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Rap Battle

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Started: 6/26/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Welcome to Rap Battle Central. Were we have long time DDOer Lannan13 is this corner and his challenger in the other. Before we get this battle going let me state the rules and stipulations of this Contest.

1st off there will be no plagiarism. Anyone caught doing so will forfeit all 7 points.
Next Spelling and Grammar will not be key in this contest, so you can throw that out the window.
3rd thing, 1st round is acceptance only.

Step up to the plate and Come Get Some.
Debate Round No. 1


From the Hall of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli,
I can school your a$$ anywhere: From Africa to Hawaii.
Take a step back DDO and I'm about to drop a Spirit Bomb,
Smokin' Mikal just as bad as Cheech and Chong.

I'm suprise he picked someone as low as me,
He must be back on Henacy.
I'm about to dropped his ELO.
Like when Birdlandmemorials popped out and said, "Eyy YO!"

They say here you're the king of rap,
To me that don't mean crap.
You're so pathetic,
I'm a suggar daddy, too bad you's diabetic.

I'm a Kansan boy out at the farmer's market.
I've got a tractor, know just where to park it.
Straight up your @$$, I'll take it and ram it.
Then I'll laugh as I watch you quit.

You think your King of the Game,
Now that you've made the Hall of Fame.
Look at the audience, You're about to be tamed.
Here to bring me Fortune and fame.

Teffehunden, German for Hell Hound,
Watch your world burn down,
Loved one's safe and sound,
As you all drown.

They say the most dangerous thing is a Marine with his M-16.
You wish you were dangerous when you ran for prom queen,
You wish you loved me like Billie Jean,
Cause I'm the best thing you've ever seen.

Ain't no one tell you to not to count you chicken before they hatch,
Cause after this debate you'll wind up with an eye patch,
You won't even see me swing this hatch,
B*tch this is over, set match.

Hell you think your so tough but you get beat by Chris,
You think you got me beat, but you your sh*t ain't worth p*ss,
Appartenly you never faced somebody from Kansas,
I'm like the weather in Kansas, on fire, freezin', and by the end you'll be sayin' God help us,

You think your sh*ts cool,
B*tch it ain't even worth my stool,
Man you ain't going no where and do the whole world a favor and drown yourself in a pool,
Cause, man, you know this sh*ts a jewel.

They say gingers have no souls,
But you better watch out for them holes,
Cause I kicked the devil's @$$ and now he ain't sh*t just like a mole,
No one can stop me, just kill yourself, pills in a bowel.

Jesus Christ, you won't rap a decent rhymne,
This this is just going to be mine,
B*tch you can't see this fine line,
You know this is over your out of time.

Look at all these things I take everyday,
Feels like you're just going to fade away.
I'm about to tan your hide.
This pain will never subside.

So many things, you cannot take,
All these things will be adding weight,,
So soon you'll break, All these things in your mind,
Are causing you to go blind,

Feels like you're loosing your soul?
Because you're constantly falling down a rabbit hole.
Loosing control,
Breaking your skull.

You can never escape your fate,
Escape the hate.
Time for me to wipe clean the slate.
You'll never be able to get a mate.

Let me show you your destiny,
You're about to be schooled by the DDO Freemasonry.
Time to plant the seed.
For you to join our dausterous creed.

In this world it's kill or die,
And you think that your better than I?
Back up before I bust a cap in your @$$
Forget it your @$$ is grass.

Can't wait to see what you've got?
Man, da fvck has God wrought?
I'm sitting here waitin' for a strong insult,
But you're just complaing bout the cult.

see your running but your not going nowhere,
Your going to get killed, stone, and burned by ta care bare,
You see this is a skill to be drunk and to spit like this,
Cause by the end it will be my @$$ that you kiss.

You're trying all this for glory,
But that sh*t won't fit this story,
cause I'm running you over with your mom's god forsaken lorrie.
Do I need to give you another history lession, Dorry?

Listen, I don't know why you're here.
You're such a fvcking quire.
You don't even deserve to be debating a legand like me.
I've got you seeing all fuzzy.

When you're lest expecting it, boom! I dragg you down to hell.
Then I lock you in cell.
You see I've been to hell and back.
I kicked the devils @$$ and Count Drac.

The only thing you've done is sh*t on this site.
I should do the whole world a favor and impale you on a pike.
Your screeming, I don't wanna die.
I'm just smiling and saying bye-bye.

Why's the confused look on your face.
You brought a knife to a gun fight with an ace.
You're staring down the barrell.
Death at the first bell toll.

You just jealous of my style,
Man I'm going to kick your @$$ just like Gyle.
Yah I'd be pimpin'
You's just be motherfvcking trippin',

You'd be playin Monop,
But you see I'm on top,
Why's you trip?
I'm blowin' your a$$ away with my Battleship.

I'm the King of,
You are just the prostitues' cyborg.
I'm the Lord and King of the world,
You just being here makes your mom hurl.

You say that not even one Percent of what you know,
Well sh*t you know less than my ho.
I crush my enemies by just being pure awesome,
I'll strike you down like what Scar did to Mufasa.

