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Rap Battle

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Started: 5/17/2015 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Yo, let's start this up,
Fighting for the Rapping Cup.
I'm here to smack you.
Just hope you brought a tissue.
First round's for the start,
To present our special art.
Second round's for the core.
Be sure you're not a bore.
Third round's to wrap it up,
To see who wins the Rapping Cup.


My name's sillydebater, and I'll fight for the Cup.
You can call me your waiter, 'cause I'm ready to serve it up.

So listen close, Oreo two-two-two,
Now's your chance to show me what you can do.
But it don't matter, 'cause when I'm through with you,
You're going to be the one crying boo-hoo-hoo.

Which is funny, since you say I'll be the one who needs a tissue.
Well, you've got an issue if you think my attacks will miss you.
But once you see just how hard I'm gonna diss you,
You're gonna really wish you had your mommy here to kiss you.

My intro's done, It's time for the fun.
On your marks, get set, now shoot the gun.
Show me how fast you really can run.
On to round two, it's the end of round one.
Debate Round No. 1


You call that rapping? My grandma could do it better.
Now sit in the corner while she knits you a sweater.
Your petty little arguments make me wanna laugh.
Which is funny since you're a jester with his wits cut in half.

Ooh! look at me! I'm sitting on my throne,
While this itty-bitty jester juggles swords newly honed.
Soon on his knees to God he'll be praying.
I'd ask him which one but right now he's "Not Saying."

I'm a master at this game. Just call me "Imabench."
Whereas you're like my dog outside playing fetch.
Speaking of dogs, could you take him outside?
So you don't hide your face like Ariana's right side.

Collab with Timberlake so you can "Cry Me a River."
Shoot me with an arrow. I promise I won't quiver.
You'll be crying in the corer after all of this is done.
I got 99 problems and you're number 1.


I'm your #1 problem, you've got that right.
You're just like your dog, all bark, no bite.
You say you're "Imabench"? Are you kidding me?
Instead of 'EN' you should have typed 'IT'.

Yeah, I'm a jester. I'm sillydebater.
I like to ham it up, so don't be a hater.
But why are you Oreo? That's not hard riddle.
It's 'cause you're black on the outside, but white in the middle.

Prayin' to God? Yeah, I'll be your preacher.
Sit down my student, and listen to teacher.
I've read your rap and I'm givin' it a 'C',
'Cause 'C'-rap is all that you're showin' to me.

So get off your throne, don't forget to wipe and flush.
Run along now, your grandma needs her mush.
I've shot my arrow and it's hit you in the chest.
It's the final round. Let's see what you've got left.
Debate Round No. 2


Oreo's the name of my dog, you silly jester.
She's black and white, and compared to you she's a lot better.
A teacher ain't a preacher as I seem to recall.
'Cause if you're a teacher, then I'm headmaster over all.

A throne ain't a toilet, as I'm certain you can tell.
Your lack of distinction just makes me wanna yell.
Call me Willy Wonka, 'cause my rhymes are so delicious.
I'm an excellent rapper. You might say I'm "Fergalicious."

You might say that I'm a fighter, like Muhammad Ali.
'Cause I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
Your puny little arrow only bounced off my armor.
Now let me drop da bomb like those guys at Pearl Harbor.

You can tell that I'm gonna win this Rapping Cup.
'Cause my words are like a glock, shooting Round 2 up.
My grandma got mush, to throw in your face.
Then spit in your eye, since she'd beat you in any race.

I've shown you what I got left, and it's the backhand of my right.
So run along now. Get out of my sight.
I don't mean to be rude. I'm just saying how it is.
You say I got a "C," but you failed my pop quiz.


A porcelain throne is where you plop your behind.
A preacher is a teacher of the spiritual kind.
I'm amazed at some of the things you don't know.
You're either new to the language, or perhaps a bit slow.

You can sling your pop references left and right,
But it's wit, not pop, that's gonna to win this fight.
While pop culture changes from season to season,
Here at DDO we value time-tested reason.

Looking at our arguments, which will last longer?
20 years from now, who's rap will be stronger?
Oreo's will be full of people from the past,
Mine is the one that, over time, will last.

So to the voters: it is now your time.
Make your decision of who's made the best rhymes.
And when deciding who to make king, and who pawn,
You'll see this Con's a pro, and that Pro's just a con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's witticisms appeal more to my sense of humor. Overall, Con's jabs at Pro are more subtle and Con does more to deconstruct Pro's self-aggrandizement than Pro does to Con. My favorite is "So get off your throne, don't forget to wipe and flush" -- that actually had me laughing out loud.