin',
That's too bad, You cock-pit-ridden Bukkake slut I guess that I should name you Jasmine,
Now come here you Arab-hating pest and do your best to suck Aladdin. (Jasmine is the secret girlfriend of Aladdin for most of the story)


you're like a bed bug hiding in mattress seams
but as it seems
there's nothing you can do or say or scream
to stop yourself from getting creamed
you think you gleam in comparison
you've only been dreamin'
I've been schemin
while you make useless comparisons
you never know what will come through that door I'm rick harrison
your raps are embarassin'
but you're an american keep on disparagin'
so destroying you
is a weight on my shoulders im carryin'

talk about the electricity missing from your verse
like your ethnicity, No versatility
no real ability or capability
lacking agility and the humility
to admit that I beat you but still no hostility

the venom I spit will turn me into a felon
life gave me lemons so I used it as a weapon
you take 'inspiration' like lenin (you seize the lyrics of others and redistribute them to the battles you DON'T forfeit)
you aren't on my level
don't feel special
just wait till next round when I get settled
I wrote this verse in like a split second
so round 4 is the telling round that I do reckon

you spent too much time wondering whether or not you offended me
If you weren't so defensive it wouldn't be you're so sensitive
but you've just been ended so let it be
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
why. . .
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
forfeits the battle
with sh-t stains in his britches
he leaves all rattled
he never faces a man who never flinches
and got herded out to slaughter like cattle
like everyone else that tries hard and battles
but now we have records of him ditching fights in the annals
maybe you can challenge me when you don't rattle so easy
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
another battle forfeited, What a surprise
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
The clock reset because you posted a URL in your post. Post it again without the URL.
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
wtf why did the clock reset. I didn't do that intentionally I submitted my round 3 at like 4 in the morning last night
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
giving yourself 2 extra days by cheating how nice
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
in case of profile pages im posting the profile as is:

https://i. Imgur. Com/ltCH9yc. Png

Also just know his big issues were very incomplete when I dissed them in case he changes that too.
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
Round 2 them tune:

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=9vYFkZLi744
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
*insert criticism of nearly every rhyme he made here*
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Its not clear what you seek to debate.
Supreme Court rules for baker who refused to create same-sex couple's wedding cake.
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