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Rap Battle

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Started: 8/10/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a rap battle, self-explanatory. Censored cursing is allowed, but some things are over the line, such as very aggressively sexual or racist lyrics, etc. I'll let voters decide what crosses this line. There's a 48 hour debating period and a 2,000 character limit. There will be no limit on bar amount or bar length. Voting will be "select winner" with a 1,500 ELO minimum. My opponent may begin rapping right away, but may type only "pass" in round 4. Thanks in advance to whomever accepts.


Your brain got nothing on this brain of mine. I broke the Universe with every rhyme. You can try to break Us down with every word, but I'll always continue to break down the Universe along with every world.

Try to make this cosmic boat sink by projecting your anger through your spite; I learned how to think through the passion that need not spit for it rides the tides!

Try to use your guns to shoot holes through my ship with your bullets; I got the cosmic web I spun to shoot for the heavens because I have the wit!

I don't use words that are inbred, that's for the colloquially illiterate; I thread everything through a needle because I am legitimate.


You can puncture me without living by the thorns, but I'll always punish parts of you that remain unborn; you can lecture me without living by the pages torn, but I'll always live the legacy because of the way I was born!
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks to my opponent for accepting the debate, I wish him good luck.

Let me get straight to the point, lemme blow up my foe:
His raps suck like the vacuum that I use in my home
He's trapped cuz he's a "dirtbag", I'll own, bag him and go
I'll scream "Die, son"*, I'm violent, I'll drop his a$$ in a hole
Way down to hell for this "dirt devil"* and then I'll devour his soul

I'd say you were Arrogant, but you already know what you are
You can't spell though, you put an e where there should be an r
Did you miss first grade? Can you say your alphabet?
"U" comes after "I", you're illegit, just quit

You don't know what trick you stepped in, you imbecile
I'd break you if I could find a single brain cell to kill
If you even had a notion of the Universe I may be scared,
But your brain cell would literally burst if you really knew what's up there

You talk about inbred, do you mean your family tree?
It's broken, interwoven, bleeding from its leaves
That would explain the tangled "rhymes" that come forth from your hollow head
For your words I waited with bated breath, but I digress
This mess that bores me to death is all I'm ever gonna get

This man has no wins and he dares to be this ambitious?
His chance to win is like the dirt left after I've done the dishes
So call me Mr. Clean, I'll make him bleed, leave him in stitches
Says he's good with needles, well let's test that condition

* "Die, Son" sounds like Dyson, a brand of Vacuum Cleaner, while "Dirt Devil" is also a brand of vacuum cleaner


Let me ask you one question, if you don't mind
Then again, why does it matter to my surmise?
It's not like you'll ever understand how to be kind
With such poetic skill, you waste a lot of your time.
You think weapons and venom are better than a tandem
Swinging the pendulum harder than a baseball record
You don't know these words, or how to understand em'
You try to sound big and bad, when I am the cosmic wrecker.

Mess with the bull; you get the horns; mess with the truth, you get the thorns
Mess with the ****; you get the **** storm; mess with me, you get worn

All you can do is insult me because you can't consult yourself,
These words you think allow you to rain down in bullet shells,
Where is your heart, your mind, your sense beyond your hell,
You never could shape this world, does this ring any bells?
You're too quick to compare me to something like a vacuum
Did it ever occur to you that this was based on your mad cues
Go relax, read some poetry, maybe masturbate with ice cubes
Because your fire is flatulent compared to my passion's fumes

When I fight, I'm not trying to prove myself; when I live my life, I'm not trying to lose myself.
When I deal with animals like you that forget humanity; I tend to peel off your wool and insanity.
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks to my opponent for posting his round.

You see one verse of mine and switch up your whole damn style,
Want poetry in rhymes but your twisted mind's in denial
This is a rap battle, you wish I couldn't spit fire
But what do you expect mixing gas with a lighter?

