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Rap Battle

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Started: 3/21/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Throw down your vocab in an online rap battle

4 rounds
72 hours max time to rhyme
Voting will be complete 2 weeks after the battle

Open to any challengers!


I accept and thank my opponent for this opportunity
Debate Round No. 1


Here I go again testing unknown waters
Looks like this time I'll be battlin' some man's daughter
My flows roll gently, steadily wearing down your strength
with vocal EMP's, diseases, and supersonic speech.
These MC's elegantly fall into disorder
After I subconsciously turn them into hoarders,
They can't help but collect every rhyme I provide and go to great lengths
to share the respect they hold for me with their neighbors
I send syllables in swarms. Make old ideas transform.
I connect heaven to earth to join rose bud to thorn.
These aren't shallow attempts to discourage you from speaking,
rather cautionary warnings for the scene in which you're creeping


Bonobomoon had a great round - very classy - much respect due!
mine isn't the best metered rhyme - but it does actually have a triplet here and there that makes it hard to read
- it does actually fit on a beat though.

bold words are stressed - hyphens are rests - to get the flo and to also carry breath

I bet u thought that u could beat me in a battle
bettah bite ya tongue before ya brain begin to rattle
just warmin up till I get back upon this saddle
step out my way be fore your shattered - - I'm
- - climbing up the ladder
- - fry you in a skillet like the sizzle of the batter -
- hit the pan and get flipped over like the dog named rover - -
go - fetch- this battlez over - maybe even b4 it start
- - -and you thought that I don't have heart? -
hiphop's in my circulaytion - my goalz to save this nation 
but I'm paycing my hearts raycing and I pray for grace eraysing

my past sinz so that I winz - my skinz feelin all thoze pinz
- - - of devil worshipers with grinz - but I got inz
to the spiritual
my heart iz true to Izreal - even when the world is dizmal
I'ma make it cuz I'm abysmal and take ya to baptismal.

I'm not mean enough to battle rap you cuz your classy but I'ma murk the other guy you battled - lol
Debate Round No. 2


She says she can't battle rap
because she's not mean enough.
Didn't ree-lize it's a valid reason
to shove back for a belief in love
She pretty much gave up after her first eight bars.
and barely tried to adapt to the speed of my flows
I applied acupressure to her mind and had her seeing stars
so she retreated, fleeing to fight another time.
I will admit. My phonetic ballistics
have obtained impressive reach.
Yet they pale in comparison
to the defense imbedded in my keep.
Look at what I have become,
practicing iron shirt qigong,
A model elemental son -
Raised by the god that science calls a sun.
Casting bright lights high into the sky
for every species seeking a proper guide
I'm the hawk that ate the snake
swallowing it's tail
I devour philosophies that for centuries
gave civilizations thrills. Still
I'm one with the life force
that owns the tectonic plates
who told Pangea to divorce
into seven hostile states
I'm known by my people for the good deeds that I've done
So if you provide a potent masterpiece maybe you can join our fun


got me pullin out weapons - becuzz u can not step on
mic 1, 2 check on - my effect on - give u an erection
- - or correction cuz your intellect wrong
- cuz my dialect on - I can spit direct on
like an infection - words of this election
- wanna get my sex on - wanna get my text on
- in the public sector - I will be the next on
- I pull out my weapon - mic 1,2,3 check on.
got me pullin out weapons to step on your respect on
my style my resurrection - you need to find direction
- - or correction - cuz your intellect wrong
- cuz my dialect on - I can spit direct on
Like my deflection - of your misdirection
wanna get respect on - wanna get my text on -
in the debate sector - i will be the next on
I pull out my weapon - mic 1,2,3, check on.
Debate Round No. 3


BonoboMoon forfeited this round.


Step up - check up - ya dental when I reck upOn the mic

- my rhythm my rhymes are to delite

.The judges into voting me to win this battle

- ya only need to read aloud to feel my rattle

Saddle up this ride is getting rough - never enough without the hustle of the cuss flo

I reserve that for the muscle of rebuttal

Pro has not responded to my last flo cuz he’s busy

- now I sit and type this to myself I’m feelin dizzy

Feel like Bambi did in disney when he couldn’t find his mom

Where did I go wrong just wanted a friend to carry on

I’m talking crazy cuz I have nothing to counter rap to

Why’d moon make me act fool - now I can’t attack you.

Can’t relate the fact true - I’d win without you eff effing

Cuz moon left me guessing nothings left but I’m still questing

To finish this debate rap just to honor what I started

And to barter for a win with only writing this half hearted

So I hope that moon is in the room and we can battle again soon

- for now I leave this round shalom good afternoon.
Debate Round No. 4
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
thanks - I suck compared to when I had beats blaring - in a room with other rhymers freestlying and with pens and notebooks. Energy is contagious as far as flo.
Posted by BonoboMoon 2 years ago
nice, your last rap was your best one

good luck in the voting
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
no more rap battles until my computer is hooked to speakers. I can't write as well with headphones on cuz I feel like an idiot playing around with freestlyes before I actually write. I just wrote one for the last round.
Posted by BonoboMoon 2 years ago
lol, I was so busy this week I didn't have time to respond.

But if you wanna get your sex and text on ;) get at me Emmarie
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
loved this line, "I send syllables in swarms. Make old ideas transform.
I connect heaven to earth to join rose bud to thorn.

very classy style ;)
Posted by BonoboMoon 2 years ago
i just realized maybe like a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 64 might be better if you want to include more lines
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
sounds great - I look forward to this!
Posted by BonoboMoon 2 years ago
It's ok.

These are rules;
You must have at least 16 bars, at most 32.
It doesn't matter how you spell as long as it's clear what you're saying
example "yooz" and "enEE1" are obviously use and anyone. Spelling like this acceptable as it works off of sound, which is important
There will be three round of raps, after which 10 days of voting will take place to determine the winner

I've gotta go to a class right now, but will be back to post my first bars in like 3-4 hours

Also, if you wanted to add anything to the rules, just comment and ill make sure to follow those before I speak
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
I didn't try to duplicate post - I don't know what happened
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
yeah I'm rusty - working on one now - but I write rhymez like I say em - phonetically - so my spelling iz crazy to get it to flo right.

I yooz bold type to stress wordz and hypens to indicate pauzez - its difficult for enEE1 2 read my rhymez without ever hearing my diction.

I'm showing you an example in the first portion of this post. I can type standard American English - but rap flows better phonetically. You set the standard, it's your post. After I accept, you post round 1 and then I'll try to catch your flava, ok? I'll accept after I post this comment.
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Vote Placed by Hayd 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: pro ff so conduct to Con. Con's raps flowed better, and had better roasts. Pro's rhyming was inconsistent, sometimes he'd rhyme, and sometimes he wouldn't, it was weird.