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Rap Battle

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Started: 3/20/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Con takes the first round, meaning he starts following this in Round 1. He will pass on Round 4 to even out the rounds.

Failure to type anything other than "pass" in the final round will result in a full ff.

Voting will work as follows

Con R1- Pro R2
Con R2 - Pro R3
Con R3 - Pro R4

Then Con will pass his R4

Above judges shall vote on the rounds and whom they thought won that round. There are 3 rounds total, meaning this can go one of two ways. Either a 3 - 0 or a 2 - 1. This is select a winner, so award the person the victory that edged the two rounds.

Things to Look for when judging

(1) Depth
(2) Strength of Bars
(3) Personals
(4) Punch Lines
(5) Schemes
(6) Flow
(7) Jokes
(8) Lyrics
(9) Word Play
(10) Aggression

None of these are in any particular order, and it will be subjective but that is normally how rap battles are judged minus flow because we are typing. If you need an example of what a real rap battle is take a look at the first round in the video I posted.

The battle starts at 9 and goes to like 14 for the first round if you want to see a real battle with some good line. That first round is legendary


I accept.

....cough cough....

Mikal made me go first, so he could get the last word,

But I’ll make it clear now, his plan sails no smoother than the flight path of a dead bird

I mean, is this ish not absurd? Even I would be a little bit perturbed!

The president resorts to child’s play to get his own way?

Luckily for him, I’ve leeway to spare

But to be honest, he’s a bit of a dumbass for even attempting to dare.

I have a tendency to leave people bare, I inhibit repair.

I mean it’s only fair

You challenge me and you will meet nothing, but permanent despair, that of which,

There is no compare.

But don’t be scared, even though I’m only a novice, at least I’m one at the head of my chair.

Mikal is thinking now; contemplating and awaiting pancakes in his mom’s downstairs baseme…

I mean Lair.

Trying to clean all that white sh^t out of his hair.

Mikal I’m going to turn you into my B!tch and my concessionaire

Kinda like how I did your mom in our affair, except without the remains of her cervical smear

After this you’ll have no more career,

you’ll be begging to have my autograph and a congenial beer

Raps like mine are 100 time more than rare.

I just hope you’re religious because to pull through this, you are going to need a few prayers.

I’ve seen Mikal try to rhyme before, but he just sounds stressed.

He had to leave the site 3 or 5 times under duress.

To be honest it sounds like you’re just depressed.

If only you had a non-fictional woman to caress.

We’re all starting to notice that you’re a little suppressed

We’re starting to wonder if you were a victim of Catholic Molest

Stuff anymore pieces of chicken down your chest, you’ll go into cardiopulmonary arrest

We get it man, You’ve got Zest

But this eating habit of yours is simply unblessed

Do yourself a favor and just try to avoid the downtown Nacho fests.

Now, let’s change this up!

Not to be abrupt! but Mikal my beats are corrupt.

Yep they’re dirty as fuk,

Taller than a 10 foot truck, oh yea and unlike you’re mom,

They’re worth more than a buck, now let’s get this straight

Your raps work on luck,

your votes come from fanboys, who are just suckin’ your nuts

you’re are god damn clutz, who messes around with sluts

Just kidding you’re too busy contorting your filthy hentai nuts,

You’ve got zero guts while I’ve got hundreds of cuntz

And if we’re talking weed, I’ve got hundreds of blunts

Just kidding; drugs are for chumpz

Mikal I’m The atheist DDO God, and its funny because I’m not even a Mod

My rhymes reign from hell like the wrath of Jihad

You’re an ignorant sod, with a flabby, fat bod

I’m what happens when you mix Tupac with G.I.Joe

I’m your worst Fe Fy Foe

Crush you like you’re Humpty Dumpty though

Hell, I’ll make it a show

I’m not your regular Joe

I steal the flo’

I make that doe

Sh*t by the time this rap is done, I’LL be president of DDO

Debate Round No. 1


Welcome to your eulogy , I'm glad you could finally make it
Fame and glory await if you can beat me, all you have to do is take it
I smell the fear inside of you boy, there's no reason to try and fake it
I'm hitting home runs while your still stuck hitting base hits

So what's good my nigga, your about to regret that you arrived
This is an interview with a vampire, you may not finish this alive
Like I said I know your scared , so keep calm and go take five
Putting a demon against a mortal, how do you even expect to survive

I just want to make this clear, I'm the type of guy to end your career before you premier
I got 365 bullets, and yes that means there's one for every day of the year
Why would you volunteer yourself to live in a everlasting and eternal fear
I got two guns named pen and Keller, they spit magic and its the type to make you disappear

People call me a stand up guy, and I'm starting to think that their right
I'll stand up to put you down just to teach you a lesson about life
I may be white but I'm the type that always wants to fight
Lay hands on you and give you the Holy Spirit then make your soul take flight

There's a metaphorical divide between us lyrically and the gap keeps get wider
It's as large as the gap in between your girls teeth, so you should really hide her
Your btch got bumps on her azz, she is the definition of a rough rider
So fat she would eat her kids, I guess she kind of resembles a spider

So let me keep it 100 with you, I planned to rebuttal your whole round
Then after I read it I noticed that nothing in it was even profound
Way to many bars, and no punch behind em, you ran your self in the ground
That entire round was you trying to scream but never even making a sound

So keep your overextended bars and drawn our schemes that make no sense
The lack of proper metaphors and lyrical mastery made the delivery seem tense
there is so much awkward in the room from that round that Its actually dense
So fuk killing you, your already dead and that puts meaning to past tense


In his last rap the president spit some trashy crap,

Pretended to be black and in general sounded like he was on crack, I think he had a fuking lyrical asthma attack.

