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Rap Battle

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Started: 8/4/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I feel like destroying somebody, step up if you wanna worsen your w/l ratio.
First is acceptance, 20 line limit per round. Voters I ask that you vote based on each round meaning someone cannot win by a single line in a round but rather 2-1 or 3-0.


1st rap battle :)
let's get it!
Debate Round No. 1


You love dogs so you're used to bitchin, as my bars start to quicken.[1]
You'll wish you're acceptance was unwritten, but backing out is forbidden.
You're win record is getting overriden being that when I am spittin'[2]
even your mom be wantin' me to slip in. Too Bad I can't fit in.

Lyrical Finesse, Don't be mad you're not as blessed.
In this game I am the best, Imma put your @ss to rest.
As a king I oppress, you're just a pawn, always less.
Your mom's my queen but I digress, That's how you scheme, this sh!t is chess.

Its like I'm burnin' my own photo cuz we have the same beliefs.[3]
I'll save the grief, We have no beef, but I gotta show that I'm the chief.
Have some relief, I'll make this brief. For Bodybaggin is my motif.
This battle's a steal but I'm no thief. You won't survive this fall, you're just a leaf.
In wisdom you are young, act wild and you'll lose some teeth.[4]
Even in death you won't be free, Say Goodbye to your hopes and dreams Khalif.[4]

Rest in Peace, death by feast of the Beast from the east.
Now I'm unleashed skills released off the leash. You'll be deceased but I won't care in the least

You chose me as you're first, for that I'll put you in a hearse.
Hungry Lions don't get nursed, I accept that as my curse.
Wounds will open in the first verse, still won't quench my thirst.
If I'm the best you're my obverse, ;The blood is only beginning to flow; This Sh!t gets worse.

[1]; His profile is just full of dog fandom
[2]; He is 37 - 0 100% Win Ratio
[3]; I'm Agnostic as well and do a lot of the same activities as him.
[4] Wiz Khalifa - Young,Wild,Free | Wiz Khalifa - Goodbye | Wiz Khalifa - Hopes and Dreams


Based on his arrogant thesis, claiming that he'll effortlessly beat me
I was expecting something analagous to Big L or Biggie
I'm disappointed, all he did was make meaningless assertions
and try to detract from his whack bars with agrgresssive diversions
Now that we've estahlished his bars weak like 7s days,
I'm coming like the IRS, I'm about to make this Motherfu*ker pay

See I got mad foresight, My view is like astronomy
I'm coming with bars quicker than light detected through spectroscopy
If he wanna claim he sick, I'll give him a frontal lobotomy, sever his caratid artery
get him high, then stone him
like homosexuals in leviticus or children in deuteronomy
you can die or die and that's not a false dichotomy

This boy said he finna body me?
Tha'ts a false proposition
in no possible world is that case
However, if he don't stop acting fake
you won't see his disappearence on tv
because I will end him, without a trace

my bars are too strong like King Kong
if you need a real spitter to save the day with some real bars
i'll be there, let me put my cape on ,initate the theme song
it's game on
I even got gun bars like
My shooters keep 2 20's and 2 30's
we keep it 100
we some real hitters, like Ray Lewis causing a fumble
If you see us, don't be looking for trouble
We out here like Jim Dugan
we the first to get in a rumble

So in conclusion, if he thinks he is going to beat me
he has suffered brain contusions, pharmaceuticially induced delusions
and pulling the plug, is the only solution

sources in a rap battle..ok:
Debate Round No. 2


Excuse me? Arrogant thesis? My Whole First Round Put yours to pieces.[1]

Screw it I'll say it, I one Up Biggie, and there's no ghetto in heaven, nigga get wit me [2]

You called my bars wack, but didn't attack. Your round was pre packed, that's an obvious fact.

Wrote days old bars for a weak opponent as if this was king of da hill and you'd spend a week up on it.[3]

Sucks that you Got bodied in a single moment stepped up to the battle thinking you'd own it.

Winning Battles is my skill, all I do is hone it. This is just what I do, I don't condone it.

I'm off the chain, bars insane, What's to gain from the MCs slain? Beats me I suppose I'm vain.

I'm only here to bring the pain. Your bars are inane. My venomous bars would leave you worse than bane.

I could stop but the thirst would remain so don't complain and state that I'm the least humane.

Gun Bars online? That Sh*t is wack. Gangster on a keyboard, I ain't fuckin' wit dat.

Fuse Gun Bars with Word Play so you can be clutch not to be used as a crutch.

Since your bars are light, I'll Show you how to do it right. By accepting ya chewed on more than you could bite.

Steel Cold body, ya don't wanna fight. My bars might not shock you but my magnemite.[4]

Aggression, Personals, and Word Play. Like a swiss knife, I can do this in any way,

Bars that burn and drown you, better be ready bro. Leave ya flamin' on water, Gulf of Mexico.[5]

You spit real bars? Ya kidding me right? Cut my artery with what? Your digital knife?

