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Rap Battle

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Started: 3/30/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round - acceptance
Other Rounds- we battle

Just a random rap battle for fun.


As CON, I will tell you why we should not do a rap battle.

JK, I am ready whenever you are.
Debate Round No. 1


Haha, you got me for a second, thank you for this opportunity. My first battle is below:

I started a rap battle 'cause that's what the cool kids do,
And now i'm in this battle between me and you
Now please sit here and listen to me rhyme,
As I develop my story over this time

My story begins when I was in the 3rd grade,
Sitting in my desk with my little french braid
You see, I first found my personality during this age
That's why I started scribbling music on my homework page

That moment in my life brought me to this point,
I learned to write instead of rolling up a joint.
Writing my thoughts is what helped me survive,
See the words I wrote are what kept alive

The reason why all that matters here,
Is to make my true motive clear:
I put my soul in every battle I choose,
And today I have no intention to loose.


This dawg over here think he an inspiration,
Feel like the whole world should throw him a celebration,
Ya aint gonna win but everyone just come and listen
So y'all can decide what is your position

As a kid I found I had a love for books
Couldn't get away, like a fish on hooks
Told me stories bout everythin' from spies to birds
As I kept reading, I started rememberin' the words

Rhymin' some words ain't a problem for me
Especially cuz I got a big vocabulary
Readin' wasn't a way to get me away from crime
For me it was just a way to pass the time

This opponent tells you he cannot "loose"
Says it gonna be like a bear against a moose
Well I have got some news
I ain't gonna lose
Debate Round No. 2


I see you over there thinking you're smart,
While you treat rap like a spelling bee instead of an art
Acting like you're omniscient but you only know a small part,
Yea your rap has cool words but it lacks heart

Anyone can rhyme a few words together
But it's the message in the words that last forever
Since you like stories of spies, i'll lay out some clues
Let me say it clearly now: I'm not gonna "lose"

Maybe I try to inspire to achieve some good
You don't aim to inspire but you probably should
Don't let your talent get to your head
This cockiness is gonna be the reason you end up dead

Saying i'll be the bear and you'll be the moose,
How about i'll be the fox and you'll be the goose
See I only write to reveal the truth
Give a little bit of courage to the youth

That's news to me but I have news for you
At least I have a motive behind everything I do
But nowI guess we can let can let the viewers decide,
If they should vote for an opponent who is only full of pride


Thanks so much for letting me do this with you. Your rhymes are impressive, and I wish you the best! Now onto my response:

You say my rap "lacks heart" as a whole
Well let me tell you this: its got soul
May not be about my life story
My rhymes not "sweet", they savory!

Ya tryin to be the kids' motivation
And that aint bad, I too have got emotions
But here's my message for all the viewers
Life is a journey, and not a guided tour

Life is like a lake, you CAN go deep
But if you wanna have more benefits to reap
Then ski upon the surface of life, have some fun
Then you'll be happy when your life is done

So all you readin this now I want you to vote
For the man with the best rhymes that were wrote
I was a bit afraid this battle would be bile
But looking back at it, it makes me smile
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Zombie812 2 years ago
This is incredible.
Posted by BGordon 2 years ago
Same! You were great!
Posted by queencoop 2 years ago
Thank you Con, you are very talented and I enjoyed this! Till next time!!
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