While this was going on I made the anthem to a sound track; earned a stack, made love to his mother from the back; and proceeded to hit the sack.

B!tch you’re glad I’m back, struggling to rhyme nearly gave you a heart attack, your writings are the odorous definition of a nut sack.

Sh^t, don’t mean to back track, I’m just shocked by the slack and the lack of proper rap. Just hold on a minute I’m about to pull out my melodic strap, bust a cap, make it yap and wake you up in a cold snap, look down maybe you’ll notice you’ve got the clap.

Your raps are those of a dumb sap, cross Me, you’ll take a hefty dirt nap. You’re mother really loves to take rides on my burly lap, I put it in her wet flap filled her with my cervical cap, ah sh!t, now I guess I’ve got the clap. Call me Mr. Crabs

Call me taxi cabs because Im giving you a ride straight to your nonexistent future, after this the doctor will have to examine your cranial suture. My rhymes cause reformation call me Martin Luther. Im the Junior Varsity Novice so call me Martin Luther Junior. I never give up so call me malignant tumor with humor. Compared to you I’m young, intellectually call me an early bloomer cause in this rap I’m acting as your superior and your tutor. Damn just Call me a head strong trooper living life like its one long blooper.

Debate Round No. 2


Took a Sword to his throat and then played Hackey sack with his head as others fled
Shreaded his flesh and proceeded to spread the blood on my face as I started to see red as he bled
I don't even need lead beacuse dread is ahead and bitchez guna drop dead in my stead
Last supper that he breaks bread before I death mark him and put him to bed like I'm zed

I'm evil, demented , and I got a sick type of mind
For even battling me , I should charge you for my Time
Btch you lost why even try this ladder, no need to climb
I'll always be on another level , I'm like optimus prime

I'll set your soul on fire and give you an early ticket to hell
I really do believe in Angels because your like lucifer when he fell
Dispell the spell around you, that's what you call breaking your shell
Leave Dna everywhere as I start to count your cells

I only need 16 bars to kill you and that's keeping it real
Lyrically your still in boot camp while Im a navy seal
Peel back the lies around you as you get on one heel
Kneel before your master as I brand you with my seal


I’ve already won, I’m a king and you’re my illegitimate son, the slaughter has just begun, your illiterate raps make this easy and way too fun.

you’re a failed exhibitionist and that isn’t even a pun, you’re the kid who gets bullied and takes it out with dad’s gun,

too far? Ah sh+t, bet that one stung, as did my holy bullet as it passed through your metaphorical lung,

child how did you think you could escape your lords omniscient gaze, I saw through your plan and shot you down with indifferent laze,

I’ve set this beat ablaze, rocked it with lyrical craze, my lyrics are complex like an underground cartel maze,

I put the girls in a daze then I concede to appraise, these goddesses want it in more than just 50 ways, that’s why I have 1 or 2 over 9,000 baes, the method’s deep in my plays, found in this melodic phrase, being god and a devil literally fuc+ing pays, watch my life it utter amaze, I’ve rocked this ish back into my parent good old days…

Hey Mikal, great round…just so you know I didn’t mean anything Ive said, Its all sport, look forward to your last round!


Debate Round No. 3


Just to show my disrespect, im bout to hex this guys soul
Flex my power and before he realizes it, his life has been stole
Hes next on my list so i'm bout to body his body and put him in hole
The effects of this battle are complex so ima treat him like he broke parole

You challenged a legend and you did your best
You stood up to test yourself and were put to the test
To even battle me you should consider yourself blessed
This is a never ending quest because I will never lose or rest

I'll end this battle with my conscious clear even though I took it to another gear
I killed a friend that I revere, at the cost of me shedding some tears
If i killed someone I like, think I would I would do to people that aren't sincere
I'll body anyone at anytime, it's like the holocaust in here the way people run in fear

Dissect you mentally and break you down piece by piece
Release my anger as your life span starts to decrease
Send your soul to Hades, so your lease on life will cease
I'm your undertaker so tombstone you so you can rest in peace
Debate Round No. 4
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by Turtlebro 3 years ago
I just think this is awesome
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Commondebator 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had much better flow and more sophisticated lines. Con had rhymes had much simpler rhymes with little references. Pro had more references (biblical) and better word play. When it comes to lyrics, con not only lacked sophistication but his insults were bland. In many of Pro's insults, they were supported and elaborated by a reference which makes a genius bar. Spelling and grammar, sources, and conduct was a tie. Pro's insults were actually correct because they were towards his raps. Also, cons rap were vague but pro's rap (in regards to the dissection) were very descriptive and vivid. Overall, Im awarding pro the 3 points because of the sophistication, wordplay, insults, and the subtle references.
Vote Placed by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: This was a fun read. I voted 3-0 pro for a few reasons. In the first section, con didn't really have beat for most of the rap. Toward the end he had a best that was easy to read, but overall when it comes to lyrics, I feel like most of con's lines were empty threates and disses. This goes the same for the whole rap battle. Of course, pro had those too (almost every good rap battle includes a fair amount of those), but he also had some ground to stand on and some legitimate disses. Pro could definitely work on having a better beat, but his was more consistent and in some sort of time than con's was. I think what con should do next time is do some digging on his opponent to get some legitimate disses. Even if the reader doesn't get it, it's easy to tell which disses are legitimate.