I think it's your turn so I'll be nice and let you go,
I'll just stroll around on this site and Tro
You being here is a fvcking joke.
Just like Porky Pig said, "That's all Folks."


Have you ever heard the saying size doesn't mean a thing
Well lannan just wrote an entire book and is still going to die to a king
I can write half the lyrics that he wrote and still have more powerful lines
He just spit an entire round that had no flow or rhymes

So let me teach you a lesson about what it means to be abstract
When I accepted this battle we entered into a metaphorical contract.
Im going to retract your ability to redact this contract because I consider it an attack
Enact my ability to subtract and distract you, then murder you and leave you not intact.

Now let me make put all my intentions on the table and make them perfectly clear
When I accepted this battle his heart began to disappear because of fear.
Literally everything changed when he saw me accept this, even his tone
He wants the throne so i threw him a bone, now im just going to murder him and send him back home

He expects me to be scared because hes a marine and claims he has a m16
Well this teen queen is about to get a bullet right through his spleen
He doesn't know who he is fuking with , im literally mean
You can say that im "winning" , you can even call me charlie sheen[1]

Now It's time to take lannan to school
I'm going to make this monkey my freaking mule
It's not my fault that I have to be cruel
But im more excited than when maikuru met tulle

So sit back btch class is in session, let me show you why this is my obsession
The depression you feel is because of my aggression, id pay to see your expression
Hit you with that silent bullet, suppression, hell this could be my profession
You think you can beat the king and attain the thrown by succession, my advice is to offer a concession

Now I fight with bars, that means half my punches come from what I write
You can call me a white knight, if this is death note then I'm light
Write his name in my book and his future aint so bright cus hes gona die by the end of the night
Go league of legends on him and pretend were in the jungle, steal his buffs with smite
Show him all my might, because this btch is half my height
Hes all bark and no bite, I'm fuking ruthless fuk being polite

I'm not writing 100 lines like he did, its literally a crime
Hes trying to compensate for his lack of lyrical skills, hes spittin slime.
He realizes hes fighting optimus prime and hes got quite a climb
While the whole time im fully aware this battle is a waste of my time

you love jesus, so would you be mad if I said I wanted to nail you to a cross
Stick a spear in your side and then hit you with my special sauce
Literally you think you are going to win this no matter what the cost
What you fail to realize is that this battle is going to have a worst ending than the last episode of lost

Debate Round No. 2


Man you got to be joking,
Cause dude your croaking,
This will be hard for you to digest,
You're failing at your ego crushing quest.

Slow down? Who the fvck are you a traffic cop?
Don't make me laugh and just stop,
This will be over quick,
Because all my verses are sick.

Man I'm only evil when I need to be,
But I'm beating you so easily,
But you just be a hatin' b*tch,
Man you just need to kill yourself, Vote to Lynch.

God won't let me in Heaven cuz I'm eva,
Satan won't let me in Hell cuz Ima believa,
Victory here I will achieva,
There's the door you better leava.

All the girls say, "Ooooohhh."
All my emenmies scream, "NOOOOOOOO!"
It's about time you think so.
Now here comes the low blow.

Now watch me out shine,
Something you can't define,
Capults me into Prime time,
While you're on the street beggin', "Brotha can ya spare a dime?" [1]

You're a lame excuse for a rappa,
I'll drop you back off at the crappa,
You're trying to cheat and win this debate,
Well brotha you can't change the reems of fate.

You're ask me to cut down my bar,
You just can't think of any so far.
I'm gonna keep going and burn you into char,
Then coat you in feather and tar.

What's wrong man? Looks like you've seen a ghost.
You see I'm better than most.
I'm not just this debate's host.
After I win this I'm gonna take this and boast.

There were three crosses on that hill just hanging out.
I'm 'bout to show you what symbolism is all about.
Now when you realize this you're gonna pout.
You have 2 losses, I'm bout to be your next, strike 3 you're out!

I'll be the opponent you wished you never did face.
This loss will pain you so bad it'll be like you've been sprayed with mace.
So give up the chase.
Cuz I'm DDO's top rappin' ace.

Alrighty now it's your turn to start singin'
You won't be able to post anythin'
From the second round I'm still shockin'
I'm more intellegent than you and Stephen Hawkins.

1. (


His raps are literally so hard to read
So now i'm going to make this btch bleed with speed
I'm a pure bread steed, and it's evident I will succeed
Just concede, i'm going to go africa on your azz call it a stampede

Slaughter this btch, hes a criminal and i'm a cop
slam him the ground, then follow with that hulk hogan leg drop
I won't stop, chop and pop this btch as i climb to the top
This is why one one of the biggest rap leagues is called don't flop

Now bring it incompetent twit, I'm literally a king
I'm as fast a bee sting, one punch will put you in a sling
spring up and choke you with a string, think before you step into the ring
You try to swing, it goes past me like zing, it's not even a thing
Toss you sideways with a fling, in 10 seconds there's the bell , wait for it ding

I don't know why this is 5 rounds, I could FF the rest and still win
Slap you with my dik, and then kick you in the shin
Give you that football punt right to the chin, and do it all with a grin
Now it's lights out so go check in at the nearest inn

Btch just got bodied and that is the absolute truth.
This btch swallows cum so much he has a salty tooth
hit im so hard they will name me babe ruth
Murder him like Lincoln, and do right in that booth.
Debate Round No. 3


Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong,
I'm gonna kick your @$$ like Megatron.
I'm gonna show you how long your missery will go on
When you mess with Lannan-san.

