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Rap Battle number 11!

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Started: 3/3/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Rap Battle 11.

Open to anyone who wants to rhyme, I'll be sure and give you a hard time, I'll silence you like a mime cause all's you do is spit grime.

Rules: Pro accepts and then raps first in Round 1, and then he/she can just say nothing in Round 4. Also, no plagiarizing, and be sure and fight hard.

Let's go!


You are truly idiotic to challenge me to my own game,

When we’re done here, you’ll have disgraced your whole family name.

Do you honestly think that you can beat me in a rap?

I’ll snap both your ankles; you’ll end up handicapped!

(I’ll finish you off, quick and easy)

I press a barrel to your head, you poor worthless nigger,

You flop to the ground after I pull the trigger,

So, try me son, If the bullets didn’t kill you, or your twisted ankles (in impossible directions)

Or the gunshot in your head (sure to get an infection)

It’ll be my nasty raps that will blow off your erection.

Debate Round No. 1


Laugh out Loud indeed, that was cute... a real hoot

So you're the Pro on this debate, but you aint a pro at flow
Your rhymes' at a low fvckin rate, why you go that slow?

Oh, hoe, no, my ankles will be just fine, but yours? Well...
I'll cross them floppy things up with lyrics so good like George Orwell

"Lord, HELL" is what I ask God to give to you as soon as you pass
My sword will send you there though, giving you a huge gash

Lose that attitude, I got my MAC at you, won't hesitate to tap it, too
People laugh at you as your raps are few in magnitude, you got lassitude?

Get back, you lose, even you say your raps are nasty, Yeah, go figure
Sing tragic blues as your @ss is screwed, and your white, so no "njgger"


Don’t say what I should say, what I can’t say, you’re raps are g@y; you’re getting screwed in you’re ugly-@ss face
You can’t tell me I can’t say n!gger just because of my race
‘cause you’re a Slim Shady knockoff who ditched Instagram for Myspace.
This is my first internet rap, I’ll admit it: It’s true,
Your profile says you’re a Catholic, but you type like a Jew,
And since, to this, I’m slightly new,
I regret my overpowering lies in rap number one,
Where I acted like God and called you my son,
After this sh!t I might learn a thing or two,
But If my raps were fights, you’d be all black and blue,
You’re apparently okay with crushing fools, but you’re a tool,
You’re so small, you almost drowned in a kiddie-pool,
And my rhymes aren’t slow, dude, you took about an hour,
People savour my sweet raps, they cringe ‘cause yours are sour,
‘People laugh at you as your raps are few in magnitude, you got lassitude?’No man, but I have attitude; when you walk you’re all @ssitude,And It whistles from a thistle that entered you, probably a mushroom shrew; that your own step-cousin gave you.

Debate Round No. 2


I'm dumb founded my this dumb clown bjtch, what'd you say?
Or you on LSD, shrooms? You make no sense, you fvckin' lame
But if you ever DO make since it's probably somethin' g@y

Slim Shady knock off, but at least I'm not a Minaj like Necro
Acting like he's the queen of rap, yeah sure, I bet so
But come to DDO and you're like Miley, you're a wrecked h0e

Let's go, so what if I spit like a Jew, wasn't Jesus one?
Right now I'm prayin' to him for you to please be done
Well, maybe not, because slappin' you around is pleasing fun!!

26 year old, but only went to high school? Stupid ape
And now you come to this fight with a clueless face,
"Dude your late" for your @ss kicking, you lose debates

You they hate, me they celebrate, beating you is my hobby
Fvckin' Nazi, you got me aimin' an M1 at your body
Shoot you dead an you gonna be like Elvis dead on the potty

Your on the ground cryin' for mercy but it won't End though, bjtch
But, well, if you're really hurt you can leave your death, so quit
Because there's no competish anyway when you fighting NecroKid
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Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Be sure to post your final rap round, come on I don't want this one to be forfeited.
Posted by Johann_Christian_Bach 2 years ago
This is the shxt
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Nice death trooper background
Posted by RC-9282 2 years ago
Nice Ben Shapiro Pic. I like it...
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