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Rap Battle

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Started: 4/17/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You have the floor JC do you thing.


Hey I don't know what your intent is
But you'll be sorry I agreed and had acceptance
Cuz by the end of this you'll feel some repentance
You can't compare to my rhymes and their essence
Each rap is a well thought out complex sentence

Please just quit I don't want to be cold hearted
But if you don't Ill make you wish this never started
And you'll feel you should've departed
Instead of being badly bombarded

If I don't have a choice i will rap viscously
There is no possibility of even comparing to my mental capability
So leave while there is still no hostility
I don't even have to think about a rap cuz to me it natural ability

This isn't much and I hope it's all you have to witness
Cuz anymore will leave you scared sh!tless
But don't feel bad cuz it's business
Makes you realize you can be shot at any minute
Debate Round No. 1


YO! To finish up this battle I don't even gotta curse.
By the time this battle's finished you'll be riding in a hearse.
Not the front but in the back.
I got that battle skill you lack.
You got that flow stuck in reverse.
Shoot this can't get any worse.

I had a T.V but I've already broken three
Just because I had to wake up to hear another wack M.C
I can't eat or even sleep in my bed.
Every moment a beat will always creep in my head.
These lyrics always stop and then go
Shoot! I always daydream about rocking a show.
You may think this is a game but it's a lifestyle.
I'll take all your lyrics and throw it in a trash pile.

Make you pamphlet holders pass out fast, I"m the ultimate villain
Holder of the black hour glass that your hopes are concealed in
Reach in the sky and bring back the grey veil once it finished raining
I can outrun Flash in a footrace with twenty minutes remaining

Can you do the same?
Naw you're body is too lame
Shoot we ain't same
Cuz you ain't been trained
the same that I have so you ain't to blame.


Oh that's ok you can curse
Cuz your raps couldn't get any worse
But I get better with every verse
See You and me are opposites
I'm a mc rapper while your a f@ggot with a purse

Ok let me be real with you
You suck a rap that's the real issue
So this is something that you won't get through
Cuz while I can beat an entire crew
Your can barely beat an amateur and we all know its true

My raps are so good they're inspirational
While you raps are plain out terrible
Not even your brain is fully operational
You need some major schooling son
So your lucky that my raps are educational

I see you think anybody can get into heaven
Even a person with a homosexual tendency?
I guess that explains you g@y porn dependency
So let me give you some advice helpfully
You getting burned badly presently
Debate Round No. 2


We just started and you're already stealing my rhymes
Let me take it slow because clearly, you're in the end times.
When it comes to rap I'm a lyrical thug.
You're flow is so sh*t it couldn't be cured by a miracle drug.

And you calling me f@ggot, that was way out line.
If I was half as gay as you say then your a$$ would be mine.
You think we're polar opposites; you're too kind thank you. :D
You wouldn't be the sh*t even if it came out behind you.

You think your raps are inspirational get that out of your head
If you keep continuing like that you're gonna be dead.
Pride's a sin so I'm gonna have to humble you down.
Keep going on and I'll have you weeping, fo'real no frowns.

Watch out because I level up each round.
I'll take you out quick and I won't make a sound.
So do us all a favor and stop rappin, be a wiseman.
Your verses are garbage, you're better off being a hypeman.


Just to be clear I don't believe gay people could go into heaven. I just created the debate to clear up that issue and no not anyone can get into heaven. It was an objective stance someone had to take it. Nothing to do with the rap just wanted to make that clear.


Man seriously you call that rapping?
You suck dude just stick to fapping
If this was a race I'd be overlapping
You suck a you should've never got into rapping

This ain't even a battle, it's just you being schooled
So you might as well call me master
Cuz my raps are better and faster
Your losing so to you it's a disaster
I'm sorry but your not cut out to be a rapper

Oh I'm sorry did I destroy your so called "career"?
You little queer I know your in tears
And I don't care if I was insincere
I know that penetrated you worse than a spear

And I would never like like if was a homosexual
Any woman or man you asked out should be skeptical
But women love me cuz I'm incredible
Even your own mother thinks I'm sensual
Debate Round No. 3


What is all of this noise that I hear.
Sounds like a bunch of animals running in fear.
Do you even know what you're talkin about.
Or are these all just meaningless screams and shouts.

I tried to warn when I said I level up ev'ry round.
Imma chop you're career to bits and feed it to the hounds.

Who the hell are you to think you can mention my name?
This is my game.
There's the door, cya, glad that You've came.
Don't let it hit you on the a$$ on your way out
You've lost this bout
You had no chance, you whisper, I shout.

My first thought was why bother? why even waste my time?
You think you can rhyme?
You're worst than Soulja boi and Insane Clown Posse combined!
Worst than cheap tequila without lime
To respond is a crime
You couldn't sell your rap even if you charged a dime

You think that i stink? stop and rethink.
You seem a bit disillusion, so I give you this link,
Next time you try and battle, don't get so stoned.

Do you like getting owned?
You see, i cant be dethroned
You've entered my castle, and you're just a court jester.
I'll eat you up like Hannibal Lecter.

I'll go off like a metal detector.
Around here I'm the writer, producer, and director.
So put your money on me cuz I'm the best bet.
I'm the one who brings the action, now get off of my set!


Dude don't you get it your a loser
You'd be more of a winner if you were a drug user
Oh so you wanna know what noise you listen to?
Dude it's the guy that's dissing you

Man I winning, you know you got topped
If someone doesn't help you and I'm not stopped...
I will win and you will be popped
I'll leave chopped so bad even I'll be shocked

Isn't this to you enough pain to go through
Dude I should be someone you look up to
I'm sorry but I'm good enough to be your mentor
So stop trying to rap and just surrender

I don't need to write much to beat you
Because obviously I'm going to defeat you
You can't rap and you lack skill
While my raps are enough to kill

Dude nothing can help you, not even training
You getting worse and there's no skill your gaining
So stop taking trash and stop hating
Man you life is already fading
Well I hope you stop and this is it
I would respect you more if you quit
Debate Round No. 4


Kid, can't see when it comes to this battle you're through
Shoot! I could copy your style and still rap better than you
You say my rhymes suck and sound like crap
B*tch, you're the one who can't even rap

I will put the crackdown because that's what I do
Put b*tches in their places just like you
You can't keep up with me and I think you know that
You just too sad so go back to your geek a$$ pals and chat

Man you all you do is talk sh*t like a little b*tch
I bet you're 5' foot Hispanic kid with his voice all high-pitch
I can beat you in any rap battle, any time any day
I'll beat you so bad that you'll have nothing left to say

Veni, Vini, Vicci
You can't even reach me
I came I saw I conquered
You can't even teach me

These lyrics are brash
Here's some cream for that rash
Cause my respect you may have earned
But you've just been lyrically burned


SONOFGOD2013 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Xanxus 7 years ago
Lol it's alright I get it.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 7 years ago
Sorry about the grammar mistakes
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Vote Placed by dtaylor971 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro did much better, plus forfeit.

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