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Rap Battle

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Started: 3/29/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ayoooooo, so the rules are as follows:

- All rapping will be audio or video submissions, none of that fake AF written sh!t most of these talentless kids only want to fvck with

- 4 rounds, 3 raps, first round is acceptance, and as the creator I'll go first.

- Raps are to be original works, no just throwing out verses that are straight up copies of songs.

- Lyrics must be posted with the audio or video

- Profanity is accepted

- Roasting savagely also acceptable


Good luck Solon, cause you're gonna need it, LETS GET IT


Prepare thyself for some savage roasting.
Debate Round No. 1


Google Drive Link-

It's a compressed file so you're gonna have to download and uncompress it to watch the video. Let me know if there are any issues, i can always just upload the pure video file uncompressed if need be.


I got a flow that's the sickest
just witness me spit out this flame with such slickness
dont miss this display of a lyrical gymnast
so vicious and malicious
and you better not forget this

take a seat b(i)tch
and you'll see there really aint no stoppin me
cause when i get up on a beat
you know all i do is drop the heat
cause when i get to choppin
oh you know that it gets poppin
i'm showstoppin
I aint floppin
and you know that you can't top it

cause these
lyrical miracles already hittin the pinnacle
and they dont even stop cuz not even when they finish ya
this flow is f(u)ckin crazy
you can only hope that maybe
i'll just be a little lazy
and take it from a hundred to an 80
bringing fire like i'm hades
all this smoke done got it hazy
hurricane flow be comin at you like you postin up in Haiti
so you better go on and just take cover for your safety
cause you know that there aint no way you will ever f(u)ckin take me
wont slay me


look at the monster thats been created from all this fake sh(i)t
I'd say go back erase and just reverse all of this greatness
but oh god d(a)m(n) so sorry you should know that its too late b(i)tch
so now you gotta take it cause you know that you can't shake this
why in the f(u)ck are you even trying to get right next to me
i hope you didn't think that you were gonna get the best of me
but see that it aint stressin me
aint ever gonna be testing me
lets get this straight right now, sure as he(l)(l) aint gonna be flexin B

cause i do this every day
aint a thing that you can say
take ya campy a(s)s flow right back to whose line is it anyway

maybe you can get the best of that guy named drew? whats his last name again?

oh sh(i)t thats right its carey
I flow so well its downright scary
me and rap might as well elope and go and get married
got a f(u)ckin chemistry
been doin it so endlessly
you aint seein any entropy
but i'm seein all that jealousy
and i dont care
you know i gotta keep on goin
oh you know I can't be slowin
down I gotta keep on flowin
so distressingly succesively with this lyrical complexity
its part of me genetically
its part of my identity
aint even finished kid I already hold supremacy
can't get on my level cause i'm already past ascendency

i'm so f(u)ckin sick
popped off with this flame
just change my name to bic

I said

I'm so f(u)ckin sick
popped off with this flame
just change my name to bic

gotta keep it going strong down to the finish
to you its just a game but to me its f(u)ckin business
hope you listenin boy or the message you'll be missin
I would totally understand if after this you just forfeited
you still tryin to pick it up, but all I do is throw this
straight money flow
oh i'm such a professional
cause i'm a f(u)ckin boss
yeah I'm a f(u)ckin hoss
aint nobody else like me that you have ever crossed

just listen to me killin it
just listen to me trillin it
just listen to me drillin it
everytime i'm f(u)ckin spittin this
go and grab some ice but you know you can't be chillin this
that's right i'm f(u)ckin grillin this
such a f(u)ckin animal
eatin rappers like a cannibal
my intangible invaluables are practically infallible
i can already tell, your raps'll barely be passable
accepting this challenge was just utterly impractical

its straight up idiotic

all i do is spit the chronic
call me hydroponic
i'm bionic
so methodic
it's just like i'm robotic
cause, i'm a machine
spittin lyrics out even in my dreams
the flows infected my mind
its cursed me with insanity
its played off my mentality
of absolute f(u)cking savagery
anyone wanna step to me i kill em systematically
with absolute brutality

and lemme let you in on something
this sh(i)t comes naturally
i can, do it like this casually
and you, just the next casualty

sick of seeing f(u)cks out there gettin attention nationally
for rapping thats barely above grade school capacity
my minds telling me to stop with this rap sh(i)t
and go back to the drug game cause thats where the quick cash is

(end rap)


Lyrics in the comments.
Get dunked on.
Debate Round No. 2


Hittin you with the fakeout Solon. It's only gonna take one round to savagely roast you and a few others I want to battle anyways. Round 3 I'll show you how to actually roast someone, none of that cheesy rapping you put out.

