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Rap Battle : Rematch

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Started: 7/31/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (4)
Comments (158)
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Shadow Vs Myself

Con takes the first round, meaning he starts following this in Round 1. He will pass on Round 4 to even out the rounds.

Failure to type anything other than "pass" in the final round will result in a full ff.

Voting will work as follows

Con R1- Pro R2
Con R2 - Pro R3
Con R3 - Pro R4

Then Con will pass his R4

Above judges shall vote on the rounds and whom they thought won that round. There are 3 rounds total, meaning this can go one of two ways. Either a 3 - 0 or a 2 - 1. This is select a winner, so award the person the victory that edged the two rounds.

Things to Look for when judging

(1) Depth
(2) Strength of Bars
(3) Personals
(4) Punch Lines
(5) Schemes
(6) Flow
(7) Jokes
(8) Lyrics
(9) Word Play
(10) Aggression

None of these are in any particular order, and it will be subjective but that is normally how rap battles are judged minus flow because we are typing. If you need an example of what a real rap battle is take a look at the first round in the video I posted.

The battle starts at 9 and goes to like 14 for the first round if you want to see a real battle with some good line. That first round is legendary


16-20 bar limit
With or without a hook. Pref without a hook if shadow is cool with as I want to keep it straight bars and battle style


ShadowKing is back to smack this faggot-@ss maggot and this I shall
Gag the bloody hoe on her own menstrual rag--Fhuck You Michelle
I'ma stitch this sissy witch up in flames, She's a Bristol Palin
She couldn't keep their baby's daddy, a sad tragedy like Salem

She's a deep throat slut for nut, Hoe yo nickname is Ms. Cheerios
The Duke Football team, she ate their rectums like bowls of cereal
Hustler said you white girls are freaks, but bittch, you take it to the extreme
When fantasizin' racial themes, you dream of Latino cum streams

So I hooked this hooker with a Donte beat on her Jezebelian @ss
No hoe, don't tug away, as I reel you in like a 7 pound bass
And throw you on a barbeque grill like freshly killed hunted meat
Teasy bittch, you just wanted to feel my 300 degree FAHRENHEIT HEAT

Youse a busta and a coward with no back bone, no spine like mine
Bet you 300 Bens on a vocal Battle, you cried, bitched, & whined
Eat this proof bittch you can't defeat this elite solo barricade
Need a teammate? Better take the Truth that comes with a Blade

Are you listenin' femboy
You can't avoid the noise, of the Shadow, you've been destroyed now
And bittch, that chick with a dick, that you call yo finance, ain't no Beyonce dime
It's a crime when you rhyme, my punchlines will slap you in the face every time

Cowards come in all colors
And I'm dealin' with just another
Yella-belly, lyin' motherfhucker
Youse a bittch and a hoe and you know it
Cowards come in all colors
And I'm dealin' with just another
Scaredy-cat, Hasbro toy soldier
Youse a bittch and a hoe and they know it
(and they know it)
You cowardice punk mothafucka, fhuck you (Fhuck you Michelle)
You cowardice punk mothafucka, fhuck you (Fhuck you Michelle)

Coward (Video Recording)
Coward (HQ MP3 Download)
Documented Evidence of Cowardice

Debate Round No. 1


Just for reference, we are doing this fun. Battle is harsh and lyrics get brutal. As much as me and this guy argue he has guy good bars. So any votes show respect and let's make this good. Stuff will always be harsh.


I mean I don"t know what else to say, you"re just another wack azz nigger
I"m allowing you to live until I decide I want to kill you, I just have to pull this trigger
I"m just like a math problem that can"t be solved, I"m an elusive figure
When you look at our names it"s like comparing dick our sizes, mines always guna be bigger

Now shadow just need"s to realize he"s faded, hell you could even say he"s hated
How is that even debated?, This guy is a nobody but in his mind he"s actually overrated.
So welcome to the big leagues boi you actually made it, now I"m going to make you hate it.
Does that need to get translated? I just said before this battle is over you"re going to get desecrated.

This is just like 8 mile, it"s a metaphorical battle comparative to Eminem vs popadoc. [1]
Well if he"s popdaoc, I"m bout to pop pop poadoc with this glock
Rock and Sock this btch till I watch his body fall over and drop
I got that 20/20 vision just like a hawk, all these punches and bars aint guna stop

The reason you don't have a spine is because I ripped it out, and watched you shout
Slashed your neck till your blood spewed out like a spout, this aint even a bout
This is like a fishing trip to me and you're a trout, going to poison you and give you gout
By the time this battle is over i'm going to beat you so bad that no one will have any doubt.

