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Rap Battle

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Started: 7/3/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The first round will be for acceptance only. This is a rap battle, as obviously stated above. I had a lot of fun with the last rap battle I did, and hope for more of the same. However, any forfeit results in a direct loss of the battle. Please note slightly different rules apply here than normal: 48 hour debate period, 4,000 character limit, and a direct "choose the winner" option for voting (for practicality, nobody's going to have sources in a rap battle). Good luck!


Lehgo bra! After you...
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks a lot for accepting! Good Luck (You'll need it :) ).

Now let's begin a little bit easy
Just to put your mind at ease and
Let you think its feasible
Then rip your tongue out through your teeth
When you least expect it,
Then turn you on your Buddha belly,
And smash you over the head, you'll try to hold steady
Against my rhymes but you ain't ready
Call you Freddy
Mercury cuz you need AID already

See, you tried and you lost,
And I've already won
This battle seems to be over before it's even begun
Like an Ed Sheeran track, I'm the only "One"
I call you the Band Perry, cuz you're just about "Done"

You strut around like you're cool,
But girls think you're a fool-
Maybe because you went to an all male high school
And your first girlfriend was actually a dude

Yeah, you might want to give up now, your raps will be in vain,
You'll try to reach Nirvana but the closest you'll get is Kurt Cobain,
I got raps for Dayz, man, just like the game
And this battle will show up as a win in the bottom of a column on my profile page

Speaking of profiles, dude, only two wins?
And two losses, get it, wink wink?
See, I'm insinuating youre about to pull a reverse Charlie Sheen, turn into the Titanic, and sink
The space between your brain and your raps is like a stolen Zelda game- a missing Link
And by the time you turn your head and blink, and slowly begin to think,
About what I just said,
You're dead,
And the Phoenix spreads its wings and flies over your head


Ahhhh sheeyyooot, sick rhymes my dude.

Observe, as a baby bird bursts into flames
so that all that remains are the worms in his brain
as his words are all shown to be worthless, inane
and outrageous.
This ignoramous calls running 'round in circles entertainment.
He don't need to roam free, he deserves to be locked into cages.

Go ahead, kill me, rack up the bad karma
see if you can outshine the Sun in his armor
you'll argue and cry, but you'll know you're a goner
I ain't sh!t to be honest, the body of the Law is your problem.

Man, your stripy nike checks won't catch your mistakes
when you trip on the laces and land on the pavement
and head to the light of your own annihilation
with joy: the delusion of "eternal repayment"
Debate Round No. 2


Now I would tell you nice rhymes,
But I could tell by reading them you don't believe in intelligent design,
Because the only smart thing in your lines
Was ending them early, so you could start crying

Why don't you jump into my baptism waters, call yourself "Jim"
Cuz the early Phoenix will be wiping this worm off his chin
All these rhymes that you spit,
Well, you said it yourself, they ain't sh*t,
From the first time I heard the word win,
I went all Nike, like my shoes, and just did it

And haven't you heard about the Phoenix, man, it rises from the ashes,
So you can't even try to crush or smash this,
And now you're feeling the full wrath of my attack,
Go try to run on down the eightfold path
Until your damn mind snaps
And you'll be begging me for scraps,
Say I need to stop running in circles, maybe you should get on track

And the sun don't have enough armor on,
I'm gonna kill you, like you're Chinese, and I'm Genghis Khan
And I don't know if you'll ever be able to respond, when
Pretty soon, you'll be up there, answering to God

I'll blow away your stupid "armor clouds" , you say you're insane, they call me "Crazy",
Gnarls Barkley on this b*tch, whose rhymes were kinda lazy,
And after I've killed him in this battle and he doesn't have a savior,
Let's see what becomes of his reincarnation

But seriously, nice job man, looking forward to next round.


Keep em coming homie, I aint goin anywhere.

A servant never leaves his mark, no tag on any surface
Only pleasure for the man, it feels damn good getting worshipped
Hive minded flies in the limelight? Absurdist!
And you call yourself a man? You're a product and a service.

Tag! I'm IT! I live it up and pass it on
to the future, not ME, but I'm there, your a$s was wrong
I'm eternal consciousness AND the gallery on the walls
A moment of awe that leaves you shattered-feeling and flawed

It really must sting to be a thing of the past
while I see The Beauty once and keep bringing it back
Like a vision in a dream, and you keep clinging to that
but they come to me nonstop, I call 'em constant genius attacks.
Debate Round No. 3


You call me a servant, there you haven't faulted
But at the end of time, the servant shall be exalted
While you sit back on earth being verbally assaulted

See the only tags you leave are from J.C. Penny
Where you shop on break from a school at a fake Miami
You say I'm a servant, and you hope for rebirth
But what happens during your rebirth when the meek servants inherit the earth?

Say I have a hive mind? Well you just got stung
I'll call you Rudolf Hess, strung up and hung
Yeah, come on and get some,
I call myself a man, I call you a chump
Who got dumped
By a man in need of a belly rub

Yeah, you just got smacked with another genius attack,
It's name is Phoenix, it's making your raps look truly wack,
Voters, look, it's here at last,
Your chance to pick some obvious crap,
Now, look, don't laugh,
He tried his best, but I kicked his a$$,
An "eternal consciousness" coming back to be eternally smashed,
Now, Strycora, you obviously lack
The skills, cuz I killed you, and no rebirth is gonna bring you back

Good battle, man. Thanks for the participation.


You need a unique character to be charismatic
an amatuer exalted? dawg, its not automatic
and your awfully wack sh!t will prolly be forgotten when the ominous crack hits
and splits your ears, confirms your fears, you're stopped in your tracks, b!tch.

My rhythm is sicker than the gastric aroma
coming from your direction, try spit, you gag and you throw up
just a victim of a virus, like that meme that you're host of
I spit heart stopping venom, call me King of the Cobras.
It's completely uncontested, mine's the evilest flow, son.

I'm a sidewinding crime fighter, whack n!gga highlighter
Psychic with a mind that can jam up your damn typewriter
I'm likely enlightened, unconditionally kickin' a$s
You lack the higher knowledge, yeah, you wish that you could spit it back.

You don't really know the spirit of the rhymes
if you need it, then just seek and ye shall find.
when conceit arises, remember me and then you'll realize
that your ego is just weakness in disguise.
when the ash is white, silly Phoenix thinks that he will surely rise
but in real life, there's nothing to ignite.

Good battle to you too bro. Keep at it!
Debate Round No. 4
2 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Posted by Strycora 7 years ago
Rorschach, ever heard of near rhyme?

It'd sound better if I laid these bars in person.
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Bladerunner can you clarify? Con rhymed goner with problem and entertainment with cages. Pro had some nice setups although I feel like he dropped them(didn't do anything with them after he set them up).
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by 9spaceking 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: con's raps were much shorter, but his transitions between verses were quite nice and impressive.
Vote Placed by bladerunner060 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Rap battles are always scored pretty subjectively. Con's were shorter, which hurt him, but I found his "flow" better--it was easier to "rap" his rhymes in my head, so points to Con. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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