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Rap Battle: Trump (pro) v. Clinton (con)

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Started: 6/11/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is self-explanatory. I, pro, will be rapping as Republican candidate Donald Trump. My opponent, con, will be rapping as Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

My opponent will start out his/her round with the first verse. Failure to do so shall result in automatic forfeiture as this is a condition of accepting this challenge.

This is supposed to be fun, so please don't take it too seriously, and swearing is allowed in this battle if censored and kept to a minimum. Again, failure to do so shall result in automatic forfeiture as this is also a condition of accepting my proposal.


I accept, this should be a fun, very un-serious debate!
Debate Round No. 1


I'm not a politician I'm a tough business guy.
Worth a cool ten billion, I don't even have to try.

You know the beauty about me? I'm just really rich.
I shouldn't have to put up with this lying crooked b*tch.

I mean come on, you're a corrupt lying shill.
More worried about your public image than being cucked by Bill?

Representing the country is one tall order.
Almost as big as the Great, Great Wall I'm putting on the border.

You call it racist, I call it common sense.
Keeping the crime, the drugs, the rapists out
Are you f*cking dense?

Speaking of dense, let's dive deep into your crimes:
Benghazi, Whitewater, your special interest bribes,
And let's not forget the classified emails you sent dozens of times.

I mean, for Christ's sake, you're hated by men independents, and the military
Can anyone imagine someone saying "President Hillary?"

Those guys come out by the thousands to see me,
The millions, they vote for me.
All your supporters just sit home to listen to you on the TV.

You're just so low-energy, you can't bring any excitement.
I would've loved to have Ambassador Stevens here today, but you made sure he couldn't get invited.

I fought off 17 others, that Pataki guy, Lyin' Ted, and Little Marco,
You think you're tougher than them? Well come on, give me a show!

And take your time, I can wait!
Come November we're going to have a strong 8 years of Donald the Great!


DebaterGood forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Looks like you can't blame me anymore for being a chicken.
Debating with Bernie was a field I wasn't going to mess in.

Because I'm the top dog who doesn't want to mess around.
I would have driven second place deep into the ground.

I really, honestly wanted to focus my time on you.
But you cut out, like your "support" to Libya too.

So don't even start yelling about me dodging the draft.
You voted for Iraq! Can you believe this crap?

You're a wolf in sheep's clothing. A war hawk. A fraud!
Funded by Wall-Street? But you passed Dodd!

You're not afraid to tear down anyone in your way.
This isn't Burger King, Clinton, the people don't want it your way.

Trust me, I can make deals, so let me do the honors.
I'll give you a small loan of a million to give up now, and that's my final offer.


How many people you gotta offend before you get it?
You're just quotin' neo-nazis that post on reddit,

You can't just insult, then kiss their as*,
even the dean at Drumpf University will kick you outta class,

How'd da hell you clam to be the top dog, cause boi, you a chihuahua,
You'd cheat Americans for 7 bucks an oww-wa,

What the hell you know about international delegation?
Oh yeah I forgot, Miss Universe,
A girl from each nation,

Will you make up your mind?
Are you pro or against proliferation?
Your petty policies are a disgrace to this nation,

"Your hair looks great Donald" -said since when?
For God's sake, just use Just For Men,

I run for democracy,
you run for hypocrisy, come November imma beat your with my sheer animosity.

That's right Donald Drumpf!
Imma beat You, but with a little extra "ummff".
Debate Round No. 3


Looks like the Hill-dog wants to raise some hell, dawg!
Talking trash like she's done nothing wrong.

I invited you to my wedding and this is the thanks I get?
Are you so on edge because your husband can't get you wet?

Don't talk about democracy in your third round rap
You're only ahead because of that superdelegate crap.

You only roll with hot sauce cause Sanders is giving you the Bern.
Can't take him down? When will you ever learn?

And why call me a hypocrite?
What about your Wall-Street protection sh*t?
Closeted corrupt because you're too afraid to admit being a part of it?

What's so petty about bringing jobs back?
What's so racist about keeping the illegals back?
What's so chaotic about giving the states their power back?

Don't even start with that Trump University stuff.
I own it all, and I'm calling your bluff.
Does the CGI U ring a bell to you?
Should I mention all the people that THAT place has screwed?

You may have praised NAFTA, but here's a real golden model.
She's called Melania, and let's not forget Ivanka.
Hell, I'd even date her if she wasn't my daughter!

Well what about Chelsea, is she any trouble?
Did you even bother to tell Bill you slept with Webster Hubbell?

Don't be crass, this isn't crass, so let me call you now
You say I'm flip-flopping, well let me remind you about:
Gay Marriage
Free Trade
You can't stop the Trump Train once it's left the station!

