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Rap Battle

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Started: 2/4/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round One acceptance (You may post a rap along with the acceptance, I don't really care, round one doesn't count anyways).

Round two and three we rap. There is a 16 line limit for each round. Your lines can be like this [and in this case these "lines" only count as "two lines"], but I don't recommend it since long lines don't make good raps:

Random stuff, random stuff, insulting opponent with my rap, make a pun, make him snap, something that rhymes with stuff, guff, guff, I need junk to give an example of "four lines" that can count as two lines in technicality
Some bluff, some bluff, capturing my judges with my taps, fun a ton, don't do this, because now you see it's terrible, yeah yeah yeah yeah, insert some more words here because I've run out of them, something that rhymes with technicality


I'm prepped to accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Oh look, it's Bensharp, or shall I call you Sir Stink of Brain Farts
All yellow, rottin', an' lookin' worse than the Simpsons' Bart [1]
I work as a CEO of a business, he's a poor cashier at Kmart
I can afford thousands of Honda Accord Hybrids [2]
While he can only play with his Mario GoKart's [3]

With a single line I'm able to eject you out to a grave
"I'm sorry Dave", [4] your sins are just so bad even Jesus can't save
Go back to yo mamma and hide in a cave
You belonged to the Planet of the Apes, anyways

I've got so many hidden tricks/trix [5] up my sleeve
I'm like the glorious knight riding on his servant rabbit steed
Pushin' him, crushin' him, down with my pressurin' weight,
He becomes so deformed he looks like he's becomin' unmade

There's no way you can counter what I said
I beat you up so badly you'll need more than just med's [6]
To me, you're as harmless as a cute cuddy ted

[1] Bart Simpson is a main character from the Simpsons who is extremely stupid.
[2] Honda Accord Hybrid is the top-rated hybrid card in the US.
[3] A go-kart is just a virtual fake car from Mario, with no gears, no horns, no mirrors, and basically absolutely nothing useful excepet for the accelerator and the brake
[4] "Eject" is a reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which the robot states, "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you jeapardize this mission". However, this is in more of a sarcastic tone.
[5] Rabbit. Trix. Tricks. It's a word pun based on the commercial. Search up "trix are for kids commercial".
[6] Med's=medics, medical [treatment]


That was 100 percent crap
A rap from a chap with a handicap

I'm cool like Bart but smart and sharp like Mozart.
The only biz you own is failing
But only cuz I'm a whiz at impaling
So mind your own before it gets blown.

My name is Jesus so I can save myself
Paid for your sins with my rhymes - they're top shelf
My momma is the Dalai Lama, Yours is Osama
I added the comma to add extra drama to that trauma

The only trix you have are scaring chicks and eating dix
I don't need to counter what you said when I'm already ahead
You've just had a merciless beating
Now go heal yourself with some overeating
Debate Round No. 2


What was that, your inscription on your welcome mat?
Thank you for your compliments, *you deserve some claps*
But obviously, we're not in a lame funky jass class
Your lines are just little taps, [1] not even mediocre raps

Half of your junk didn't make the least sense
The rest is crumblin' down, a very poor defense
I play you like you're the puppet in my hands
I'm the mastermind here, you have to follow all of my commands

Think more carefully next time fool, before you accept
Otherwise you'll lose even before the start, 'cause you're so inept
You won't understand anything I say, you have zero depth
So sad and helpless, wantin' to suicide with some meth

My opponent didn't even try to spittin' anythin' substaintial
No matter what he tries, he will lose, the outcome ain't just circumstantial
You'd be servin' the lowest ranked member even in a cult
Give up, you're the one who's been beaten to a pulp

[1] Taps is a type of step in Jazz dance, as the reference to "funky jazz class". As for the word play, usually in jokes we call them "punch lines", so "taps" are even weaker than "punch-lines".


Inscription on a welcome mat?
Your lines are as offensive as my domestic cat
My lines have unmatched quality
All you spit is lengthy frivolity

I recommend taking that Jazz class perhaps
Learn to put some pizzazz in your raps
From start to finish we have a clear winner
One is a beginner that the other ate for dinner

Next time just send mail your resignation letter
This character assassination couldn't have been better
Vote pro if you play in his puppet show
Vote con if you know what's going on
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jamstar 3 years ago
Khalid u sket if i was u i would sit down
At the end of the day ur nothing but a clown
Posted by khalid090 3 years ago
ayyy what you man saying. yalll a bitches for debatingting
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
Do a rape battle b1tch
Posted by Esiar 3 years ago
Descu rae thaek rae haeah gre rae shaeah.
Descu rae Yateh sabaaoth diglica yema shiicaa.
Se loom pe Jaessloess Raehotariesha. Haloluyah.
Descu eae ionai halay numac eca pela shumac.
Ma kakki debed kai igi, eki ibah eyoai shaeko selah.
Halao asik aba aimek, ma kakki igi ma griemk.
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