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Rap Battle

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Started: 8/12/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Just look at me bitch, this aint no fuckin glitch, today I'm not a nice guy, want to punch you with my fist,

Used to cost a late night fee but fuc it this one's free, I just want you to see you got nothing on me.

I fck bitches, give them riches, make em feel like their in love,
Bet you wishes, for one missus, but at night you have to rub.

Feel free to try and beat me, not one has yet,
Why? you will see, and then never forget.


That's cute. Thanks for the debate and good luck, you'll need it.

You try to be tough but just look like a tool
Based off of your profile pic you also dress like a fool
No one's buying it so stop trying to act cool
You're the guy people only invite so they can push you into the pool

You claim to sleep with chicks, but your mom doesn't count
Plus basically everyone has, even she doesn't know the amount
One things for certain, that number's hard to surmount
Remind me to thank her for all the payments she's made to my account

You give bitches riches? So you pay to get laid?
They said they all hate it so at least they're getting paid
You think that they love you but that's just you getting played
Their biggest regret is that they actually stayed

You say that no one's beat you yet, but don't you remember your dad?
Maybe that's why you want to punch me, wow that's actually pretty sad
Just sit down and shut up, even you know your rhymes are bad
You got what you asked for scrub, hope you're glad.
Debate Round No. 1


That was only the intro btch, and I dress that way cause I'm rich, like Abercrombie and Fitch, while your clothes make people itch.

Hey at least they invite me, your not on the list,
But hey don't wor-ry, you can hang out with your sis,

I'm not here to judge, don't take me the wrong way,
You like eating others fudge, bud that's OK
A little gay but hey, we're on the same team, I fck all the ladies, you stay with drag queens.

Obscene, I guess, your too young for this sht,
But I've seen the mess on magazines your ma lit,

So you've seen from a distance what goes on underground
I sense some resistance so bud your going down,

Never did I say, I paid to get laid, hel I need to use Raid, to get the hoes away,

You think you know how chicks feel? You haven't touched one that's real! You have no appeal, but I'm making them squeal.

Yes no one's beat me punk, don't think you'll be the first,
Your rap just stunk, your probably just cursed, or worse you need a nurse cause you suck at free verse and when I'm through you'll need a fcking hearse.

Kiss my asss you mofo fool
You fcked up the last but let's hear your round two.


I literally laughed at your first line alone, that was honestly kind of pathetic.

You say I messed up in a round, but at least I haven't screwed up my life
That's more than you can say, you'll never even have a wife
Not even a hooker'd do that no matter how much you pay, can't make up for their strife
Do yourself a favor and end it all now, here, I'll give you a knife

On second thought just use the one you cut yourself with
Stop pretending you're cool in your lines it's a well known myth
I wouldn't be the first to beat you, I'd at least be the fifth
Irl you're just a lonely wannabe that talks with a lithp

And yes, you did say you need riches for your b!tches
That only lasts so long until her shifts over and she ditches
Your rhymes are adorable but you're getting too big for your britches
By the end of this ima have you in stitches

You say I'm gay then ask me to kiss your @ss?
If you don't understand how that *doesn't* work just go back to class
You use raid to drive away chicks? Ha, not how that works dumbass
Your ego's huge but it can be shattered like glass.
Debate Round No. 2


Do you know how to rhyme? How to keep time?
Tell me your good but your lying,
All you really do is whine,

Sighing cause you are terrible,
I'll try-and tell you a parable,
But to understand your not able,
Cause you're mentally disabled.

End it all right here? It's already done,
Have no fcking fear, because I am number one,

You got honourable mention,
For last place,
People want to let you in,
But you take up to much space,

Fat joke, I know, quite the low blow,
But bro to win this, you gotta have some fcking flow,

So you think that I'm faking, I'm not as cool as I say,
Well I am the rap king, and your the fool who will pay,

Again you got no beat,
No one's getting to their feet,
So sit yo a$s down in yo seat,
And listen to this treat,

My friend here is stupid, got no brains in his head,
But somehow he thinks he's cupid, he's insane the btches said,

I'm top of the line sht, you can't get one hit, I'm with the Ritz getting lit, while you sucking your mom's tit,

When I drop the hammer down, gonna pound you to the ground,
Wish there was another round, but your crying about now,

Oh say can you see? You got nothing on me,
I sting like a bee, you- just have butterfly pee,

Like Ali, I'm the best, this is not grade B
Can't you see that the rest don't hold a candle to me?

I like Johnny Cash, I like the Oak Ridge Boys,
But I also like to rap, and make a lot of fcking noise,

So this is last round just in case you can't see,
I'm interested what you will put in the following round three.


I see that the whole prostitute argument was dropped....

You sting like a bee? Then lemme squash you like a bug
Don't get mad at me, not my fault your dad never gave you a hug
You don't get bitches all you do is give yourself a tug
You hurl all these insults but all I have to do is shrug

Sense your round one sucked I'll give you a pass
I really am sick of your sass

Your an idiot so stop acting like a boss
You can consider this a hard fought loss.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Posted by NoCoolNameNate 2 years ago
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Screw that for now, I'm in a bad mood,
Don't have yourself a cow, cause I'm motherfuckin rude!
Posted by Jisallyouget 2 years ago
I agree with @UtherPenguin
Posted by NoCoolNameNate 2 years ago
Posted by UtherPenguin 2 years ago
Next thing you need to do is engage in a Shakespearean sonnet battle.
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Vote Placed by JimShady 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Let me just say that I really enjoyed this... you both made me laugh, Briannj17 with his quick cheesy lines, and NoCoolNameNate with his more thought out punchlines. Rhyming for both of you was about the same, but I liked NoCoolNameNate's bar structure better, Briannj17 was kinda all over the place. As far as who hit harder, you both did good, but I could feel Brainnj17's skin burning a little more than NoCoolNameNate. Flow would have to go to Briannj17, using just a slight bit more rhymes. But the best parts were NoCoolNameNates jokes and insults, they were pretty creative. So honestly, I hafta give this one to NoCoolNameNate.