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Rap Battle

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Started: 1/27/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Serious debating always is the best,
However there is a thing to say about all the rest,
Like rap battles that we don't see enough,
Where people really show that they're tough.

I like my opponent to start with a bang,
Something to make us all say "Dang!"
Because they're going to have to give it their all,
Otherwise I will make sure that they fall.

I usually have rules,
So all the ignorant fools,
Will not make stupid claims,
There are quite a list of names

But let's go all out right here,
Fill each others hearts with fear,
An all out match is what I need,
and on your defeat I will feed.

So to my opponent I wish the best of luck,
Hopefully their rhymes don't suck,
I know not everyone has the skill,
When I'm finished you'll have your fill.

So I am open to discuss,
Anything to cause a fuss,
In this debate I wish to see,
Someone as good as me.


I won't be just as good as you, but better
after this, you wouldn't possibly be any deader
I promise I won't be a bore
This'll be a bigger battle then the first two World Wars

I'ma bullet-spewing strider
Coming at ya like a viper
Spraying venom in your eyes, enough to make your eyes burn
And I've heard

You've never done one of these before
So before I make you head for the door
I'm gonna tell you why my raps will be bad*ss to the core
And why comparing you and me would be like a pimp to a wh*re

For one thing,I've done way more of these things, and most of them won
while you were probably in the corner with a finger up your bum
It's over son
If you want to end it now, I'll load up the gun

I'm the more despicable
I'm like a criminal
my rhymes are critical
while yours are pitiful

I just have one more thing to say
If I may
Before I keep the rest of my rap in bay
For today
I think it's pretty gay
To do a debate all about songs from Anime
All I wanted to say...
Debate Round No. 1


Laugh I do boy,
Go play with your little toy,
A baby you are,
You will not go far,

For I know I am better,
I'm gonna get'er
Your just a raggedy doll,
I'm king of it all,

Ya spit if you will,
When I'm done you'll have nil,
For I have more skill,
And I'll make my kill.

Hey bud listen up,
Your just a young pup,
Put your tail between you legs a shakin,
I know that you are in your rhymes just a fakin.

Hey from what I've seen,
Your winnings amount to sh"t,
Your not very keen,
Your mind is not fit,

To stand up to me you either have strength,
Or your just plain dumb,
But your tiny force does lack length,
SO I know it's the latter one.

Yes you have done more things,
Yet your still in the pit,
So my voice rings,
You are a dumb sh"t.

Yes you do match despicable defined,
Because of your arrogant mind,
While I'm the one people desire,
Your rhymes don't light any fires.

Ok you incompetent arrogant bsh,
You make me sneeze and itch and itch,
With rage I am filled,
You are so unskilled,
I should really give you the switch.

Oh I assure you you"ll pay,
And learn you just may,
That from me these rhymes,
Set off the chimes,

I just want to say in conclusion,
The garbage from this boy is confound,
The image he makes is an illusion,
And I will knock it down to the ground.


You think saying the word sh#t's gonna get you a win?
Thats just gonna get your raps in the trash bin
I'll snap your shins
faster than a Christian says a Hymn
Thats what it truly takes to earn a win

A baby huh?
Thats a really dumb
That raps been used as much as I've c#m
Ya chum
I'll chew you up and spit you out like gum
By the end of this, you'll have a hole in your head and my foot up your bum

My #ss is on your lips
give it a little kiss
that'll be the only way you'll catch the ball the world hits
By being a b#tch
Or else you'll be lying in a ditch
Being being knocked out by the curveball the world pitched

so much crap coming from your throat, I'm surprised you don't wheeze
My tail is between my legs squeezed?
B#tch please
There's more holes in your brain than a slice of Swiss cheese
Now step down to the king and get down on both knees

To fight me, you must have some balls
Unfortunately, those just got chopped off
By the boss
Time to get some gauze
And tape it up while screaming "SH#T, I LOST!"
Debate Round No. 2


I don't need to use any profanity,
Unlike you I'm not filled with insanity,
And if one of us is even going to the dump,
It's you 'cause your the main dumb chump.

Alright your a toddler,
Barely speaking yet,
When you rhyme your a dawdler,
My standards ain't met,

Yes you are an azs,
All you do is pass gas,
While I am top of class,'
Your not even above grass.

SO come on boy,
All you do is annoy,
An annoying Mc D toy,
I'd rather enjoy.

Do you know how to rhyme?
Why waste time,
Thinking your skills are up to mine,
But go on keep tryin,

For My skills are all better,
I told you already,
I'm the Irish setter,
Your like bad spaghetti.

Besides the matter of rhyming,
Work on your timing,
A pattern I don't see,
You got a brain injury?

Come on son,
My little sister can beat you,
I'll make you run,
Like your gas after beef stew.

Now is the time bitsh,
You'll need to buy a damn winch,
Because your going down.
I'll make sure you drown.

In my success you'll fail,
Can you understand?
I will certainly prevail,
Then you'll see the brass, man.

Well to cap it all off
Uh hem, *cough cough
My opponent just wants to be beaten,
Like the gunk at the bottom of a water trough,
Him, I'll sure be defeatin'.


Barely speakin' yet huh?
Passin' gas?
Are you mental or something?
What kind of rap is that?

