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Rap Battle

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Started: 7/5/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am getting addicted to rap battling. Con can either use the first round for simply acceptance or vacate their last round, depending on preference. One round (either first or last) must be devoid of raps. Violating this, as well as forfeiture, constitutes a full loss of debate. 2,000 character limit, 48 hour debate period, and "select winner" voting style. Good luck in advance!


I accept this debate and as per rules this round shall be devoid of rapping.
Debate Round No. 1


Good luck to you, let's go!

Get yourself ready for a battle that'll shake you like a rattle
In a baby's hand, you'll run away like a herd of cattle
Like Woody from Toy Story, fall out of the saddle,
With a "Bulls-Eye" like his horse, on your back, don't get mad, I'll
Beat you, a Marine up the creek without his paddle

I'll shake you up worse than New Orleans was by Katrina,
Put you in the arena, less prepared than FEMA,
Hey voters, look at me, it seems, uh,
That a Marine will get killed, call this battle Iwo Jima

Now we're the same religion, we both believe Christ died for our sins,
But like Charlie Sheen, I came only to win
I have nothing but love for this man of my kin
But call me Cain because I'm easily "Abel" to murder him!

Now this man is used to writing f*cking books when he raps,
When he's seen the trap that I put out he'll have a relapse and collapse
Two thousand characters only, he screams holy sh*t like he's taking a crap in mass,
But I'm two thousand characters through kicking his a$$

So I'm viciously tearing through him, about to go HAM,
Perniciously, and judiciously shutting down his program,
When I'm through he'll go from Marine to Lindsey Lohan,
His raps are like toe jam, that I cram,
Into his eye sockets and then I'll sacrifice him like Abraham with his ram,

Your turn.


Lannan, United States Marine,
Here to dump karoseen,
All over your home and make the greatest flames ever seen,
I'll chase you from Shawnee to Aberdeen,
Now this ain't Halloween,
When I'm with your girl like Charlie Sheen.

I'm the Creator,
I'll take you down like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
I'm a Lt., but you are going to call me sir,
Cuz I'm the best debater.
Imma cut you up and turn you into a mashed potater,
You can't beat me ya hater.

I'll shove my size 9 boat up your Guadalcannal,
You're a chicken just like General Zhou,
I'm here to wow.
Here comes the right hook, POW!
I'm winning now,
I'm the savior of the masses, like Damien Sandow.

I told you once now Imma tell you twice,
You're about to be the 4th blind mice,
I slice and dice,
As my rhymes are precise,
I'm cooler than Vanillia Ice,
I'm loved here like the Chinese love Fried Rice.

My rhymes are so amazin' they should be illegal,
I hear no, see no, speak, no evil,
Imma cause the DDO Upheaval.
Better than you, ya better retreaval.
Ya better watch out cuz I'm so leathal.
Go back and pray in my Cathedral.

Beware you my might.
Imma win this fight.
That's Right!
It ain't gonna be a pretty sight.
When I prepare this last rite.
So you just need to go fly a damn kite.

You're up.
Debate Round No. 2


My, my, my, so many misspelled words,
I think this guy must be high as a kite, as he flies with the birds
Bye, bye, bye, he hears in his mind as he comes back to earth
Time to die Hunger Games style, you'll "Rue" your birth

This man's flow is downright degradable,
His loss'll be found more than slightly undebatable,
I won't call him "sir", but I'll call him a lady, though
This crappy little girl gets thumbs down in the stadium

You're the "Creator"? Of what? Only crappy raps came from you
The only way I'd call you "Tyler" is if you drowned at Tippecanoe *
C'mon and step up, you can't fill my damn shoes
I wear a size eleven, you only measure a size two

So watch out DDO, Phoenix comes back with the flow
This man's in De"Nile" **, he pretends that he don't know
I can't tell if he's trying, or if he's just a troll
Cuz his lines are dying, and like Rick, I'm on a roll

Naw, this ain't Halloween, it's Nightmare on Elm Street,
Forget Freddy, your scariest Nightmare is me
Call me Jason, I'll come on Friday the 13th
And I'll smash your head so hard it'll knock out your teeth
And I'll leave you on the street as you slowly but surely bleed
And the Marines will be fewer and prouder once you leave

Thanks for the last round, and good luck.