My nigga I just want to let you know that you actually look like a bisexual ostrich
How much concentration does it take to realize you"re about to die in this camp, it"s Just like Auschwitz[2]
Concentration Camp, Auschwtiz, Die, I don't know if you just caught that but I just called you a jew
We can compare this battle to the holocaust, because just like all those lives that were lost this battle is through.

Hook :

How this nigga think hes tight
This is a delight, his face is filled with fright
Skin so black you couldn't see him with light
This battle ends right here tonight (tonight)
So how this nigga think hes tight
When these bars hes spittin fall quiet
future aint looking so bright
This battle ends right here tonight (tonight)
This nigga aint even tight
He can't even put up a fight
He's lacking any might
So this battle ends right here tonight (tonight)
This battle is over homie, so have a nice day and fuk yourself tonight
This battle is over homie, so have a nice day and fck yourself tonight



Ya’ll know Michelle a coward hoe with no flow
A hoe who lets Marina slap her dick on her nose
A bittch with a clit claiming she’s got dick

Ya’ll know Michelle, her nickname is Ms. Cheerios
A natural born hoe, oh yeah, ya’ll know

Nigger, Jigaboo, & Coon, ya mama called me the same, when I had my broom deep in her womb
Tag teamed that bittch with the Doom, even had room for a Wolff to dive in too
She swallowed my black rod, then called me Black God, me & my squad dumped our wads
You & ya daddy just stood oddly by in awe, gave ya nods of approval and started to applaud

Lil mama, yo hook was trash douse it with kerosene & burn, burn that shitt to ashe,
Stop textin’ me pass R3, Punk, go out in class, and get Marina’s cock out ya @ss
If anythang is true, I’m Shady faded by sun, my Bully will make you run like Ja Rule
Force you to nickname ya’self Boo, Tell Marina to stop petitioning me to pimp her @ss too

Yes, you have 20/20 peeping me hard, tryin to throw in a calling card by labelling me bi
Hopin’ that I will deny Jasmine Guys & go for guys so you can lick my chocolate thighs
Faggot motherfhucker because I fhucked ya mother, don’t mean you & I can be butt lovers
Never will be ya brotha, I’m wearin’ the white covers lynchin’ yo @ss any fhuckin others
Fool this is our W.W.2, You be the Axis, teamed with tactless Dagos & suicide Japs
Ya goose-steppin’ and speakin’ nothing but yap, yap, crap on failed bomb attacks

I’m Allied with the advanced, best, richest hemisphere, steering the globe with my fear
You’re nothing but a queer on a pier through leer ya see me dominating this battle frontier

You cartoon Marmaduke-looking loon, go back in yo room & smoke a shroom
Wait, wait, wait. To whom do you assume you can entomb?
Presume no easy victory against me too soon, but resume with a better retaliating Boom
Cause Shadow is the nuclear plume that just bomb yo win-ratio to gloom

Michelle (Video Recording)

Debate Round No. 2


This btch actually doxed me, he chose to find and speak my name.
But I"m just like Voldemort, once you speak it, aint nothing guna be the same [1]
My nigga I"m bout to go jigsaw on you, you ready to play a game?[2]
This is your second loss to me shadow, you"re going in the hall of shame

It"s a nigga in the hall of shame, vs one that just got put in the hall of fame[3]
I"m bout to give him that flame when I take aim and split his brain
Put this guys body in a box and stick a picture on it, he just got framed
Nigga why you trying to hold me back, Miley told you once I can"t be tamed[4]

This btch aint got a clue what battle rap is, so it"s time I take him to school
He thinks you have to throw a beat on everything you rap, nigga that sht aint even cool
The fact you still battling like they did in 97 just shows you can"t adapt and that you"re a tool [5][6]
If this battle proved anything it just shows I"m a king and you"re my jester, you literally are a fool.

Take the time to listen to this guys bars, they are so homo they will make you wince
When this guy battled me the first time he actually called himself a mystical British prince [7]
He"s dense enough to say he"s a mystical prince, that type of bar makes me think that he"s own the fence
Suking diks on a daily basis but trying to front being straight, nigga who you trying to convince.

He comes out and spits bars and claims to be spitting nothin but the truth
The only thing this guy spits is cum, and he spits it so much he"s got a salty tooth.
When I let some lead [8] spray it will kill you early, steal what"s lets of your youth
That bullet going to find its mark like it found Lincoln, call me John Wilkes Booth[9]


Nigga So you started from the bottom and you still there
You started from the bottom, so just get out the fuking closet
Nigga You started from the bottom and went no where
You started from the bottom, and drink cum from that meat faucet
Nigga You started from the bottom and no one cares
You started from the bottom, a guys azz is your bank and you like to deposit

"..This nigga scared.

So let me tell you about ole barney fiffe.