Top of the class?
More like the class clown
Pay attention to this lesson
I'm about to bring your asz a notch down

See, it's aszholes like you
That I hate on this sight
Thinking they're so cool
Cuz they stepped up to the Mic

Standards? I don't see any at all
the only one for getting a girl for you is that they don't have balls
You will fall
faster than a sh#t in the stall
This is like playing with dolls

You think your so cool
your only a fool
I'll kick you in the jewels
so hard you'll be lying in a pool
of your own drool
this is like a stallion against a mule
your like a tool
in Handy Manny's box on a stool

your rhymes may be long
but that's not what counts
It's the flow of the lyrics
that makes the fans bounce

I don't see any
in your piece of trash of a rap
I'll make you drop faster
than your dying grand pap from a heart attack
Debate Round No. 3


OK here now you confuse me by saying,
You want me to stop the assault that I'm paying,
Don't you know you started this thing,
Making it seem like you had any bling,

SO I'll keep on nagging you,
You are just like a worn out shoe,
Prepare to walked on another ten rounds,
You won't last as long as a pair of *Rebounds,

You giving up?
Throwin' in the towel?
Like a tiny wolf pup,
All I hear is your howl.

Saying "stop no more",
Like a worn out little whore,
Your grammar is poor,
Just walk out that door,

Give it up your the worst,
This is not my first,
Certainly not last,
And you are just the past.

The present is me,
I represent victory,
I'm making the poetry,
The only mark you make is pee.

You ended on a personal note,
Family is key to my life,
You should take back what you wrote,
Before he attacks from the afterlife.

You wouldn't know nothing about length,
Or anything about strength,
So stop being hypocritical,
Try being more analytical

So to conclude this round that's now done,
To put this boar in his place is fun,
So let us see if he even has more,
In the following anticipated round four.


Give up? I haven't even started
your traversing into land that's widely uncharted
you and your so called "victory" will be parted
when you see me, your pants will be sharted

I'll beat you with a pail
until you'll want to bail
and when you start to wail
you'll know that you failed

Your as sharp as a marble
you continue to warble
but just face the fact: your rhymes are horrible

You continue to tread
but I'm inside your head
telling you that your dead
you get scared, cover up yourself in bed
but I pull you out, lock you in the shed
with all of your family already in their, dead

while your in there, I steal all your cheddar
your face is bright, getting redder
after a few weeks, you couldn't possibly get any deader

so clearly
you can see
your no match to me
you should probably flee
before I stab you with your own keys
and you pee
you'll be as dead as can be
I'll chomp you like a cookie
I'll drench you in more flammable sh#t than the hairspray of Snooki
you better bookie

You can't break my stride
or my jive
I'm in the sky
I can fly
lets see what kind of rhymes
come into play in round five
Debate Round No. 4


So you want to keep going,
Your rhymes are not flowing,
Your spirit that is growing,
Assuredly I'll be mowing.

So this is the last round,
But it isn't over yet,
I'll stick your face to the ground,
How much you wanna bet?

Your rhymes they stink,
You low down dirty fink,
If you even tried to think,
Your brain would be mushier then a fruit drink.

All of your rhymes,
On poetry they're crimes,
Catch up with the times,
Your not worth two dimes.

For to rhyme precisely is an art,
Yours amount to a fart,
While mine come from the heart,
Yours are from some unheard part.

Hit me with a pail?
LOL epic fail,
Listen you got mail,
Your rhyme scheme put you in jail.
Now you better bail,
Before your dead on the trail.
Listen man I will prevail.

Alright you little wench,
Sit down on the bench,
Like a good little boy,
Listen and enjoy,

While I make the music,
Yours make me too sick,
Let me teach you a new trick,
I doubt that you'll use it,

Make sure your rhymes work together,
Together like a horse on a tether,
Or cowboys and leather,
Or farmers and weather.

Don't just add them there and here,
For it makes your text look quite queer,
Weird, wacky, woefully wrong,
Lowdown, ludicrous, laughably long,

Work on your contractions,
Your completely absurd,
Use addition or subtraction,
Of a very useful word.

SO in conclusion
You Have some pointers in this last round,
Lets see if you use them,
Or if your still an idiot confound.


Stick my face in the ground?
Do you hear that sound?
It's me, snapping your fingers in half like a hell-hound
I'll chew you up and spit you out
your mangled body being ground

into the pulp that you are
you will not get far
when whats left goes into the grill until it begins to char
than I'll sh#t you out, looking like fresh tar
I'll walk into a bar

Order some liquor to use
drench your remains and light the fuse
watch you go up in flames, then juke
leaving everyone to deal with the smell, they'll be ready to puke

Teach me? you still need some lessons your self
School's in session, get the textbook off the shelf

Alliteration, as smart as it seems
In the rap world, doesn't always gleam
Farmers and weather? don't you know your agriculture?
Weather can destroy crops in a minute, leaving the dead animals prone to vultures

In my conclusion
you better say some hymns
because thats the only way
you'll possibly get a win
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
True dat,
Fat cat.
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
The difference between rapping and poetry? In rapping, Brian curses.
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Reasons for voting decision: I do beleive that pro won this rap battle, although con side used more swear words, I would like to point out that con's spelling was not up to snuff, and pro had better conduct. Overall I would give this debate to the pro side.