A few notes:
* Tyler both refers to Tyler the Creator, rapper, and William Henry Harrison's Presidential campaign slogan, Tippecanoe and Tyler too
** The Nile is a river, which flows, like my lines


Bow down and worship me, The real Rap God,
Take a step back as you're about to be awed,
Your rhymes and lyricical content is flawed.
I'm going to cut you up and ship your family abroud.
The Chinese will take them and Maraud.
We know your just a fraud.
I'm just a Mod.

Looks like I'm so Cynic.
I'm putting up this rapping clinic.
Why do you sit there and try to mimic.
I'm handing out rhymes like Saint Nick.
My skills are just so sick.
I don't care if you think I'm a pr*ck.

I spit bars like fire and through the flame,
I'm here to bring you shame.
Why do you have to be so lame.
I'm the King of this Game.
You're still going to lose all the same.
While I bask in the glory of the Hall of Fame.

Imma send you on a Death March in Bataan,
Crush you like Megatron,
Let me open up to the Book of John.
"Lannan's opponent will Forfeit as he cannot carry on."
I'm here just to see the pain you've foregon.
I'll give Pro a reason to Vote Con.

Give up the goose you dropped the ball,
Get ready to fall.
Imma kill you like Cabal.
I got your babby doll,
Cuz your pen*s is so small.
Life, Liberty, and Lannan wins all.

You might got beef,
But Imma steel this debate cuz I'm a theif,
It may cause you grief.
But we've all got a belief.
Cuz I'm the Commander-in-Chief.
That's just a Brief.

Your turn. Good Luck Bud.
Debate Round No. 3


This is the last line till it's time to put Lannan to bed
This is crunch time, like Hannah Montana, he's dead
Like all his dumb rhymes, I won't let his damn vanity spread
Call him Louis XVI, cuz I'm planning on taking his head

Y'all can call me "non-sequitur" because I do not follow
I'm ubiquitous, he's ridiculous, his head is hollow
Says he's Megatron, I'm Optimus Prime
Earlier I took "a head" but now he's falling behind

Then you call yourself a rap god, ain't that nice?
Eminem you are not, you're not even Vanilla Ice
I'm gonna hurt you a lot, I'm not paid to be nice
So good my rap is a virtue, they ought to call yours a vice

You spit fire yourself, well I'm scorching the earth
In your profile page, it says that you've been confirmed
Well go back to baptism, after this you'll need a new birth
Your first rap was the "original sin", now you're on the third

I don't know what Book of John you've been reading-
But lemme give you the "Gospel truth", you feel me?
You can't win, you'll just lose, like a pig, you're squealing
I am divine, with each line, your fate I am sealing

So in spite of your trying, the ground's where you're lying
Trampled and crying, while, like the Joker, I'm smiling
You can can call me Rasputin, because I'm never dying
Rap isn't your game, so get on a plane, and go the f*ck back to Parris Island

Thanks for the battle, and good luck in the last round!


They say gingers have no souls,
Imma fill your a$$ with bullet holes,
Cause I kicked the devil's @$$ and and the Devil's Cul,
No one can stop me, just kill yourself, pills in a bowel.

Jesus Christ, you won't rap a decent rhymne,
This this is just going to be mine,
B*tch you can't see this fine line,
You know this is over your out of time.

Let me show you your destiny,
You're about to be schooled by the DDO Freemasonry.
Your a bigger failure than General Meade,
Your about to fall to our dausterous creed.

In this world it's kill or die,
And you think that your better than I?
Back up before I bust a cap in your @$$
Imma beat you with my knuckles of Brass.

Can't wait to see what you've got?
Man, da fvck has God wrought?
I'm sitting here waitin' for a strong insult,
But you're just complaing bout the cult.

You say that not even one Percent of what you know,
Well sh*t you know less than my ho.
I crush my enemies by just being pure awesome,
I'll strike you down like what Scar did to Mufasa.

Imma pull the rope watch you choke and go,
I'll just stroll around on this site and Tro
Your attempt to rhyme is a fvcking joke.
Just like Porky Pig said, "That's all Folks."

Thank you and please vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Vote Placed by 9spaceking 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: some of con's raps made no sense, I like pro's flows better and his rhythm was cool--more rap like
Vote Placed by Strycora 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: You're better than last time! Good flow. My favorite part of your rhymes is that the metaphors go more than skin-deep.

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