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Rap Battle

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Started: 3/25/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 705 times Debate No: 49922
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Rap. Insults allows. Conduct is N/A unless the person forfeits


Yo, yo, yo it's big D in the house
Ready to go all feline on this puny little mouse
Straight A's in class
Coolness to back up my sass
At the head of my gang
While you will never get to bang
Cause you stupid and fat
Face resembles a rat
And yo mamma, don't get me started
Always smells like someone farted
Pretty sure thats her dried up barf above your neck
Wait its just your face? Dude what the heck
To negatives make a positive unless its your body and head
People that even hear you near wish they could just be dead
Your barbie dolls shoulda told you not to mess with the pros
Cause having to stoop down to your level brings me to all time lows

*drops mic*
Debate Round No. 1


Yo..... Yo

You think you all cool, that you rule this school
time to get cruel cause your a fool
Where's your sass? You have no class. I'll put your little head in glass
Here I go, there's no need to fear, the underdog is here and you my bitch!
The people will find you ina ditch, you witch cause you a snitch,
Oh no here you come trying to bitch slap me, Snap your hand, and you fall where you stand.
You call yourself big D, I got a better name! Change big to small, and d to d!ck
Time to ice you, throw the dice you pay the price, with your head full of lice!
You must date the blind, you get fined for being a snitch you bitch!

*drops mic*


*picks up mic*

You talk all this trash, saying that my D is tiny
While your boyfriends are behind ya all over your little hiny
I date the blind, my good locks would kill them otherwise
Meanwhile, you are just staring at other guys
Your rapping sounds like they gave a baby the microphone
And cause everyone hates you, you are all ways alone.
You call yourself an underdog, cause you look and smell like a mutt
And your selfies are banned cause they look to much like a butt
Trust me when I say you aint seen nothin yet man
I'll hit you over the head with a verbal cooking pan
To much about you though, its making me ill
Beating this fat, sucky punk gives me no thrill
Debate Round No. 2


picks up mic*

Yo.... Yo...

You say I'm gay, but I'm gonna slay that now.
I got a girl, she rocks my world. Your single ready to mingle.
Even the blind find a better rap mind than you.
They say your smell, ring the bell. TKO
Time to pay the piper, while a viper bites while we fight but for you, it's lights out.
I don't look like butts but you sir are a nut.
Your fate is people hate you.
Your a gazelle, I am a lion, oh look, little baby is crying!
You face looks like it got hit with mace while being hit by a car in a high-speed chase.
You want to play this game? While me and my boys aim for fame. You'll wallow in your shame and blame
everything. Well, you b*tch a$s has no sass.


Drewbater forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


7 point drop. I win!


Drewbater forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by Cooldudebro 7 years ago

? Why
Posted by Zarroette 7 years ago
Get this trash of DDO.
Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 7 years ago
Damn...This guys just wrecked both of u guys
Posted by Technition 7 years ago
*Snatches Mic*

Both of your rap rhymes are insignificantly mediocre
Kinda like your mom, so easy she let me poke her
I smash rappers every opportunity I get
When the time comes you best believe I'm set
Some of them are bland like most people you've met
My flows are lyrically toxic like smokin' a cigarette

Big D? lol I'm badder, bigger
More capable to k0ckback and pull the trigger
Your probably some little white man acting like a wi#gger

But this game is just like hunting rabbits like Big D
Ready to blast one out of a dark hole, guts fly onto a tree...

As for you underdog, your the bi*ch, and disgrace to your generation
dog - bi*ch - girl? Please, laugh my a#ss off look at this correlation
You stay under on your knees, mouth on the d!ck
Your main point in life is to dust this pr!ck

Big D you have never been in a gang
I'll kill off your click like fire burnin' through cotton
Looking at the flames, you smell a little rotten

Maybe it's because you've just had c0ck in your a#ss
hah, I must have forgotten...

The underdog has a girl that rocks his world?
lol, I've meet her
And if you ask, she'd say I rocked her world
Underdog is the gayest of the bunch
"The one you spit on"...
The one who buys your lunch

The type i'd stomp on for claiming to be a lion
The twist of the "underdog" always lyin'
First a bi*ch then a pu#ssy?

Hah, no wonder he gets fu*ked by the beast.
Almost got gang banged by big D, then encounters an animal..
ready to feast....

*Throws Mic*
Posted by Drewbater 7 years ago
This probably won't happen, but I apologize if too offensive.
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