Beat- Overnight Celebrity- Twista


Why don't we

Go back to my place for the night
to get down and dirty tonight
I never told you right
have you callin my name till the mornin light

go back to my place tonight
get down and dirty tonight
i never told you right
have you callin my name till the mornin light

seen you right away oh you caught my eye
and I couldnt help but think this girl is fine
lookin so sublime should be a crime
and i know exactly where i want you to serve hard time
type a dame that'll change the game
have a brother go insane up in the brain
get me hooked locked in that ball and chain
go and fan this flame and you wont be the same
no doubt to me that your gonna see, i'll fulfill all your fantasies
cause i'm lovin the sexy way you walk
hanging on those words everytime you talk
so come on over and kick it with me
i'll please that body and set you free
cause i'm hungry and theres a couple things I want to eat like groceries
damn that bodies a delicacy
f(u)ck moanin girl, i'll make you scream
get your knees shakin you'll beg and plead
to lay this pipe in your -------
have you callin me daddy
damn these thoughts are nasty
have you glad you didn't pass me
that woulda been greek like a tragedy


come over to my place tonight
i'll lay that game down right
gonna hit them walls all night
have you moanin my name till the mornin light

just come over to my place tonight
lay you down and freak you right
gonna hit them walls all night
have you moanin my name till the mornin light

come over to my place or the night
tie you up and tease you right
i already told you right
have you callin my name till the mornin light

come over and kick it all night
i'll get you feelin right
i know you heard me aight
have you moanin my name till the mornin light

come on baby lay down for me
lets get like friction and make some heat
between the sheets is where you want to be for me to fulfill those fantasies
you know it aint no thing to me
to keep it up as long as ya please
cause i'm lovin that body
but i'd love it more when you on top of me
get a brother hypnoti--ized
when you pass on by-by-by
when i get you back to my place I'll be feelin so damn sky hi-igh

pull out all my toys
get makin all kinds of noise
so come on baby lets roll around
if its rainin we'll make more sound
we'll drown all of that thunder out
we'll pull all of the syrups out
i'll tie you up and eat you out
then bend you over and d(i)ck you down
i'd take you out around the town
but you wouldn't want to go out
you'd wanna stay in and hold it down
make you my queen just take that crown


come over to my place tonight
lay you down and freak you right
i'ma hit them walls all night
have you moanin my name till the mornin light

come over to my place tonight
tie you up and tease you right
i'ma hit them walls all night
have you moanin my name till the mornin light

(breakdown and talking)

you wanna make a movie?

grab the camera and get to filmin
we'll go and get that reel spinnin
take some shots in all positions
then throw it on the televsion

(repeat 4x till end of beat)


Lyrics in the YouTube comments, again.
Debate Round No. 3



DDO Rappers Roasting Session: Sucka Boy Status


ugly sucka boy
fugly sucka boy
Sixteen candles, ducky sucka boy
Not straight sucka boy
hide yo face sucka boy
Can't even get a date sucka boy
But can I get yo number girl?
She swerve your a(s)s for sure sucka boy
fright sucka boy
turn on the lights sucka boy
and watch em all run from sight sucka boy
weak sucka boy
wet the sheets sucka boy
Still suck on ya mommas teat sucka boy
Gee willickers Misses Cleaver!!
Leave it to Beaver sucka boy
It's a HO-DOWN!!!
Whose Line is it anyway sucka boy
Say that to my face! But ya wouldn't do sh(i)t if I did sucka boy

point em out, point em out

TUF you think you

Rough sucka boy
but you bluff sucka boy
Sound about as tough as plush sucka boy
Take the heat sucka boy
think you beast sucka boy
Sound about as beast as sheep sucka boy