His claims are ludacris but I'm the one who knows how to move a b*tch. Cap'em like I'm holding shift.[6]

And I never Miss I hope your super swift. You're not gonna end sh!t, bro do you even lift?

Your bars would land much harder if you didn't rap like a nerd.[7]

One more round before I wipe my @ss of this turd.

[1] Pretty Cryptic wordplay in Whole to Pieces.
[2] Reference to Tupac and Biggie beef | Tupac - I hope heaven got a ghetto.
[3] Slight Wordplay: A Weak Opponent = A Week Up on it
[4] "Steel Body" "Shock" = Steel/Electric, Magnemite is a Steel/Electric Pokemon.
-Phrased "Magnum Might"
[5] Gulf of Mexico had a widely broadcasted Oil Spill that was on fire for days.
[6] Ludacris - Move Bitch Get Out The Way
[7] Spammed somany science terms in his first round


Sorry, I broke the line limit. Conduct goes to pro. I don't get why there's a line limit but whatever(this does not count towards my 20 lines).

Link to round 2 vocals:

This dudes bars are vicious! Sike! He foreal said: I chewed on more than I could bite. That't the weakest sh*T I've ever heard in my life. My bars are truly insane. I'll cut through both halves of your brain, turn you into a Schizophrenic, and then you might be able to make some interesting claims

I mean this is Schrodingers cat, but in the many worlds interpretation, you won't survive,
ever since the conc
]eption of this world, you were bound to die, your ineptitude should come as no surprise
bombard him with chloroform, tie to a platform, remove his organs, take his life, like an Aztec human sacrafice

This boy said I was nerdy and that ain't nothing new, I've heard that sh*t before, I'll hear it forever
He thinks he's being clever, but I don't let my nerdyness hinder by lyrical endeavours,
so this boys personals need to develop and grow, but it's OK, because my immense knowledge helps me flow

I'm brainy like a John Hopkins trained neurologist, this rap battle like surgery, and my execution is flawless
he's coming with these anarchist bars, no structure and lawless, no lyrical prowess, and no plot related progress
my intellectual game is the likes of something that ain't been saw yet, attacks as complex as Goldenbach's conjecture cause it aint been solved yet, after I destroy him, I'll erase em in my solvent, wait for the soft tissue to dissolve, then leave the remains in his parents locked chest, then his mom would literally have skeletons in her closet

He don't think I'm bout it, but I'll give him the business, Ride up on him, take his wallet like it's a monetary accquisition
I'm coming with immense heat and energy, these bars like nuclear fission, after your poor performace, you might be subject to intense derision, every bars like medical work and I perform with extreme precision, I don't need days to prepare my bars, my superior cognition allows me to make qucik decisions, I have superior cognition and intelligence.when you said your bars were good, I was incredulous, but that position seems to be relevant and substantiated by a large body of lyrical evidence
So keep coming with that substanceless noise and keep squaking, enjoy your time before I put the nail in your coffin.


Debate Round No. 3


TWG-Rorschach forfeited this round.


This round is just to finalize my victory, any chance he has of winning is history
I am druggy, so I got bars like antihistamines, I got ZZZquill on deck
Strike with my right hand, them tripple Z's have him catching tripple Z's[1]
the residue will be redder than my eyes, when I'm tripping on them tripple C's[2]

Don't come to me I'll that remy squeeze, sick bars, I'm a threat to the CDC
no forest fire, when I say I'm smoking trees,
this rap sh*t is easy, this victory, was like like, dropping a nuke with an ACR
When I give him wings like a birdy, don't say underpar[3]
What you crying for, leave this white boy, bloody and bruised
discolored red and blue, like a true American-- Henry Ford

When I comethrough, you know it's bedtime
got a mathematics degree, I'll kill this squares roots, with my tech 9
now the product is 3, bodies, piled up like Pol Pot's enemies
that's genocide, crimes against humanity,this disaster
leave his mental environment shook like a calamity

I was hoping for a real challenge, but this was like taking candy from a paralyzed baby
to recover from this defeat, he will need more aid, than Hati
geographical bars, giving him metaphorical scars,horser power, like I got a ralph lauren car
KhalifV still undefeated, an intellectual with the vicious bar prowess,
on to the next exam, because I aced this test
[1] ZZZquill is a sleeping aid, I'm referring to my hand as ZZZquill because I will put him to sleep.
[2] CCC is coughmedicine that induces euphoria when taken in excess
[3] Golf referrence

Linkes to vocals:

Thanks to pro for a fun and interesting 1st battle :)
Love to do it again sometime

