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Rap Battle

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Started: 6/27/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Opponent will post a verse and then I'll rebuttal in Round 2 and so on


Alright, seems to be both of our first rap battle on DDO...let's go

Alright well I've got the first rap, it seems
Until I rip this b*tch open at the seams
A twinkle in my eye begins to gleam
As I begin to kill a human being

See he's afraid of going first
Because his rap skills are the "worst
My raps are the curse
That bring his alien a$$ back to earth

Let's start with your name,"
That aliens are following"
Us right now? (dumba$$)

See the x is for extra stupid,
The e is for easily loses,
The n is for numerous bruises:
Call yourself captain bruisin'
Cuz that's where the f*ck you're cruisin'"

Ok now o, out of his mind
For challenging me cuz I'll kick his behind
L, lower than dirt,
Dirt that's going to be kicked in his eye,

O again, because this b*tch is repetitive
G isn't for gay, too easy to say that he is sucking a d*ck
G is for get the f*ck out, what voters will be saying to him
When his raps lose, and he walks bruised, back to his cardboard box by the gym

And y, of course is a question,
"Y" has he messed with,
Me? King of the MC's?
So don't be surprised when he bleeds,
Actually, get ready, call the EMTs
Now it's time to hear your words, see if they can beat these
Debate Round No. 1


Phoenix thinks he's a Heavyweight.. it"s so fun to pretend! But leaving his corpse in an "elevator" is the only way this lightweight bum could "ascend"!
When people say he's Top 5 it"s only done to befriend.. Sh*t, he's been "Tier-Gassed' so much, it"s about time the rebirth comes to an end!!

[Tear gassed]

Your decline has been steep and unacceptable! This creep is a professional? Nah, if Phoien"s (Fiends) "in the booth" he"s kneeling for confessionals!
And I know the truth isn"t easy and digestible" But the only time this herb would be "On the Rise" is after I leave him as a vegetable!!

Ever since this lying pri*k came along I"ve been suspicious of him! Cuz if he claims to be 'collecting the paper' it"s in class after he issues exams!
He returned and said he"d be vicious again.. So we thought "Pheniox"ll verse Answer, Fire!" - But when it happened we only saw those Pistols get jammed!!

A hall of famer? How could he cast as a nominee? When this wack cu*t wouldn"t have "a leg up" in this match if he passed as an amputee!
That first drop had "sloppier lines" than actors with ADD.. And we saw WF cancel the "Revolution Sho" season faster than NBC!!

[A phoenix rises from the ashes like a revolution]

I"ll fuc*ing BURY THIS VET! You losing is the result that many expect.. Cuz you"ve "fallen off" quicker than buildings that've been failed to inspect!
& it"s not just me who thinks you've steady regressed.. I mean, go ahead and ask voters for "L's and W's" -- And you still wouldn't get any respect!!

So in actuality I'll "voice my opinion", your verse is fake as a Ken doll playin" with all the Barbies!
Rank-wise, "Cee, Lo on the charts" cause him beating me is as crazy as Gnarls Barkley!

As far as storylines go, he"s at a loss for words, but I"m not tracing out the path of his fate
Plot twist! It"s true that a Phoenix is known as a legend"for creating bouts with actual greats!

I"m a phenomenon with fatal blows, him winning won"t be seen like Ramadan in Pagan homes!
Drama"s gone, just face the known; debates last weeks? more "Walking Dead" than ComiCon & cable shows!

This is no deadlock, votes are feeble; if you "act up in the playoffs", I"ll take a few headshots, show the people
Your belt is an embarrassment; the way you "hunted down a sub", you could audition for a Red October sequel!

Verbal bullets miscue, your ammo"s missin" the target, and you"re Russian to the Fire, like burning pictures of Stalin!
Your judgment day is near, if the verdict involves wit"cause "quality finished the run through this Emcee on his PC" like
marathon winners in Charlotte!!


Ok your rhymes are better than I was expecting
But your impersonal puns aren't affecting"
me, because I'm the f*cking best Emcee,
Do I need to bring Justin Bieber to make you Believe?

See all your rhymes are generic,
Coulda fit to anyone,
"Hey, let's stick a Phoenix in there and a couple puns,
And call it done""

I already spelled it out for you why you'll lose
For you it will be L's-for me, W's
And you make fun of me for collecting exams,
But it's because you just got schooled, man

See, you call my decline steep,
But that implies I was on top, and you peaked
When you attempted to battle me
Even Vanilla Ice said "He's no Emcee"

So if you know what's good for you,
You'll turn around and run back to
Your home and hide under the covers
Because like aliens, Xenology is never getting discovered

And you have to explain some bars in parentheses cuz they don't make sense
You rap as if voters are even on the fence"
Between you and I, they've chosen me, so yes I'll ascend
I have the monopoly on the rap game, gimme the rent"
You can't dodge a dodgeball, or a wrench,
And when your stupid puns are all spent
And when your sh*t rhymes came and went,
It'll be only Phoenix, rising from the ashes, left

Debate Round No. 2


Xenology forfeited this round.


So, I did a little search for your lines,
On the web, and found you for your crimes,
For every last word was plagiarized: [1]
So to the one voter who almost voted for him: put on the brakes
Because every line he claimed came from his mind was fake

Consider this your death note,
On it, your name I wrote,
No place for you to win a vote,
Clearly, like weed in Colorado, you've been smoked, with
Every line, you were smote, like a"
Dragon, drowned in the castle's moat
Easily killed, like Em did to T.I. in "That's All She Wrote"

Now look at the first letter of each line, and read them down,
For that's what you did in the last damn round
Giving the battle to me by forfeit, b*tch, you drowned
And the last thing you hear will be the sound
Of the Phoenix calling out
For you to get the hell out of my town


Thanks for the debate, seriously. You might want to make up your own raps next time though."
Debate Round No. 3
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