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Rap Battle of Amazingness, 13

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Started: 3/21/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hey, it's been a couple weeks, so I think it's high time for a new rap battle. I've been looking at the raps that happened while on was on vacay from DDO, and a lot of them are forfeited which is really freaking lame. If you're gonna except this, stick with it, because otherwise it's just a waste of time.

1.As said in intro, you start, you finish. I can't really enforce that, but please do it.
2.Cussing is allowed and insult as much as you want.
3. Round Rap Battle, Pro can choose to go first or not.
4. No plagiarizing! I have seen it before, and I am disgusted at it.
5. And as always, fight hard.

The bell rings, and the two lyrical boxers fight
I'm coming hot, are you ready or not, you dyke


I guess I broke a promise to myself because I said I was never going to do this again
I quit this game on the top and it killed me to leave it, it was quite a tragic end
Silently lurking, watching battles go by, dying to break my oath even if I knew it was a sin
Almost 60 and 0 to this day, just because I don't spit lies, I rap from within

So slim, nice to meet ya, welcome to your funeral, this is where you're going to die
There's a price for battling kings, so when you reach with those bars, best reach for the sky
I'm a High roller, Pot Smoker, Bar Broker, that's about reply with my all of my mind's eyes
So instead of killing you with depth, I'm going to magnify and simplify your demise

I'm a lyrical mastermind that was designed to rhyme
Sent from Heaven, but living in constant sin and crime
Yea I fell out the game, but the longer the fall the higher the climb
Time is money but time is limitless, so I'm climbing to my prime

Shady aint so shady, that much is a proven fact
So if shady ain't shady, then we can assume slim is probably fat
The literal embodiment of a wigger, white guy with some fucked up tats
Neo Nazi looking fat fuk is about to meet some criticism, #meet my gat

Spray and pray, call of duty style
Bullet to your chest, spitting up vile
Gun bars from a white guy, yeah you hear once in a while
Call me a nerd, I'll zip your body up like a zip file

You don't know what you got yourself into, I run this fukin game
You may as well call this my one and only claim to fame
Take aim, spit flame, once the bars hit you, you will never be the same
Fort minor on your btch azz, best remember my name
Debate Round No. 1


You're back into the rap game, everybody screams,
We thought it was your last day, what everybody dreamed
But here you are though, sad to say, the rap world gleamed...
Until you just came back, dang, this bjtch boutta get weaned!

60 year old man thinking he's got all the time
I bet you're old and wrinkly, far out of your prime
You the high roller? You'll die slower and silent like a mime
You're a high stoner, a guy loner, your rap's such a crime

You suck with rhymes, and plus I'm Jim not slim
But I'll snap you like a Slim Jim and break you like Kim
But I aint Eminem, just a fan, not a dick rider of him
Your bone's broken, got no token, and I will so Win

How am I a Neo Nazi with a Jew as a profile pic?
Just a Jew with a blunt writing a some worthwhile spit
But when people read your stuff they're like "What a pile of shjt!"
My stuff is the anecdote to your poison from your vial, djck

Like Crhis Kyle, bjtch, I'll snipe your from long with my rifle
And a bullet in the brain isn't gonna be your only trifle
I gotta buncha ways I'm thinking for you to die, fool
You write libel, shut your pipe hole, I will win the title

Yeah, you're the shjt with your VG, we got a COD Player
But here' a DDO slayer looking to kill B.I.G. rap traitors
I'm the VIP rap savior, the 313 rap sayer,
Real G, no hater, Makin this guy a POV and even more gayer!

Youza BJTCH, kill you for KICKS!


I know your not Slim - Jim, I already said that, but I'm bout to snap into you for that specific reason
Putting something that rhymes with slim, and then throwing shady in your name should be considered treason
This battle is my gift to you and it's the beating you deserve for being a blasphemous heathen
Disrespecting em by taking his name when he helped make the game is like spitting on God for making Eden

Look at yourself and dive into some deep reflection
The problem child that suffered rejection and that got no affection
Anecdote? Ha, there is no cure for this bar-for-bar injection
It's and infection that has a worst result than the last US election

This is what it means to straight up flex
A bump on you New York style pocket check
A voodoo Hex that has some bad effects
It's like an apex predator child molester that is saying fuk safe sex

If this was poker I'd call your 313 and raise you l33T
It's the best way to describe me when I go on a killing spree
a beast of an emcee that's about to body slam you like it's the WWE
Choke you out and pin you and just wait for the old 123, I guess that's gee gee
Debate Round No. 2


ha ha.. ahem *clears throat*

You gotta a bunch of debates under your belt, but I see you lost 9
I'll give you a fully hard time with my full-of heart rhymes...
My raps are hot enough to melt metal and iron, Tony Stark cries
I'm only part time, but you'll now lose 10, steal your win like a GTA car crime!