I mean This is story of this niggas life(life). Nigga so broke he aint neva guna get a wife (wife)
Looking at his wrist with a knife (knife). Deciding when he should end his life (life)



Gotcha bittch, you been hit, you been whipped
You've benched by the ShadowKing
The only thing that can save youIs if I write you outta this nightmare & tell you it’s a dream
The only thing that can save you
Is if you get Shady, 50, Jigga, & Kendrick Lamar to write yo bars

Ya dumb whore, of course you’re Voldemort, Harry Potter my name,
Deadly Hallow magical solutions put yo bittch-busta-@ss to shame
Youse a hinny in love with a tranny, Harry married a redheaded sexy Ginny1
A dime not a penny, in Part 2, Potter exposed you as silly little ninny

{Spoken}:Does this dumb hoe not know Harry Potter canon?

Yes, lil mama, please give me the flame, so I can claim it & tame it
And throw that heat back, make you bleed, make you retreat & recede
Bow to ya knees, and plead to Shadow to not tax you like Social Security
Ain’t no purity in ya entity you literally let a lizard take yo virginity

Miley who?
That 90lbs white bittch you let shitt on ya bottom lip, lickin’ ya lips
As she stick her rubber dick into ya thick mix with Hulk smash hits

Regime is still mystical like analytical prince, since my critically lyrical skill is royally unequivocal
And unpredictable, baby, like a biblical cynical prognosis and rhythmical to a prototypical pinnacle
I’m in a Fortress of Solitude, X-ray lyrics burnin’ through you with superhuman magnitude
You can’t reach my altitude when you’re a prostitutin’ with selfies of you in the nude2
Rap real with Battle skill, my nemesis, my Zod, a Black Man clad in Steel
To You I will never kneel, feel my thrill, a North Pole chill, you feel the zeal,
Krayzie appeal, Shady ill, the 800lbs Gorilla that you’ve been lyrically killed
Re-deal that bar: the 800lbs Gorilla that you’ve been lyrically killed

“Coward” slapped you humble, “Michelle” made you fumble & stumble & mumble
(She’s confused ya’ll!)
Vision blurry, her thoughts are jumbled: she’s thinks she’s battling Brian Gumble

Gotcha bittch, ya rep is benched, punchline repetition is a well-defined rappin’ crime,
Michelle ran out of stones to grind, Judges slap this slut with a Voting Fine
She’s discombobulated in the mine: Not 1, not 2 but 3 times, she used the “salty tooth” rhyme!3
Marie, baby, deliver to me the prize, yo homegirl spent her last dime on a weak line

HOOK (with):
I gotcha bittch x3
Marie, Marie, Marie Dee ,
Why didn’t you pray for this sacrilegious bittch
Marie, Marie, Marie Dee
Homegirl was in need of a heavenly blessing

1-Ginny Weasley post-Harry Potter


3-(R3, at bottom) (R3, mid-verse)

Gotcha Bittch (MP# Recording)


Debate Round No. 3


Can you believe this guy spent 3 rounds trying to say that my fianc" has a dik.
That is what you call vagina envy, it"s the after effects of being 28 and never touching a clit
He thought he had a girl once but got tricked by a guy with a long stick
So he licked that stick quick, then the guy flicked his dik and dropped cum on shadow like a brick.

That video you posted sounded like you were gurgling cum and didn"t have the chance to spit
You spent an entire month saying you could spit rhymes with a beat, but your flow is absolute sht
You delivery is rushed and quick, when people offer you advice you get mad and throw a fit
Your punches are so weak you can"t even feel the hit, what I"m trying to say is you don"t have any whit

You spit the same boring bars every time you battle, that sht is pathetic and over used
This nigga needs a father figure in his life; he grew up without one so he is just playing at being confused
It"s a shame he likes to call himself a preacher, some of those sermons left him bruised
Out of the father, the son, and the spirit; he only got two of the three and now he feels abused

I don"t know how many ways I can say this but you suck and your dreams are like a castle of glass [1]
I"m going to be the point of authority [2], give that castle a new divide [3] until it breaks [4] and watch it crash
Then I"m going to take the remains and burn it down [5], then watch them turn to ash.
Then I"m going to feel numb [6] about what I"ve done [7] because I left a permanent gash

You need to willingly and specifically acknowledge that everything you spit is pure obscenity
So here is some imagery, your mother is such a slut that Google plus couldn't find her virginity
Evacuate the vicinity, undermining your ethnicity, cynically killing you without having sensitivity
I"m just like Christ and rap is my ministry so call me a gift from heaven, because I"m the epitome of divinity