Think you got it stacked sucka boy
But I think you whack sucka boy
go get your sh(i)t packed up sucka boy
cause you can't stay here sucka boy
closing time, but nobody gonna take you home sucka boy
Of course I'll take you Miss Daisy
drive that old bitty in ya whip sucka boy
Hold up hold up, can I take a second to talk to you about Mormonism?!?!
Up in Utah, f(u)ckin sheep sucka boy

Point em out point em out


bet you think you G cause you smokin on that green sucka boy
while you was in your house smoking weed sucka boy
I was busy tradin that green for green call me a lettuce fiend sucka boy
Only pharmacy that come to your mind be walgreens sucka boy
Have you seen Molly? I have but won't get sh(i)t from me sucka boy
call your connect for a hit sucka boy
get em to show up to your block quick sucka boy
But BMC done already gone and took that sh(i)t sucka boy
and I already told you, but in case you didn't hear me the first time, lemme say it again, won't gets none from me sucka boy

Point em out, point em out

Ryu you such a

cheese sucka boy
stop please sucka boy
raps puttin me to sleep sucka boy

look at the thermometer
It's sayin you ain't got no heat sucka boy

Oh, sorry, sorry, but what's all this aboot, what do you mean by fire?
its what you couldn't even get if you started takin roids sucka boy

Takin off ya shirt sucka boy
to disguise that your raps are dirt sucka boy
Just go and take a seat, before ya head gets hurt sucka boy

Don't care what you all bring sucka boys
already been anointed as king sucka boys
I got that championship ring sucka boys
I'll coach you tricks just call me popovich sucka boys

Point em out point em out

Not pro sucka boys
can't flow sucka boys
Stick to that Bobby Brown and I'll stay dro sucka boys

no technique sucka boys
aint sleek sucka boys
Not quick enough on ya feet sucka boys

Don't turn on that red lighttttt
But you still turnin straight to tricks sucka boys
suck d(i)ck for cash quick sucka boys
But it's time for me to split sucka boyssss
But before I forget if anyone l wants to contact these sucka boys just to see if they're ok, here's the number

1-800-382-5269, F(u)ckboy Hotline Operator Sucka Boys

(End Rap)

Haha, now that is what you call a roasting session, and that wasn't really all that much time

No but really, hmu about that DDO cypher
Best goes first so i'll lead it off with fire
But you wanna save the best for last, so i'll go again
Nah ya know what, I'll just do the whole track.



As always, lyrics in the comments.
Thanks to Ken for an 8/8 gr8 deb8 m8, even if he never stood a chance.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Buddamoose 2 years ago
*bae, but I love my bars more, they got a place in my heart
Posted by Buddamoose 2 years ago
<3 u too bar

But you get no brez from me when it has a 15 min CD in game
Posted by SolonKR 2 years ago
Pfft, TUF is scruff.
Bg no re.
Posted by Buddamoose 2 years ago
Shoulda been more votes... But you knew you were gonna lose from R1 Solon, just be glad I hadn't hit my freestyle groove yet
Posted by Buddamoose 2 years ago
thanks for voting TUF
Posted by SolonKR 2 years ago
I think I've finally got the hang of editing in Audacity. This last one is the greatest (though all of them are far superior to Ken's).
Posted by Buddamoose 2 years ago
woops, saw -of-truth and assumed blade
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
Muh name is Voice, dawg, lol.
Posted by Buddamoose 2 years ago
All black? Lol what are you even talking about? xD
Posted by Buddamoose 2 years ago
Huh? That was the final round, I put all the work in already lmao
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by TUF 2 years ago
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Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:32 
Reasons for voting decision: Budda obviously wins this battle, better lyrics, better flow, better beats, etc. I absolutely loved Budda's round 2 rap. Was fire, even though it didn't have any direct insults to solon in it. Definitely my favorite round. Suckah boy was great too, albeit a bit repetitive. Solons Round 2 was the bomb, and it was so fvcking funny despite being ridiculous, I am going to give him a reliable sources point. I was literally in tears laughing at his R2. Solons R3... Well... Ummm... That was something else. Anyways, Yeah hands down budda wins this, but solon at least deserves points for his round 2.