I'm flying, a Phoenix, people call me one with the flames
You'll be dying a creeper, advising people to masturbate
Come on, what was all that crap about ice cubes?
Ice Cube is a rapper, that's backwards of you

You must be writing "Edgar Allan" Poe-try* cuz it's scary how bad you'll lose
Put you in a pit with a pendulum and decapitate you**
We are all right here to give witness to your unmasking**, dude
The "red death" of your disaster will show your inaptitude**

So, Aerogant, I have a theory about you I wanna test
You disparage others by claiming to be the very best
First man I've met with an ego bigger than Kanye West
More intelligent than all the rest you bet, in fact, but lest
They point out your losses, you call those L's an anomaly,
A byproduct of the complete and total, well, frivolity
Of the debates here-but wait, call this sh*t hypocrisy
You continue to debate down here when you ought to be
Leaving-either you you're a masochist and love being beaten on
Or the disastrous consequences are unintended and you're not smart
Or you're just an a$$hole who loves telling people when you think they are wrong
Your Universal knowledge is equal to the backwards version of a black hole

So pick up your words, pack 'em up and then just leave
Your condescending attitude ain't rubbing off on me
You won't like me when I'm mad at you, I get big and green
You used to be a rapper-'til you took an "aero" to the knee

*This references both Edgar Allan Poe and the word "Poetry"
**The Pit and the Pendulum and The Mask of Red Death are famous Edgar Allan Poe works

Good Luck!


Go chase these girls, I'll chase my dreams
I can observe black holes, and star seeds.
You want to shoot holes in us - you see
Yet I am the one that knows why we bleed!
I know why we have sex on a cosmic level
This was my endeavor; why am I so clever?
You'd know, if you knew what you severed
The moment you forgot how to remember!

Where's your inner child, did it get caught in your mire?
When did you ever try to transpire in flames that run higher?
What about the demons that drag you down to be their sire?
You better look now! What's left of you is burning up in fire!
I can only imagine you writing on a piece of paper at a desk
Which is why you always write like you are short of breath
Go and write yourself off, keep your blood pressure in check
It's not like you wrote anything short of violence from the west!

You are just as important as the fireworks every fourth of July
Nobody with a mind that sees through the lies could ever deny
Your facetious pride is nothing to my life, day and night
Get your patriotic fries out of my king-sized container of sprite!
I can deliver my words like a bad waiter that delivers food to the table
I balance every order as an instigator that slithers through your favor
I need not speak with a cordial razor; I can blither while being stable
I'll deal with your disorder without a bracer, for I am the Shadow Chaser!

I have the wings of a phoenix; get some water, you're gonna need it

I have the wings of a sphinx; you will get slaughtered, just leave this

I have the rings of a tree; my wisdom is older than your insults, so sit

I have the rings of cosmology; my big run is bolder than your pithe!

I am the Man; I am the Damned; I am the life and I am the strife!

I command this god forsaken land; I am the sight and I am the night!

Your brain is still stuck in the sand; it must be a delight to be so blind!

You will never be able to reprimand he who became god from your grime!
Debate Round No. 3


I hear a cry in the night as I open my eyes to the sky,
A guy beguiled by his own mind who died minus a fight,
A crappy rapper and a bad philosopher to boot,
Makes up trash and then acts as if he is smarter than you

Half of my opponent's lines literally don't seem to mean sh*t
It's like he took a rhyme dic* and put in random words where they fit
You're bewitched by my song and the pen is my instrument
I can "write" your wrongs if you just admit, give in, and quit

I AM like a firework, so thanks for the compliment
I'll leave your body burnt and dump you in a coffin, man
Let my colors burst like Katy, your only hue is "burnt" sienna
If we were both tattoos today, I'd be real and you'd be henna**
Your Universe will pass away, with God I'll last forever
While for heaven I will pray, you'll rot down in Gehenna

So I suppose you're naturally inclined to find fire
It's very possible, actually, to set "aero"sols alight
It's improbable that you will survive this very night
Call it Bug's Life, you're getting squashed like a termite

He's a cow, with all his "udderly" confusing words
He chews cud and eats dirt with a brain full of worms
My polysyllabic verbs will f*cking murder this verse
And he'll hurt, nurse his burns, and curse the day of his birth

Ahora es un buen momento para morir!***
You aren't as smart as you wish to appear
If you can tell me why a human bleeds,
Inform me why to you it's happening

Thanks for the debate. Please type only "pass" next round to fit debate rules.

*Short for dictionary
**Henna tattoos are temporary, like him
***Spanish for "Now is a good time to die!
Debate Round No. 4
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by hellojohn 7 years ago
Uh, this is just tragic. Two grown men having a rap battle on a debating site. Get back in the bedroom and give your partners some love.
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Domr 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Mind-Surmise; Kind-Time; Record-Wrecker. Many of Con's rhyme's seemed forced. I actually did enjoy both raps, but the forced rhyming invokes a vote FOR PRO.
Vote Placed by lannan13 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had a better flow .

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