And I could go on and on, but let's be frank.
People call me the first internet president because I'm so dank!
Your sad excuse of a meme team makes millenials rank.

What's your appeal? You're old and you're white.
Whenever you speak you can't get your tone right.
Too shrill or too calm and your energy's out of sight,
So good luck luck getting the people to betray America that November night!

And I may not be perfect, but I'm the lesser of two evils, I get this.
Now let's cut this Clinton c*nt down and make her my Apprentice!


It's true, I invited Trump to my wedding,
But Imma beat him,
Bookies oughta suspend the betting,

I may be ahead with my super-delegates,
You're only ahead cause your used to sellin sh**,
Imma roast you now,
Hopefully your skin ain't too delicate

Look Bruh, I already knocked Sanders out,
My plan's devout,
I'm knock your fake toupe out

Donald, how'd tha hell you gonna bring jobs back?
You'd pay the women you offended with a hard jaw smack,

What was it you said about my bro Webster?
At least I don't have to deal with the protesters,

Looks like the Trump train is being derailed,
The whole world knows Trump University Failed,

At least some money from my foundation went to charity,
As to your policies,
I need some clarity,

Is it not racist to say a judge can't do his job,
Cause his heritage won't allow you to continue to rob,

What's your appeal,
You're old and you're orange,
The D.C post you'll get is the Oval Office door hinge

Your a man who claims to be able to fight ISIS,
But you's a man goin through a mid-life crisis

Hillary for America,
Right here right now,
Come November lets beat this evil cow
Debate Round No. 4


So the Crooked Cajoling Clinton wants to give me a lesson on morals?
Why should I listen to someone who's so d*mn abnormal?

I'll beat you hard and rough like a good Trump steak
and then wash you down with the bitter Vodka that I make.

You're a low-grade copycat just like my Monopoly board game.
You're a repackaging of the same old thing, like my Trump Ice, don't you have any shame?

I'll declassify every single verse that you've sent.
And see if I can find out where the rest of your emails went.

It's shameful how much money you spend when you're only barely squeaking by.
It's practically a dead heat, Hill, but look how much you try.

So you want to knock me for sexism? Well look at you!
You pay women 78 cents on the buck for guys, you pantsuit shrew.

The protesters you're giving me crap on are paid hacks from your campaign.
When I break your case wide open, it'll going to leave a YUGE stain.
Not only on you and your already poor reputation,
But everything you stand for, and your desire to harm this great nation.

I'm with Her? What a bunch self-centered bunk!
I'm with the PEOPLE, you clown, I can't believe how low you've sunk.

You're the symbol of a rigged system that works against the middle class.
Just wait for a surprise when the voters in November ditch you en masse.

My appeal is that I can fix things right, effective and fast.
You'll only get in and get out, leave a job that's half-assed.

We're not a nation who will bow down to the Clinton Oligarchy.
Let me predict your next verse: a bunch of the same bitter, personal malarkey.

I want America First, a non-globalist goal that we have to desire.
Want your pockets lined with taxpayer cash first? Guess what? You're FIRED!

I wish I could have more time to crack you, you old tired has-been.
But I have a YUGE country to run, so let's Make America Great Again!


Look Donald, Imma say this clearly,
Test 1, 2, can you hear me?
I whoop your a** in the polls, you should fear me,
Your rhetoric will steer me to the white house, don't get near me.

Your steaks are anything but well-done,
But I just Melania's used to that, oh well son,

I've blocked the Donald, his plan stopped,
He could go back to his business, but it looks like its already bankrupt,

Its funny how you poke at my email crap,
Your business ventures were trash, you should have stuck to rap,

You said women are pigs and are only good for voo-doo,
You're just upset that they wear the same wigs the you do

You don't believe in the minimum wage!
How do you tell America your on the same page?

Drumpf thinks he hit the jackpot, triple seven,
His day at his casino could only end at chapter -eleven,

Forget the Donald,
Right now its all about Hill-ar-ee
if you want democracy then follow me

Truth be told, I gotta plan,
Its time for a woman, not a man

She's with Us,
Hell yeah, don't you know it,
If your with Hillary in November,
please go show it
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ForGrowthOfMind 2 years ago
Hilarious very fun to read
Posted by DebaterGood 2 years ago
Pretty good flow @Ronaldtrumpkin
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Vote Placed by ThinkBig 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This was great and enjoyable to read. It was difficult to judge, but I vote pro because of con's forfeiture. Also, my favorite line was " I'll give you a small loan of a million to give up now, and that's my final offer." Excellent job.