I'm sitting here rolling in some cash.
Even Oscar thinks you're White Trash.
I'm gonna run rhymes around you in a Dash.
I'm so fast you can call me Flash.

Now I know this hurts,
when I spit more fire than Chinese Fireworks,
You know this irks.
Your girl sits with me and flirts.

I win with the Black Knights.
I fvcked your girl last night.
Beware you my might.
Cuz I ain't afraid to fight.

Prepare to die,
You don't even try.
Pray to the sky.
I won't accept your lie.

Here's the lore.
Your at the store.
I'm at the door.
Your mom's a whore

Let me talk to ya straight,
Imma break down Heaven's Gate.
Imma seal your fate,
Your just too late.

Here on DDO I'm the king.
Just Cuz I got that thing.
That makes the girls zing.
I control all of Wall streets Cha-ching.


This battle is just painful now, it actually hurts
I'd advise people against reading his rounds, im offering an alert
He has no idea how to battle, nor does he have flow
Time to finish this fuker with one final blow

Lol lannan my girl saw you and she said you looked disgusting
No girl would fall for you, trust me aint no girl lusting
The fact you think she thinks your hot is kind of mistrusting
I'm in her every night thrusting and busting

Your face looks like it a half eaten creampuff
So if this was mafia your offering fluff
You win with the black knights, you can't get away with that bluff
Just tell us who your scum team is and we wont lynch you , that's true enough

Going to go mortal combat on you, and end your fukin life
That makes me scorpion, going to pull you back over here with a knife
That sub zero freeze, halts anything you can do
"Finish Him", then im going to take my sword and split you in two

I'm murderin him lyrically and vocally and that sht is the truth
I'm going to end his life now and steal the rest of his youth
One quick punch to knock out his last tooth'
Hit him so hard it kills him, Babe ruth
Debate Round No. 4



I'm the Deadman walkin,
The King here is talkin,
To your homes you'd be flocking.
But I'm already at your door knocking.

You're cheeser than Mr. Bean,
While I'm the best you've ever seen.
You messed with the wrong Marine.
Cuz I'm just that mean.

Throughout this fight your rhymes were shrinky.
You're just jealous my girl and I are Kinky.
If you look on your girls neck you'll see a hicky.
It's so bad it'll make you ducky.

America, land of the free home of the brave.
I fight overseas to save.
Come back home to find it's nothing but a rave.
I'll have to run over your a$$ and pave.

You're now under siege,
Your girl still thinks I'm her Liege.
You should concider debating me to be a privledge.
As I destroy you in this Religious Sacrilege.

You're about to die,
you can't go back like McFly,
Jealous I got psi,
I know more than an NSA spy.

I'll peck your eyes out like a crow.
I took out my foe.
Gave him a low blow.
Now its over, VOTE PRO!


This guy is rhymed kinky and hicky, what the fuk is that
the only way you are ever kinky is when you try to fuk your cat
Your girl denied your right to have sex because your dik wasnt fat
Then she literally she said you finished in under 10 seconds flat

End this btch cut him clean through with precision
I'll even do it in the dark, I got that HQ night vision
It wasnt even a hard to envision this decision
This battle was like a train colliding with a truck, one big collision.

Sure your a marine, and this battle just taught us a lesson about professions
That is a marine isn't that scary, and thats a honest confession
Take you to church and let your offer a confession about your transgressions.
It just brings your aggression into question because your trying to give a false impressions
Suppression with compression with you teach you a lesson about your obsession with indiscretions
You claim your a king but you will never surpass me with a secession
The expression on your face means your aware im going to put you in regression
I just murdeed you btch and did it without an discretion

There is no reasons to type long rounds like his, i beat him with my whit
I'm going to beat him with 4 blocks, hell i could beat him with a forefeit.
This battle is over, all it took was one simple slit
Watched him bleed out before he had the chance to throw a fit
Debate Round No. 5
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by Haidarali 7 years ago
Mikal is no . 1 in debate leaderboard he is gonna win
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
lannan its so hard to keep focus while reading your rounds. I can't but skip over some stanzas, but seriously quality > quantity. Its a battle not a novel.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
It's not a "rap" battle its a "word" battle. So far Lannan has shot himself in the foot with that college essay he wrote. Halfway through people will start "skim" reading his words. And Mikal applies a "complete sentence structure" to his bars which indicates they aren't smoothly flow-able. These type of debates come down to which was was a better read.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 7 years ago
That was long
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
lannan gonna die.
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Phoenix61397 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:13 
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal's raps were more sophisticated and his flow was better. The nailing to a cross line gives Lannan conduct though
Vote Placed by 9spaceking 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: lannan was too long at first, and Mikal delivered punching lines with bursts, lannan then immediately shortened his rap-- but it ended in his doom, and he got slapped

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