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Rap Battle

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Started: 1/23/2015 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a rap battle. Anyone who is up for this challenge will be obliterated! lol Bring it on!
The rules are you can rap about anything. The same rules as 8mile only typing! lol


I accept. Post your opening rap battle in R2.
Debate Round No. 1


This goes to that1user its time to be annihilated
You'll end up the loser cause you are the ill- fated
Your rap in round 2 will be useless and slated
Your left in the dark - mind is blank - pupils dilated
You've got nothing on me, you aint s**t your overrated

My rhymes are sic, its time you sh*t a brick
When you realise your about to take a lot of stick
Whats with the pic? You aint a hot chic
You aint Princess Peach but a parasitic leech
Practise what you preach so lay off of the rapping
Your so out of reach so go back to what you do best - fapping


This goes to Krissy
Why did you insult me?
What did I do to you?
For you to attack me out of the blue?
Would you be so kind
To adopt a different state of mind
And be more friendly?

Your argument is baseless
Your caseless
Your faceless

You've been on here
For an entire year
Yet no one knows ye
But everyone knows me

I'm overated?
You're dated.
You've been here
An entire year
And you've never debated

As you can see
I have refuted the arguments of Krissy
If he really wants to challenge me
He'd debate me directly.
Debate Round No. 2


yo check round mutha f****n one two three
I love you and you mean everything to me
I take back what I said and I wish that we could be
Friends instead of mutha f****n enemees

BWA HA HA HA HAA You didn't fall for that sh*t did you?
Your rhymes are wack and your slating is due

This is a rap battle not a a picnic meet and greet
So hear the barrage of boos aimed at you - your well and truly beat

I'll be friendly and give some friendly advice
You should give up rapping before you pay the price
And make a fool of yourself for being too nice
This is a rap battle between two men not two mice

You have been overrated in many a debate
You not so hard to beat unless your opponent is eight

No one knows me here yet 2000 fans know me elsewhere
How many people know you on this website? I don't care
Cause life aint about success you had on this website incase your unaware
You try to prove your popularity but I'll still win this battle fair and square

so lets challenge in the future on a topic with which your familiar
I will be ready to debate on any topic in particular
I will challenge you directly and will word my way to victory
For you to win and beat me would be highly unlikely

your rapping sucks
So good luck
In round 3
You'll be cast off as muck


That1User forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by UnderdogRising 3 years ago
My name's Underdog Rising I'm a ten year Hiphoppa who has actually won real battles. The1user is basically the only one with a direct rebuttal. He was also smart enough to realize that his opponent has had an account for a year and never debated. Both parties have terrible rhyme usage with very little slant rhymes "Slant rhyming is a technique mastered by Rakim that involves using non direct rhymes. Rhyming bat with cat is a direct rhyme. Rhyming time with rewind is a slant rhyme." They also failed to break out of a typical A A B B rhyme pattern. Proper rhyming takes things like multis and "in" rhymes. I know it's fun to try Rhyming. Just know there are real Hip Hop artists that will see it.
Posted by That1User 3 years ago
Posted by That1User 3 years ago
I'll accept if you go first in R2.
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