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Rap Battle

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Started: 8/13/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Face me

Round 1 is for proposing a topic


I'll take your challenge. I propose this classic topic: insulting each other just about anything.

No copy and pasting at all.
Fight hard.

If you disagree or want to add rules, feel free.

Your first.
Debate Round No. 1


(I luv u fam)

My man wishes he could be Shapiro,
But his white christian as can"t even come near yo,
How fresh and sick these lines are, and he"ll never know,
Just a second time sh!t debater come to get wrecked out of more elo,

Problem is, Jimshady,
That you know nothing about me,
A young stupid punk,
I win, guarantee,

Just a little b!tch debating,
Looking to talk a little trash,
Soon will realize, that luck is a wh0re,
And you"re fresh out of cash,

F*cker didn"t realize,
That I throw rhymes,
Like a god I"m,
Sh!tting on you, you"re running out of time,

My boy Horton hears a who,
But he also hears this h0e,
Giving his boyfriend,
Another quick blow,

So come at me,
With all you f*ckin got,
Cause I"ma f*ck you up,
Boy you about to get taught,

You"ll then rip quotes from the "net,
But I"ll keep it cool and slick,
Go grab a f*cking cigarette,


Aint no way all be defeated,
by this cvnt face whose concieted.
God's been all I ever needed,
to shove my dagger deep in.

This guy in a suit lacks Nuts...
Points to the crotch, but at what?
Boy just shut your trap up,
you're rhymes make me laugh, fvck!

Pull out my automatic, aim for head...
Leave you in the steet laying dead.
Anything you ever say or said
is dumb, all I get is laid in bed.

Intelligence of a piece of plastic,
to win you need some magic.
Tryna to go and be the badest.
Your murder will be so tragic.

Run and go while there's still time.
Thinkin you hit me hard but I feel fine.
Your flows just a real crime.
I'll beat your @ss 'till nine.

Debator? No challenge found.
Think you have prowess? How?
You need to find your balane gal.
Smash you face, pound it, POW!!

Take my knife and start slashing.
Your raps are just a car crashing.
Mine are great, so far past it.
My rhymes are so art-tastic.

Last stanza, this has been crazy
Nothing you said has displaced me
Want me to leave, bjtch, make me...
You've be slain by JimShady.
Debate Round No. 2


Im the one true winner
The one and only sinner
Fam I couldnt be chipper
Im jack the motherf*cking ripper

Bout to take a phrase from your name,
Cause my rap's about to get shady,
Droppin bombs on ya,
like its f*cking Day-D

You mistake me,
For someone who gives a f*ck,
Ill twist words till im dead,
I don't need your sh!tty luck

Your sh!tty raps die hard like Hans Gruber,
And I thought comedy was the only thing that brought humor,
I will admit you put up a pretty good fight,
Now you know what a TV dinner feels like

I'm the prince of rap,
The kin of the monarch,
Take my prey down faster
Then a great white shark

The king of the sinners, Rains down mighty justice,
You feel the power, of his overwhelming bloodlust
His lines echo like the voices of Olympus,
His fire, spewing faster then a musket

"Just in, breaking news!"
"A rap battle has broke out."
"It appears a contender is going m*therfucking all-out,
"Back to you Tom"

"Yes Diane, it's quite a spectacular show!"
"But JimShady appears to be out of ammo"
"Back to you Diane"
"Oh folks it appears that we have a winner"
"The caption reads 'You've just been beat by TheOneAndOnlySinner'"


That was an unpleasant beat down,
You went cold-hearted.
But soon I'll make your knees bow,
your my lone target

This guy's got experience,
at taking a few dreary hits
But his flow is some weary shjt
flowing just a little bit

And when he goes fast it's diarrhea
And he shouts "I will needa
wipe for my shjt," die like Peeta...
Unlike you I don't need a lie to beat ya.

Look out, it's TheOnAndOnlySinner
no bjtches, he eats his lonely dinner
Unlike you I'm not a phony quitter
This I gave up and told me "Winner..."

