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Rap Battle

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Started: 4/23/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap battle plain and simple.


Ah what a foo I met on this app.
You think you can get a seat next to the god of
Rap, posting stupid shiz trying to get at me.
Well son, if you want it, first grow a D.

Thats the grade you get for rap ya in fo.
Trying to get at me? Aint plain and simple.
I've got a phD going with the flow, yo.
You? You ain't even making this show.

As the king of debate, I can rate your hate, but wait, why I even trying mate? Ha!
Fool, bring ya lyrics back home and revise
cuz debating someone my size aint wise, fool.
Debate Round No. 1


ALright why are you trying to act tough?
last time I saw your mom and me got rough
have you had enough?
I made her choke and cough
hahaha Im just kidding mate don't get depressed
In reality my lyrics will leave you perplexed

People acting like they know how to rhyme
They are so weak it should be considered a crime
This is all you bring?
Let me guess all you talk about is bling
waiting for that time to wear the gold ring
but guess what
reality will catch up and hurt like a bee sting

Im tired of hearing people who think they have skill
the spider in your room you couldn't even kill
I rip the fabric of the space time and the existence of time within the dimmentional
Leave you in pieces your lyrics aren't very conventional.
Travel at the speed of light with my mind
im at a higher existence where you can't see me as if you're blind
while you busy worrying about your next rhyme
Im busy figuring out how to keep the continuation of time


This next level krap ya talkin bout mate?
Spitting out shiz ya think is causin some hate?
Im the king of da flow, crushin haters on the regular...
Your rhymes so irregular, even nyes getting secular.

What sick losa says he's kiddin in a rap?
Let me tell ya something, I aint kiddin when I
map your fat azz t'wat on ma lap.
The chick ya adore, haha, say hi to pap.

Ya know what? I think its time to write a law
The constitution shall forbid all baby rhymers trying to claw
into da hood. Where real niggas who actually know how to rap.
Ya writing this on ya resume gonna get ya krap? Ha
Debate Round No. 2


Ight son first of all i am in no way gay
If you want a man to lap dance you then thats okay
but don't drag me into your homo living ways
id rather not hear about your queer phase
You're just giving me ammo to shoot you straight down
you have weak writing skills so how about you pipe down

Also why you gotta rhyme the same lines every single time?
Can't you see the sign?, im winning with my lyrics sublime
or do you think that you are good enough to challenge me?
Ill throw your body into the Baltic sea.

saying I have baby rhymes man look at the mirror
I can end you anytime when I pull that trigger
you want better rhymes? I can deliver a lot more complicated
I can formulate rhymes never once heard or fabricated
I extortionate asphyxiate and I exterminate
Any fool that comes up to me I will annihilate
That law you made up yourself I will decriminalize.
Prepare for the next round for it shall be your demise


Why, in de mirror do I see the righteous one
strikin down babies who shud be aborted? Son
Ya aint got nothing to compare with me just sayin.
Ha, ya think ya words too big for my brain?

Well ya know what? Time to step up the rhyme.
Imma first define the crime of grime line design.
Recline and confine ya, assign swine valentine.
By the time ya confessing, ya shot with a nine.

Tryin to kill me? When will ya see?
While ya givin bizzare krap, I givin ya girl D.
Screaming and shouting be pleasing to ma ear.
Why you wiping ya tear? I though ya were trying to
compare me. But ya can't get near.
You are the ohm, I am the ampere.
I be shooting through ya like a short circuit.
I outrule you fool, ya shud've been a hermit.
Debate Round No. 3


HAHAHA your rhymes are going downward every time
they get worse and worse for the sake of mankind
just stop because people's eyes and ears hurt
so you with my girl? I just made yours squirt

Just because you rhyme words doesn't mean nothing
it doesnt mean it makes sense its as if your're bluffing
assign swine valentine?
Im still sitting here waiting for the punch line
hahaha cmon man cant you see the reality?
You clearly have a congenital abnormality

What does me being a hermit have anything to do?
your rhymes are so weak they should be set up for judicial review
So how about you just give up and back wayyy down
we don't want any stains on your tiny pink night gown
you rhymes don't seem to be very recent
forget that they aren't even damm near decent


You laugh, but evidently ya covering ya sorrow.
Everybody knows you won't live to see tomorrow.
The hoe you fucked last night? Man ya can have her.
Aint got time cuz i be pimpin on the regular.

Lemme explain simple shiz to you, fool.
Ya gonna be used by jail pigs like a tool.
Punch line you want? How bout fisting in the hole?
C'mon pretty boy, they gonna love you fo sho.
Oh my lord, your anus just got bigga! Ha!
Even ya momma says she be caring less, nigga.

Ya know what, I like the way you think.
I be wearin' tiny pink while you get in in the stink.
I be the pig mascot while my pigs introduce
sweet juice in ya loose sluice, trying to reproduce.
The current be so fast ya might be induced.
You'll be so overused, you will seduce for abuse.

(since I went first I will post nothing for round 5. Good battle!)
Debate Round No. 4


So this battle seems to come to an end
I gotta say you can defend
but rest assure i still wont go easy
Time to drop of your body once again in Tbilisi

Lets see how you handle this final blow
I bet afterwards you'll end up living in skid row
I'll be so far ahead im in another dimension
I can feel your eyes full of apprehension
Because you know that you can't talk back
I rhyme solo now giving you a heart attack
I can match up and max the character's limit
However I do not want to leave you in the animal exhibit

This is the final blow and the end of the conclusion
Afterwards you will need a blood transfusion
all in all you did put up a good fight
but you should already buy that ticket for your flight
von voyage hopefully this wasn't that shameful
and yea sure this was delightful
but you never stood a chance
you rap as if you are in a trance


End of Debate
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Rainyi 3 years ago
Posted by KingCooper160 3 years ago
this sucks
Posted by wheatises2153 3 years ago
this is by far the worst thing ive seen all month....
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