I radiate star shine, garbage lines is the filth that comes from this agnostic
I see what you pulled in Round 1 and 2 and I says to myself "I got's it!"
Like the Hobbit, I'm a burglar who saw this guys dignity and robbed it
You shout "Stop it!" but I will not quit, Bilbo Baggins with a ring, can't be seen in your optic!

I spit hot shjt, like it's fire straight from the gates of eternal hell
It's just as well, I might as well have been from the well of hell with my soul to sell
But I was too bad and was expelled, you knew that I was the one to excel.
I set sail on this bjtch @ss motherfvcker to behead you, get some head gel

Cause Ima scalp you like an Indian, but don't be looking so despiteful
Look at me like an idol, One who is about to win the Amazingness title!
But don't be frightful, you might get sick but I'll give you some Nyquil...
Though I hope you die of the plague, because the world's better without Mikal.


It's funny you mentioned Tony Stark, he was quite a programmer
I'm pretty marvelous myself, I've got bulk, a strong mind, and even glamor
A prodigy fusion of bruce banner and thor with his iron war hammer
I'm hitting you with real lyricism that will turn your blood hard like amber

fire from the gates of hell, that's a pretty swell
Keep spitting it because my demeanor is a citadel in which I dwell
Stone cold defenses as hard as akuparas shell
when i land blows it leaves more than bruises, it deconstructs cells

Nigga you may look like a hobbit, but you're nothing like Bilbo Baggins
We can just sum up that whole 4 bar run with #Dildo Swaggins
I'm sitting here laughin because of how much you're slackin
Fuk with me and i'll send you packing or leave you nappin
you spit straight filler, I spit stuff that I can make happen
Now wip it out and try to get it flapping so you can start fappin
Jerk it to things that are off limits, just like your Michael Jackson
I'm your captain, so aye aye up before i become an assassin
A metaphorical dragon that is snapping off , this is what you call rappin
Fuk a dragon, I'm going to evolve into a kraken
latch on to your bones and listen to them start crackin
This sht is hard on my body, it's starting to get taxin
so stop yappin and braggin, your lyricism is laggin
put on some padding, and step up so you can try battin
swing and a miss, best believe I'll have you tappin
this is how i put wrinkles on your face and make your balls start saggin
so stop askin about when you can start jibber jabbing and start relaxin
and worry about stepping up your game, that's what you should be askin

Guh Guh game over
Hills of Dover
Fuk a four leave clover
That's how you highlight proper composure
Debate Round No. 3


Laughable and practical is all that you write,
But tactical is my way, Samurai is how I fight!
An affable Teletubby overstates your might
Your a sad little tadpole, I'm a frog that is bright.

A Poison dart frog, Giving you a massive headache...
Well, more than that, coming to you is a dead fate
My rhymes are more valuable than a Trump estate
Your rhymes are like a 3rd grader's poorly written essay.

To escape, go and Press A like in a game, A from "I'm an @ss."
Made apparent by the single rhymes you try to pass
I got doubles, triples, and I'm spitting them fast,
You're a dumb ol' cripple and you're hitting at last.

You're the Hulk's prodigy? Well this I just gotta see
Fvck you, I'm Spider-Man, with my webs you aint stoppin' me!
With your own iron war hammer I beat you surely, not even probably
After that I'm Peter Parker fvcking MJ and your mom while frolicking!

You went on a rhyme rampage with the syllables "Aggins"
Not so hard though, it was only double, and was laggin'...
Watch this: I can spit rhymes that are lyrically stabbin'
Got tits? Why man? It's like that's hard... seriously magic.

I'm the CEO of DDO, I'm like NWA endorsed by NRA
I got en-R-jay, that can work for ten hard days,
With CQB, I'll give this guy a sickness of TLE
Rap like Nelly, with a TLD on the site, give you an ELE!

You're extinct fool, there's goes your gene pool, 13 has ended.
I killed cause I'm evil, you're just a wee weevil hurting, I wrecked it.


pass per rules
Debate Round No. 4
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
I loved Mikal's "If shady aint shady then we can assume slim is fat." Man that was unforgettable
Posted by Mharman 3 years ago
Wow, this was a good one.
Posted by Mharman 3 years ago
Mikal brings home Round 3! Vote coming when I finish coaching with Blade-of-Truth.
Posted by Mharman 3 years ago
Mikal takes Round 2.
Posted by Mharman 3 years ago
JimShady wins Round 1.
Posted by Mharman 3 years ago
Mikal took up another debate again... this is going to be epic. When I can vote, I will.
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
Mof I aint even got to go yet!
Posted by desttoyer 3 years ago
pros winning
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by YYW 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal wins because he 'busta da betta rhymes, nigga.'
Vote Placed by paintballvet18 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: I disagree. Round 3 goes the other way.
Vote Placed by Mharman 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Jim wins Round 1 by an enormous margin. Mikal wins Round 2 by a comfortable margin. Mikal wins Round 3 by a very narrow margin. Good battle!

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