Debate Round No. 4
18 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Yeah I really underestimated the magnitude a forfeiture has here. There's a first for everything.
Posted by KhalifV 7 years ago
Thanks bro! You probably would have won if you didn't FF.
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Good battle
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
i don't mind your vote david, but "thirst" and "worse" is about as close as a near rhyme gets.
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
I understand then.
Posted by Mikal 7 years ago
That still weights into a decision. That is like someone being in a contest, and just dropping the mic and walking out in round 3 or just shooting a one liner in round 2. It does affect how you judge the contest. Granted it was accidental but a FF is normally a hit hard thing on here, and would be the same in real battle rap
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Voters could you vote based on round, like stated in the introduction of the battle. Meaning since he broke line limit in round 1 its 1 me. Since I FF'd Round 3 its 1 him.
With that being said its 1-1 meaning whoever you have winning the second round wins the debate. Sorry if I sound a bit like a douche but I did ask for that style of voting in the beginning of the debate. Mikal if you think that Round Two was a tie, Keep the null vote. However, if you have one over the other I ask that you change it to the respective side.
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Fking hell, slow internet didn't send my round. Kind of Ironic Considering its Content but I'll just post it here.

I'll post link to full Rap Battle and vocals of this round later on, bad internet atm

I tried to lay off on you being a nerd, but you are one on a whole other level.
After I watched your vid I realized I have to bury you in my last round. Don't worry I brought my digital shovel.
I'm usually all about the Punch Lines but now I gotta be cruel.
He|| when I watched his video I thought he would randomly say, "Lets D-D-D-DUEL!!!"
I hate to bash his lifestyle, cuz' everybody got something they're about.
However, Battle Rap is my circle, and I don't accept nerdin' out.

1 am, got to sleep for my date, wanna look fresh when we hang a round.
I pity you, and I'd hate to win by technicality so you can have this last round.

You could say this battle wasn't my full effort, from my side it wasn't enough.
Gotta weigh what's more important a rap battle or real life stuff.

So here's how the cookie crumbles, it all depends on who won the second round.
Have your own opinion but understand I think of battles as a Proving Ground.

I tried to provoke and taunt for a big threat to accept and get my @ss to gear.
You see Khalif took that from me. It's like leading a Marine Raid just to have to say to dispatch, "There's no threat here."

You could say I'm cocky, arrogant but please hear my address.
I don't battle to win, I battle for the challenge so if it's not there, it couldn't be worth less.

Maybe I'm not as seasoned seeing how facing a lack of a challenge, I throw a fit.
So Khalif I hate to say this, but you're pathetic and that's some real life sh*t.

Khalif I coulda just 3-0'd but I don't just beat niggas I teach niggas. So I hope I get through.
Don't embrace being a nerd, maybe you feel you're being yourself but face reality, greatness is far from due.
So be sh*t or be it. I just thought I'd spend these last few lines to talk to yo
Posted by Phoenix61397 7 years ago
Hey, if either of you wish to join a rap battle tourney, a link to sign up is below. I'm shamelessly promoting this tournament haha. It starts Thursday at 4:00.
Posted by KhalifV 7 years ago
Goddamnit, I had it at 20 lines and then when I posted it, it messed it up-,-.
My bad :(. Conduct goes to you.
6 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Vote Placed by AlternativeDavid 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited the most important round. I wasn't a particular fan of Con's flow during the audio, but it sounded better in my head while reading than Pro's raps. I also felt like Pro forced some rhymes like "thirst" and "worse". Con's rhymes were harder to read due to the fact that each sentence was more than one line., but I don't think that merits a loss. It was close but my vote goes to Con.
Vote Placed by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had deeper scheme in his bars. Vocals demonstrate what can be flowed. No vocals leaves you with supposition, and I hate supposing, I like knowing. Con ain't busta, there was fire in his bars. But for me, he destroy authenticity with his constant changing bar length. His last verse cannot be practically flowed with cadence--too long. Unless he has a Chopper style, but still too long for that. He would've won had he kept all verses like the first one.
Vote Placed by Mikal 7 years ago
Who won the debate:--
Reasons for voting decision: I was going to vote on this but it lands on a tie. Con even noted conduct goes to pro due to the bar limit break, but add on another point for con due to Pros FF. At this point con should have won, but bar wise pro took the debate. Even with the missing round, I think his bars were vocally delivered better. This was a vocal debate, as all the videos were posted on youtube. So flow , delivery, also counts into my call. Con has some good bars, I liked some of the metaphorical punches he sent, but all in all pros were just as good but with better delivery. Had pro not ffed he would have won, but the conduct due to the FF and the bar break balance out pros exceptional delivery and flow. Due to the FF and pro missing his chance on winning, giving this a tie.
Vote Placed by ricksterpr0 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: pro's rapping doesnt sound good
Vote Placed by YaHey 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Good raps for both sides, but I found Con's rythm and bars to be a lot better, especially in the second actual round.
Vote Placed by Phoenix61397 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Wow, some good raps from both sides. The conduct here would be tied, as con rapped the wrong amount of bars and pro forfeited. Pro had some excellent references and a slightly better flow, while con had superior lyricism, integrating more interesting verbage. I read this over, and despite the forfeit I have to give this to pro by a hair. Good job to both sides though.

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