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Rap Battle

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Started: 3/31/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Welcome! Let's just have us a little rap battle shall we?
Voters: Distribute points however you wish, pay no attention to grammar.

Once I get started,
You'll be drowning in my raps!
You'll be bombarded,
like a German plane by flaks

So, what's your name? Claire?
Oh, I really don't care
I'm just askin to be polite, 'cause I'm a
Gentleman by day, and a rapper by night


let me show you a lil lesson on street,
im the type of raper that never missed a beat,
step up to me and youll be feeling the heat,
i have more sting then you in one of my feet,
so you best sit down and take a seat
Debate Round No. 1


Rapping is vital to my very survival
So you should step back a couple miles
Before I delete ya like a file

Right click, scroll down, delete!
I'll knock you off your feet,
Consider yourself beat.

I think you need some help, bring your whole gang!
I'll pick you all off with a single BANG!
Come here and I'll bare my fangs,
and you'll all be like DANG!


you might be trying to diss but in fact you should be full of fright,
i wanted to give you a little time in the light,
but its time i show you a real lyrical fight,
you think your all cool cuz you think you can rhym,
but in fact when i was reading this i felt like it was a wast of my time,
rhyms like these need to be put to rest,
cuz your words dont even come close to the best
Debate Round No. 2


Ladies and gentlemen!
Thank you for your attention!
But I think I forgot to mention that you're in the fourth dimension.
Yes, The Russian can time-travel
but first imma throw you on the gravel and then beat you with paddle,
Should I change the title? cause this is a massacre, not a battle.

Sure, try to run,
but you'll be dead before I'm done,
with a bullet through the head,
2.7 grams of lead.

No no dude, keep trying!
In a few years you'll be flying!
But you'll never be as dope as I,
This is a V-I-C-T-O-R and Y.


Rap like me, you'll go straight to the top, keep doing what you're doing
And you're sure to get dropped like a trick, nothings even up my sleeve
A million albums sold and it's hard to believe well it's true homeboy
It's not a lie, I used to sell tapes on sunny side
I used to catch the 40 bus around the way
Me and Fred Benz, slanging tapes all these things, that we did
Grab the microphone and start making hits
You fronting Mc, I hate to cap
You make hit records and you still can't rap I said it before

I'll say it again you don't believe me, ask your fans
When I walked into Cali
The place was packed, Sir Too Short don't stop that rap
I keep rapping my rhymes, all the time, you got no rhymes
So you listen to mine I'm not starting a fight, just telling it right
The best dam rapper who ever grabbed the mic
His name is Too Short, now shut your mouth
In '81 I was rocking the house, I'm a hustler, and im a fighter.
Debate Round No. 3
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