Now, this is the story all about how
I ended this guys life and flipped him upside down
And I'd like to take a minute to tell you why he"s scared
I'll even tell you how I became the prince of town called Bel Air
In the backwoods of Florida is where I was born and raised
Back in the hood is where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out, maxin, popping caps in fools
Until I met this nigga on my first day of school
When shadow first came I knew he was up to no good
Hell he even started making trouble in my neighborhood
I beat the sht out of him in a fight and his mom got scared
Tied his azz to my car and drug him all the way to Bel Air

Fuk this song, Fuk a hook, and Fuk shadow because I don"t care
The moral of the story is that shadows a btch, and actually needs to grow a pair

Debate Round No. 4
158 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
It'll be bury once I win his money, house, & blood.
Posted by Mikal 7 years ago
I would bury a hatchet in his face, he is a waste of life
Posted by doomswatter 7 years ago
It might be time for you guys to bury this hatchet. Especially since it's a big, goofy inflatable hatchet that's just making people laugh. Seriously, an organized fight? Well, count me in, 'cause I'm a third-degree blackbelt Navy Seal trained by Shaolin monks and Chuck Norris. Christ.
Posted by Mikal 7 years ago
lol you do that, ill enjoy it
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
You can do all the so-called martial arts you think you know, but the fight isn't limited to MMA. It's a prize fight between us. You bring your gymnast skills, I'll bring my street fighter skills.
Posted by Mikal 7 years ago
Your right one factor because rapping you already got your azz kicked in. Now you are going to geat beat by someone 45 pounds under you in a MMA match. Take a lesson from the greats, big fat guys that think they can box get stomped in MMA. You are going to be coming to my home gym too. Waiting on this homie.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Weak. Just get the fight poppin' so I can win blood, $$$, & your house and quit with the puffed up chest crap. Go drink some whey protein--you will need it when you see my size in person. There's only one challenge left between us, one common denominator that warrants any correspondence between us.
Posted by Mr.Lincoln 7 years ago
Lol Mikal is killing me with laughter
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Speculation. Cowardice. Independence or nothing. Like I said, fhuck you & your dictatorial demands. Holla at me when you ready to fight, otherwise go suck on your tranny girlfriend's wee wee.
Posted by Mikal 7 years ago
Take a lesson in logic

when its posted on youtube, you get your wish. Whether or not its independent is irrelevant because you get what you want

I'm not doing something off DDO, I am on DDO for a reason. If you want to post rap battles on a site thats not here go that shtty site ror came from or post on youtube yourself and rack up 10 views if you are lucky. Its pointless to me, you either take both or none.
13 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Vote Placed by RichardCypher 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Despite the limited time you said you had to record your raps Shadow King, I believe combined your written lyrics and vocals packed the harder punches. Mikal's were good but they seemed like they were explaining to us his disses instead of telling us his disses. For the recording "calling out" someone means you challenge them to a battle or expose something they did wrong. Shadow didn't call out Marie, instead he used her personality as a back drop to create a scheme in which, my opinion, was an innocent person catch in a feud between two people she knows. It was quite entertaining wondering who she was. RFD in comments.
Vote Placed by LDPOFODebATeR0328 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal's rhymes were much better than SKS's. Mikal's "arguments" also had deeper meanings.
Vote Placed by SamStevens 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal had superior rapping skills.
Vote Placed by JohnMaynardKeynes 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal clearly rapped better.
Vote Placed by ESocialBookworm 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal's rhymes were better and SKS were okay. Great job to both of you. SKS, calling out Marie was also a d!ck move.
Vote Placed by debatability 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal clearly won. His rhymes were far better than con's. I recognize that this is a crappy RFD, but I assure you. I read the whole thing. I'm definitely not going to take the time to try make an extensive RFD for a rap battle.
Vote Placed by Mr.Lincoln 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: It's Mikal. He has the rhymes that make you hide
Vote Placed by Anonymous 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal rapped better bitches and Airmax is a Nazi. Oh, and the other guy couldn't rhyme at all.
Vote Placed by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Tight battle, both were really good rappers, but i give it to Shadow. His raps were alot more original and in depth with lines like "how are you going to let a lizard take your virginity?". He used some harsh jokes on Mikal's fiance. His bars were strong in this battle, his flow was smooth, and his beat was original. Huge credit on his sources. Mikal was good, but his raps are too repetitious in terms of punchlines, schemes, aggression, jokes etc. like he uses the n-word way too much and rhymes with it with trigger which isn't as strong. Another line which sounds weak is "i'm like will never be the same..." That's predictable. Some of his lines could've potentially gave him major points like "you started from the bottom", but the repetition just killed it after a while. I do give him credit for aggression though and some disses he made on Shadow.
Vote Placed by Linkish1O2 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Con can't rhyme at all, nor can he make sense. Pro not only rhymed but also provided a great lyrical setting where his words flowed smoothly together and made perfect sense.

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