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Rap Battle

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Started: 2/28/2016 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm bored so let's have a rap battle. My opponent can start.


Empty streets,
Just you and your headphones.
Volume low,
Focused on the unknowns.

Hear nothing,
But the friction of your jawbones.
See nothing,
But the King being dethroned.
Eat nothing,
But the food that your body needs
Share nothing,
But the news of your goodly deeds.

Tis the life of the place of emptiness
When you alone
Only you define sexiness.
No one cares
If you're rich or you're penniless.
Problem is,
You're stuck with this loneliness
Is this how
God feels with His Godliness?

Nay brother,
He Knows and He Sees all.
He controls
Your rise or your downfall,
We're nothing
So we ask for His Guidance
"Thou art the Most Kind and Generous!"

Empty streets,
Just you and your headphones.
Volume off,
God answers all unknowns.
Debate Round No. 1


I think you got the wrong impression rap battle as in this


Haz'bat u make ur debate topic a lil'more spisfick then u can tell me if I have the wrong i'pression o'not....Haz'bat dat hmm??
Debate Round No. 2


I srry bout that
But lstn up champ
We haven ths battl
or not
cuz i cant wait fr this to strt


persianimmortal forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Looks like someone can't step up and rap.


Can't rap?
Brotha, I rap better than a Chicken snack wrap!
I spew words and all you do is YAP!
Don't blame me
I say TRUTH..I say FACT
So bring it foo...
Let's see how you react
Debate Round No. 4


Chicken snap wrap?
You kidding me?
My little brother can do better than that.
I'll tell you the truth
Here's a fact
You ain't nothing
Never are never will be
Don't understand that two people can love unconditionally
Believe a woman's life is lesser than an unborn baby
Open your eyes and see
I ain't no fool
You should learn to use a mirror properly.

(I went on your profile to learn more about you. It makes for more ammo. Feel free to check mine.)


Lis'n homes..I ain't a rapper....I'm a poet #Youwin
Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by dysgustophanes 2 years ago
*sigh* .. Beaten to the punch:

I am here to tell you of the trials.

Of the lies, implemented beguiles.
Society on a repeat like it was motherf*cking Riverside.

Here to say I ain't got nothing to prove
lest you get delirious with the smooth words that you use.

Now I'll say the rhymes will get serious,
like you just got lost in a mysterious experience.

But I'm not saying that you gotta believe, 'coz son I make it a delight when I'm trashing mc's.

than your brain stem follicles.
Now I've got you and so I'm finna follow you, into
decadent limelight.
the rhyme
just to prove I have got nothing to hide.

Rapping in an interim, a slap to the backside.

plastic gum-trees.
Heating it up to over 9000 degrees.

Your mind I'm gonna beat up
scrap monastics
rubber-johnny, or such as broken elastic.

Gimme the bone-knife, coz I'm gonna bereave
that boredom, of yours like swiss cheese.

You see--
I'm a superman 'lead,
so get ready for the critical sieve.

I come as smoke
and rap
this rhyme~
with raspy voice and anime streams
through sleepless nights.

Gonna take your
head and there's a chance

That I might
curb-stomp or filet it.
Maybe even give your a** a transplant.

Turn it 'round, and
turn it to clay, and I
don't mind.

Do you know what I mean?
Bumming around, roasting mc's.

Your rhyme dictionary
got nothing on 'deez,
for you see
I was simply never out to please.

My words, don't worry, I won't shove into your mouth
An unloaded gun pointed
north or south,
and I run my mouth even with nobody around.

And with texts I flex,
to create a veritable meltdown.

i come here to roast the mc's,
so you'd better get ready for me

The bricks,
mortar of the castle.
Nothing in my mind is going to be bashful,
when dealing with you...
You're like a plush shade of pastel;
like a car without grease on the axle.

Now you go and write some words so my retort can make some reaso
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