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Rap Battle

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Started: 7/12/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Any takers?

You can start first and forfeit the last round (so we rap for 2 rounds each) or I'll begin in Round 2.


You wanna challenge me to a rap battle?
I can't wait to get back into the saddle
I grew up in the mean streets of Chicago
You couldn't walk 10 yards without seeing a hoe
One day I got shot while being shot
All over a pound of pot
To make ends meet I sold cocaine
I got more than enough dough cause I can make it rain
I never did sell that sh*t by the gram
That's too small for me to be honest fam
I never was one to stay low key
So I got busted when I gave my homey sh*tor free
I admit that rhymes ain't the best
But they are good enough to pass the f*ckin test
Your turn, homey
Let's see what you got, man, show me
Debate Round No. 1


OK here we go.............

You got back in the saddle only to get KNOCKED OFF
You're sucking so much d1ck you're about to get LOCK JAW
I murder opponents when I battle like I'm Jack the Ripper
About to make you cry like you caught your d1ck in a zipper
You just sound like a silly hoe mentioning Chicago
Too bad I'm classic at this though like I'm Doctor Zhivago
Your sh1t is testy - gonna need more than that to impress me
Ran your mouth now I'm gonna lock you down like Lionel Messi
Oh you got a pound a pot now whatcha gonna do with it?
Same thing you gonna do in this battle - probably LOSE IT
You ain't selling grams like a business man
No chance when your d1ck's the only thing in your hand
You're not capable of posting something decent
If bad rapping was a crime you'd be sent to the precent
So do us all a favor and just forfeit your next round
Cuz I'M running this sh1t like it's my playground


Alright, b*tches
Everybody knows if you f*ck with me you leave in stitches
You done fucked with me, a**hole
Maybe instead of rapping like a retard you shoulda smoked a bowl
You think you can rap better than Fetty
In reality you could barely beat mom's spaghetti
I am the best rapper to ever grace this website
If you disagree you are higher than a f*ckin kite
You are just a washed up has been
Your raps are barely worthy of even a trash bin
You were born because your mother's birth control failed
Yes, sir, I am the rapper that the gods hailed
You can bow down and kiss my feet
You can worship me as one of the elite
It is the least you can do
Because you inconvenienced my life by having me rap with you
Debate Round No. 2


Con says I would be in stitches - yet I am still standing
His stupid a5s lines are gonna need reprimanding
Compares himself to Fetty maybe cause he is blind
If he thinks he is ahead when he is so far behind
He's like a mile in back of me matter of factually
Actually I've attacked him like MLK on the balcony
He wants me to kiss his feet - he got a foot fetish
I eat him for breakfast and rip him apart like he's lettuce
That's the only reason my mouth is going near him
He put his OWN foot in his mouth and now he's bleeding
Con talked about spaghetti like he is fuck1ng Eminem
His chances of winning this battle are less than Slim
That's Slim Shady if you didn't get the double meaning
Con is beneath me and I am high as the ceiling
Now this battle is over cuz he has to forfeit the last round
This clown would have missed again anyway and I would have to rebound


Your raps are the lyrical equivalent of horsesh*t
But I guess now it's time to forfeit
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JimShady 1 year ago
Udel had a lot more lethal content, metaphors, similes, and just roasted BJC a lot more thoroughly and smarter.
Posted by Danielle 2 years ago
It's not your fault that you have friends, BJC, but for the record -- you were absolutely destroyed in this battle and the only reason you won is because your friends voted for you lol. So it's cool that you have friends -- just know that you didn't *legitimately* win and that any any honest voter would recognize that. I feel bad that the voting period is over.

@ Udel -- This is your best battle yet. Maybe you stand a chance against me ;) I loved the first 4 lines in Round 2. I also loved the quip about Fetty's blindness, and the MLK on the balcony line was clever. The "missed" and rebound line was cool, and the Slim Shady double entendre was cool.

Not only did Con's lines have no rhythm/flow, but they were clearly monotonous and status quo dramatizations (a drug dealer? really? lol). There was nothing special about either of Con's verses. Pro's bars were more original, witty, contained better disses, had style and emphasis, clever comebacks, and stayed on beat.

Pro hands down won this battle... come on Con, you don't have to cheat like this. You should be above that. Just do a rematch against him instead of not letting him win fair and square like he clearly deserves. Even if you wanna have your friends help you win, that's fine, but don't mock him in the comments section for it. That's just cruel! Why would you tease him about robbing him of the win lol. Sigh, boys will be boys I guess.
Posted by BJC 2 years ago
It isn't my problem that I have friends
Posted by Udel 2 years ago
I see con got his buddies to vote on this hahaha
Posted by Udel 2 years ago
I see con got his buddies to vote on this hahaha
Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
Sick beats
Posted by HeavenlyPanda 2 years ago
How does a rap battle work?
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by tajshar2k 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con had better verses
Vote Placed by Conservatism 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con had more nasty licks in his raps. Sorry dad gonna have to go with Con.