You talk from your @ss, shjt from your mouth.
That's why people wonder what this djck;s about.
Loves the taste, this guy licks his mouth
Push Sinner out the door, don't stick around

Shotgun pumped, got you stumped
Now your trumped, die you cunt
BOOM, guts jump, body goes "Clump"
Now your bumped, fvck-ing runt

Smoke my blunt, people enjoy the carnage
You are darwin, I'm an artist.
I shoot par hits, you shoot garbage
Cover your body in black goo, then get the tar lit.

You think you're a sinner, think you're a gangster?
OK Clarence, you funny lil' prankster.
Lay down anything, what do you wager?
I'll take what you have, only some toilet paper.

Your finished like the QB Peyton,
And have no one to cry to but Satan,
In no way do you deserve my prayin'
I'm asking God, "Oh, Lord, go and slay him."
Debate Round No. 3


You mention how I'm unlike you,
But maybe thats a good thing,
It means I'm not a 2-bit gangsta,
A delusional king

Unlike you, I have no fear,
I jump right into the ring,
So let's start the actual fight m*therfucker
Ding! Ding!

You call me Darwin,
The creator of the theory of evolution,
But I think I may have been wrong,
If it produced you my good sir,
Many concurr, your simply a sh!tty ametuer

Experienced is modest,
A little higher is due,
My skill in rap is unmatched,
Any b!tch off the street,
Could beat you

My verses are devine,
Like the pathetic god you pray to,
I go classy,
Through and through, (unlike you)

Asking the Lord to save you,
I think it's clear you need to bow,
Cause your in my court m*therfucker
Not even God can save you now,

The end draws near,
The curtains soon come to a close,
Your mind slows, reality knows,
Your raps fall flat like Dominos

The nose knows, and seemingly mine smells a rat
Asking God to slay me now,
I stomp him down like a doormat

I'm finished with you,
You've provided entertainment,
To say that you did sh!tty,
Would be a drastic understatment

This has been fun kid,
Come back when your not a beginner,
Your simply out of your league,
JimShady, you can't beat TheOneAndOnlySinner


I thought you had skill, I thought you were real.
Your round 3 rap was moving in for the kill.
But you end it with that? What's your deal?
You think you rhymed hard by I'm laughing still.

My raps are a temple, mighty, boasting rich.
Your raps are nothing but rubble and broken bricks.
When your mom and sister walk in you start gropin' djcks.
After that, their MY slaves, here's my tea, "hold it, bjtch."

And then this guy right here's a crybaby
I vote for someone else and he shouts "This guy's crazy!"
I got voting rights, you shy lady....
OneAndOnlySinner starts crying "Why, Shady?!?!?"

No forma competition, you can't afford a box of chicken
I just scored a lot of whuppin', with a sword I lop your djck end
I'm bored, the clock's a ticken', flow more, you got to listen.
Hey, your fat momma's bjtchen, she's poor, needs a pot to piss in.

Ooh! Lord, I got some wisdom! Ever been shattered so much?
I bet right now your sadder than fvck.
To see you ashamed brings me laughter, it's fun
I'm TheOneAndOnlyMaster, your done.

I gather your dumb, I made a reference to Darwin
You think it was a compliment, Can't believe how stupid you are, son...
God made you, but he can set you on fire, grand arson
God is sad he mad you, he asks the world for pardon

With my loaded magazine I approach your door.
Wave my MAC-10 and encroach you more
I'm not robbing you, I know your'e poor
Let a burst out, shout "I GO FOR GORE!!!"

I open door, search your dark house
Outside the neighbor's dogs bark loud
Your end is close, it's not far now
Find your behind a chair, shouldn't of let your guard down...

On the hard ground, right there you lay
"I'm sorry I battled you!!" "NO BJTCH, TOO LATE!"
"Tonight OneAndOnlySinner, it's your doomsday!"
TATATAT!!! Blood flows, red as Kool-Aid.

How could I lose when God is on my side?
Ruler of the world, he makes low and high tide
To him you're just a small little bite-size
Eat you like a skittle, he doesn't listen to thy cries.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheOneAndOnlySinner 2 years ago
That was really low man
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Posted by TheOneAndOnlySinner 2 years ago
I accept your rules and am looking forward to your defeat. Let's begin
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